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The goal of Brock Ancestry is to document the Brock line of Kentucky with the main subject of research being the line  of Jesse Brock, progenitor of the Brocks that lived in southeastern Kentucky. Here you will find documentation in the form of public records; consisting of census, court records & deeds, along with other items. 

In our quest to learn Jesse Brock's ancestry, our research has expanded to include data pertaining to the Brocks in Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, as well as other states. New data is being adding regularly so please check back often.

Avery Proffitt at Jesse Brock's Grave
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In the spring of 2005 the Brock DNA Project began. For those that are not familiar with genetic genealogy, a male of today will carry the same genetic markings as his direct male ancestor many generations back. By comparing participants test results it can be determined if the various Brock lines in the project share a common ancestor.

Matches within the project have proved a family connection between the descendants of Jesse Brock and those of other Brock lines. This includes the line of Elder George Brock, Captain John Brock and Jehu Brock of Laurel Co., KY, Jeremiah Brock, born 1814 Kentucky, Henry Brock, born 1818 Indiana and James Brock, who has long been suspected to be the brother of Jesse Brock. These matches have expanded our research beyond the boundaries of Kentucky and into early Virginia to a group of Brocks whose progenitor was a George Brock Senior, born about 1680, who can be located as early as 1703 in New Kent Co., Virginia. George Brock Senior is known to have at least two sons, Joshua Brock and George Brock Junior.  Joshua Brock migrated to the southerly portion of Virginia as early as the mid 1740's.  George Brock Junior can be located in the counties of Goochland, Albemarle and Cumberland.  George Brock Junior is currently the only Brock that has been found to reside in Cumberland County where Jesse Brock stated he was born.  Descendants of George Brock Senior were located in Albemarle, Goochland, Cumberland, Hanover, Henry, Franklin, Pittsylvania, Lunenburg & Fluvanna and other counties and northern North Carolina counties where Jesse Brock was known to reside.  Efforts are underway to gather as much information available on these lines of Brocks. As data is collected it will posted on Brock Ancestry. 

The Brock's of Franklin Co. VA have showed a connection to Nancy Pridy.  Was this a neighbor friendship, or could there possibly have been a family connection?  In Sept 1789 Nancy's daughter Agness married Hezekiah Branson.  Moses Brock and Mary Brock were witnesses on the permission slip.  In Dec of 1789 Nancy's daughter Sally married David Rich.  Moses Brock was the surety, Allen Brock and David Thomason were the witnesses for the permission slip.  In 1790 David Thomason married another daughter of Nancy's named Elizabeth.  Hezekiah Branson, her son in law was the surety.  David Thomason is listed a few other times in association with the Brock's.  In Feb 1792 Moses Brock sold 100 acres on Snow Creek to David Thomason.  In Dec of the same year David Thomason, along with Elisha Estes, were witnesses to a deed between Joshua Brock and Thomas Williamson. 
JOSHUA BROCK, son of George Brock Senior
3 Jul 1703, St. Peter's Parish, New Kent County, Virginia, Joshua Brock, son of George Brock, baptized
1748 Lunenburg Co. VA, tax list taken by John Pheps from the Mouth of Falling River Upwards, Joshua Brock 1 tithe
28 Nov 1761 Antrim Parish, Halifax County Virginia,  Joshua Brock paid 1000 [lbs of tobacco] for Milly Harris, a poor object
12 Feb 1779, At a vestry held in Camden Parish, Pittsylvania County, Virginia for laying the parish levey, Joshua Brock, a pensioner, paid 2000
Tarleton Brock was born 1781 Virginia and died in 1843 Nicholas Co. KY.  The earliest record for Tarleton can be found in 1804 Franklin Co. VA where he is listed as the surety for his sister Patsy's marriage to Samuel Manning.  By 1823 Tarleton had migrated to Nicholas Co. KY where he married Ann McDole/McDale on August 20th.  In 1830 Tarleton was listed in neighboring Bath County.  On the 15th Apr 1831 Tarleton was the surety for the marriage of Pleasant Brock and Nancy McDowell. 

Pleasant Brock was born was born 1811 KY.  His confirmed parents were George Brock who migrated to Scioto County Ohio and Margaret Hudson.  George married Margaret in 1808 Madison County KY.  George has been believed to be the son of Jesse Brock, however DNA from descendants of two of George's other sons has showed no biological connection. 
Richard Brocke/Brock & sons on the Bona Nova

Virginia Genalogicl Society Quarterly, Vol. 33, No. 1, p. 11:

A Passenger List of the 1619 Bona Nova
X80 Richard Brocke 48 smith } Shropsheir 6 +++
X81 Edward Brock 14 smith }
X81* John Brock 13 smith } his sonns 7 8 +++

Virginia Immigrants and Adventurers, 1607-1635: A Biographical Distionary p. 160
Edward Brock (Brocke), a 14 year old smith, came to Virginia in 1619 on the Bona Nova. He probably was a Virginia company servant or tenant (Fer295)
John Brock (Brocke), a 13 year old smith, came to Virginia in 1619 aboard the Bona Nova. In early 1625, he was residing on the Virginia Company's land in Elizabeth City in the household of Thomas Flint. John was then age 19 and probably was a Virginia servant or tenant (FER 295: CBE67).
Richard Brock (Brocke), a 48-year-old smith from Shropshire, England, went to Virginia in 1619 aboard the Bona Nova and probably was a Virginia Company servant or tenant. Edward and John Brock, who accopanied him. may have been his sons (FER 295)

Remarks: Neither the father Richard, or his son Edward, were listed in the 1624 Jamestown City VA census.

See Early Brock Emigrants for more information on the earliest Brock's in America



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