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James Brock is alleged to be the brother of Jesse Brock of Harlan Co., KY.   In December of 2005, DNA test results proved the sharing of a common ancestor between descendants of James Brock and Jesse Brock.


Our thanks to Ray Schuknecht, the author, and long time researcher of the James Brock line.  We are extremely grateful for his kindness in sharing his research.


James Brock





Revised 14 September 2005


            I was asked by Harold Crain to write a history on James Brock, and his second wife Mildred "Milly" Crane as a surrogate in her behalf.  I also wish to explain my reasons for believing that James" first wife may have been a younger sister to Mildred Crane.  This genealogy is written for Crain/Crane but my part of this research you will find the surname of Brock families are descendants of Mildred "Milly" Crane.  My research does not provide a birth record, bible record or marriage record for either James or Mildred.  I also do not know who James Brock"s parents are, however, I have a strong feeling that his father is George Brock and mother Elizabeth ??, but not part of this project.


            East Tennessee Historical Society conferred on me, membership in the First Families of Tennessee to Raymond William Martin Schuknecht Sr. as a direct descendant of James Brock and Mildred Crane, who settled in Tennessee prior to statehood, June 1, 1796.  Certificate # 1669 issued in Knoxville, Tennessee on 30 June 1995.  The material I submitted as proof of my descent was cataloged and placed in the McClung Historical Collection.  There, it will serve as a valuable resource for other genealogists and family historians.


            I started genealogy on the Brocks" after the death of my mother, Mary Frances Brock Schuknecht in the fall of 1978.  My fathers" parents are German, my mother is a direct descendant of James Brock and Mildred "Milly" Crane.  Note that descendant families of this genealogy uses the surname of Crane not Crain.  Mildred is used by her descendants also "Milly".  Millie is the only name used by James Brock in his WILL and a tax record in 1833 shows the remaining 100 acres of the total of 250 described in the patent to James Brock went to Milley.  Clear Fork Baptist Church used both Milly and Milley, she joined on the second Saturday of February in 1804.


            James Brock, by family tradition, is from England, I find no definite proof of this as my research does not include his parents.  With that said, I will start with this man who was a Patriot of 84 months of the Revolutionary War service in the Continentals, Halifax District, in North Carolina, and also served with the Overton County Tennessee, Militia, War of 1812, commanded by Capt. Wiley Huddleston, and General Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans.

            During the Revolutionary War it is estimated that he married for the first time about 1781 to a lady of the Crane family, I as well as others have expressed this same thought, possible a younger sister of Mildred Crane.  Its sad to say that the female gender received no historical name recognition in early families.  I would suggest her name to be Mary Ann Crane.


            First, where did James Brock come from?  Following are comments that I feel may be fact or lore, they all point to England for James Brock.  Folks of the same nationality would definitely be more apt to associate with others of the same country.  The following are included to get some idea where James Brock may of came from.


1. Harvey Erastus Brock, 18 Feb 1935, a great grandson, writes:

            "The best information I have about the Brock family, two brothers named Brock came from England to America about the year 1760 landing at George Town, Maryland.  Moses, James and George were family names."  (Year does not match.  RWS)


2. Joel Brock, son of James Brock and (1) wife.  (Family Lore)

            "Thomas was perhaps the son of a William Brock (c1763 - ?) who migrated to VA from Bristol, England in 1720.  His son Thomas (1731 - 1800) and (Elizabeth Luckett) had a son (James Brock 1761 - ?)  (This date of birth is close.  RWS)


3. Pleasant Taylor Brock, James Brocks" Grandson - a story teller.

            "Mildred Crain came from England to US & married Geo. Bond.  Bond was killed.  She then married James (My grandfather), they had 6 children, George Ambrose, Allen, Joel, Polly Malinda & Matilda.  Also on the reverse side of paper, John Crain Nat. No., 17473,  (I do not think that old man knew that type of info) RWS.  Mildred married John Bond, and children Jesse Walton, Lucy and Nathan.  John Bond killed by Indians in March 1781 in Cower, Kentucky. Mildred Crain Bond married James Brock about 1800 settled in Clinton Co. Kentucky (6 mi. from Albany) died about 1825.


4. The Original Scots Colonists of Early America (1612 - 1783) By David Dobson

            #557. Brock, James, b. 1754, porter, sh. Sept 1775, fr. Kirkwall to Savannah Ga, in Marlborough, sett Richmond Co Ga. (Pro.T47.12)  James Brock - 21 unmarried a Porter Kirkwall in Orkney - To try to better his fortune.  (PRO = Public Record Office, London.)  (This James Brock seems to not be claimed by other Brocks, age does not match. RWS)


            Roster of Soldiers of American Army in Revolutionary War, from North Carolina:  Page 108;  James Brock, Private, Bradley's Company, 18 months of service, since 6/30/1779.  (A period of his service RWS)

            Page 405;  James Brock, in Continentals, Halifax District.  The Revolutionary War Files in Columbia, South Carolina show the following:  James Brock, per Acct Aud. 765, for butchering cattle and as Assistant Commissary Officer the State Militia in 1779, also for 45 days duty as a private in militia as per Capt. Carruthers pay bill on duty in Georgia in September and October, 1780, Order by James Brock to pay to David Gallahy by Indent or Indents due me by the public.. 1788.  ( May have been in South Carolina RWS)


            Revolutionary Warrants, No. 4573, James Brock, private in the North Carolina Continental Line; 640 acres, issued on 9 February 1797;  transferred to William Searey on 23 October 1830, and later to Samuel Mitchell.  Tennessee Genealogical Records by Edythe Rucker Whitley.  (He is wealthy with land RWS)


            The following is used in an attempt to establish a birth date for James Brock and Mildred Crane.  The 1820 Federal Census, Overton County, Tennessee, lists James Brock age over 45 and (wife) Mildred Crane over 45.  The 1830, Cumberland County, Kentucky Census shows James Brock, 60-70 and his (wife) Mildred Crane 70-80 years of age.



            My estimate on James Brocks' age, born about 1759/1760, Mildred 1757/58.  Below are places and dates of known whereabouts.  Rev War 1775 thru 1783, served 84 months, Halifax Co., NC.  (Mildred being 2 years older than James)


15 years minimum age for service:  Born 1760, (estimate birth about 1759/60)





Entered Service 1775, NC Contennial Line

16 = 1776


Married 1st wife abt 1781

21 = 1781


1st child Anne Brock born

21 = abt 1782


End of service 1783, NC Contenial Line

23 = 1783


Obtained Land Grant 1062

23 = 23 Oct 1783

Washington Co NC

2nd child Elizabeth "Betsy" born

22 = abt 1784


Obtained Land Grants 1561 & 982

24 = 02 Apr 1784

Washington Co NC

3rd child, Joel Brock born

25 = 08 May 1785


Married 2nd wife Mildred Crane Bond

28 = abt 1788 


Married 2nd husband James Brock

30 = abt 1788


#1 born George Ambrose Brock

29 = 09 Mar 1789

Knox Co TN

#2 born Mary Polly Brock

31 = abt 1791

Knox Co TN

George Brock 930 grant/James Brock line

31 = 24 Dec 1791

Green Co TN

200 acres on Swan Pond

32 = 05 May 1792

Hawkins Co TN

150 acres on Swan Pond

33 = 14 Jan 1793

Hawkins Co TN

Sold 200 acres to Pearson Brock

33 = 04 May 1793

Hawkins Co TN

#3 born Allen Brock

34 = 13 Apr 1794

Knox Co TN

Bought 146 acres from R. M. Gommon

35 = 07 Feb 1795

Knox Co TN

200 acre grant 735 Swan Pond

36 = 09 Sep 1796

Knox Co TN

#4 born Malinda Brock

38 = 22 Jun 1798

Knox Co TN

Sold 400 acres to N. Evans

41 = 25 Feb 1801

Smith Co TN

Clearfork Baptist Church founder

42 = 01 Apr 1802

Jackson Co TN

Lawsuit Sheriff bring James Court

43 = 28 Mar 1803

Jackson Co TN

Family are members of Church

44 = 1804

Jackson Co TN

#5 born Matilda Brock

46 = 30 Dec 1806

Jackson Co TN

Mildred last child - her age

48 = 30 Dec 1806

Jackson Co TN

Nat Evans pd court cost of lawsuit

47 = 28 Sep 1807

Jackson Co TN

Excluded from church on

53 = 15 Jul 1813 


War 1812 - 6 months to 13 May 1815

55 = 13 May 1815

Overton Co TN

Obtained power of attorney for pay

56 = 09 Jan 1816

Overton Co TN

250 acre grant Cumberland KY.

61 = 15 Sep 1821

Cumberland Co KY

1830 Fed Census

70 = 1830

Cumberland Co KY

Wrote "WILL"

71 = 19 Jun 1831

Cumberland Co KY

Order to appraise estate

71 = 16 Sep 1831

Cumberland Co KY

Mildred Crane deceased

76 = about 1834

No proof KY.


Anne Brock & William Lee Jr. family


            First child of James and #1 wife, born about 1782, and died before June 1831 in Limestone County, Alabama.  She married about 1805 in Cumberland County, Kentucky.  There is likely two more children.  With the name changes there is a lack of proof on some of these children.  Some changed Lee to Lea, and back.


Mirah Lee

about 1804 


child of William Lee

Catherine Lee

about 1804


child of William Lee

James Anderson Lee

16 Dec 1809



Mildred "Milly" Lee

about 1810


Melinda Lee

about 1811


Allen Lee

12 Mar 1812


William Lee III

5 Mar 1814

Orange Co, IN

Lewis Wesley Lee

about 1818


Greenberry A. Lee

about 1819

Alabama ?


Elizabeth "Betsy" Brock & Joseph Crawford family


            Second child of James and #1 wife, born about 1784 in Virginia, and died in 1841 in Putnam County, Indiana.  Married 10 April 1799, James Brock signed the marriage Bond, in Knox County, Tennessee.  Anita Bracken, of this line tells me that family records show that Elizabeth was born Aug 1784.


James W. Crawford

21 May 1800

Knox Co, TN.

Elijah Harvey Crawford

6 Jun 1802

Overton Co, TN

Elizabeth Crawford

27 May 1804

Jackson Co, TN

Lucinda Crawford 

28 Mar 1806

Overton Co, TN

Mary "Polly" Crawford

3 Jan 1808

Overton Co, TN

Jesse Crawford


Overton Co, TN

Sarah Crawford


Orange Co, IN

Artemisha Crawford

16 Aug 1816

Orange Co, IN

America Crawford


Orange Co, IN

Oliver Perry Crawford

17 Dec 1818

Orange Co, IN

Melinda Crawford


Orange Co, IN

George Washington Crawford

31 Mar 1825

Orange Co, IN

Russell Crawford


Orange Co, IN


Joel Brock &  Martha Owens


            Third child of James and #1 wife, born 8 May 1875, and died 12 April 1841 in Jackson County, Alabama.  He married about 1805 to  Martha Owens ??.  On 5 April 1839, the Treasury Department comments are:  It appears from a Muster Roll of Capt. Huddleston Company of the Tennessee Militia, to the 13th May 1815, that Joel Brock, a Sergeant, entered the service the 13th of November 1814, and was Mustered present without remarks.  The roll affords no evidence of his having been injured while in the service (sold his Discharge).  Request for pension #12710 was rejected.


Thomas Huddleston Brock

7 May 1808?

Overton Co, TN


about 1809


Allen Brock

about 1811/7 May 1808?


Newel Brock

about 1815


Emaline Brock

about 1816


Joel Brock

about 1822



King Brock

about 1824


            There is a real possibility that James first (1) wife died during child birth.  James married Mildred about 1788 or before and she raised these children with her three children of the John Bond marriage.  I do not have the particulars on the Bond children"s age but Elizabeth Brock was about 6 years and Joel was only a couple of year old.  The names of these three Brock children indicate to me a definite Crane/Crain connection.


Washington County, Tennessee, court records for a Jacob Browns estate sale, show that a James Brock purchased One Horse Colt on 5 August 1786.

            I could not find their marriage, but believe that James and Mildred were married in Washington County, Tennessee in 1788 or before.  Their first son was born 9 March 1789.


George Ambrose Brock & Mary Elizabeth Crawford family


            George is the first child of James and Mildred, he was a justice of the peace (JP) in Fentress County, Tennessee, and a cooper and so was his grandfather Ambrose Crane.  George died on 12 April 1841 trying to save his daughter Elizabeth from drowning in swollen Spring Creek.


James Porter Brock

7 Mar 1810

Overton Co, TN.


Ambrose Brock

6 Oct 1811

Overton Co, TN


Casander Brock

11 Sep 1813

Overton Co, TN


Permelia Caroline Brock

4 Apr 1815

Overton Co, TN


Vineyard Crawford Brock

3 Dec 1816

Overton Co, TN


Mildred Crane Brock

5 Jun 1819

Overton Co, TN


Janet"Nety" Caroline Brock

9 Nov 1820

Overton Co, TN


Elizabeth Brock

3 Dec 1822

Overton Co, TN


Lucinda M. Brock

8 Nov 1824

Overton Co, TN


George Allen Brock

23 Dec 1826

Overton Co, TN

See Tombstone Photo

Russell Wilbur Brock

27 Nov 1828

Fentress Co, TN


Celestine Brock

23 Jun 1831

Fentress Co, TN


Pleasant Taylor Brock

9 Feb 1836

Fentress Co, TN



Mary "Polly" Brock & Joseph Harris family


            Joseph and Mary operated a mill on Lick Creek, and raised their family in the Red Hill area of Fentress County, now Pickett County Tennessee, Mary died 19 December 1855.


about 1809

Overton Co, TN

Rachel Harris

about 1811

Overton Co, TN

Mary Harris

about 1813

Overton Co, TN

Elizabeth Catherine Harris

17 Mar 1816

Overton Co, TN

Emaline F. Harris

26 May 1819

Overton Co, TN

Myra B. Harris

21 Oct 1821

Overton Co, TN

James Harris

about 1824

Overton Co, TN

George A. Harris

about 1826

Overton Co, TN

Rebecca Harris

16 Jan 1828

Overton Co, TN

Mildred Tennessee Harris


Fentress Co, TN

Preston Harris

about 1836

Fentress Co, TN


Allen Brock & Rebecca Shell family


            Allen served with Capt John Kennedy"s Company, Tennessee Milita and received a pension.  Allen and Rebecca left Tennessee after the death of James and Mildred and settled in Cherokee County, Texas.


James White Brock

26 Sep 1817

Cumberland Co, KY

George Allen Brock

26 Sep 1817

Cumberland Co, KY

Lewis Brock

5 Oct 1819

Cumberland Co, KY

Joel Matison Brock

24 Jan 1822

Cumberland Co, KY

Ambrose Bramblet Brock

9 Dec 1823

Cumberland Co, KY

Harriat N. Brock

22 Apr 1826

Cumberland Co, KY

Martha A. Brock

28 Sep 1828

Cumberland Co, KY

Mildred Catherine Brock

16 Jan 1831

Cumberland Co, KY

Elizabeth Brock


Cumberland Co, KY

Gramndville B. Brock


Cumberland Co, KY

Fountain Brock


Cumberland Co, KY


            Malinda Brock & Samuel Abraham Pool family


            Malinda and Abraham moved from Kentucky/Tennessee about 1841/42 and settled in Audrain County, Missouri.  They were well to do farmers.  Malinda died 29 Aug 1860, and is buried in the Pool Cemetery.  (They are also my g g g grandparents)


Matilda Pool

31 Dec 1818


Elizabeth Pool

10 Jan 1821


Mary Ann Pool

15 Aug 1823


Malinda Crane Pool

28 Feb 1825


Anslem Guthrie Pool

7 Jun 1828


James Pool

31 Dec 1828


John Quentin Pool

26 Sep 1829

Fentress Co, TN

James Brock Pool

3 Jan 1831

Washington Co,KY

Mildred Pool

8 Dec 1832


Melvin Prince Pool

7 Nov 1833

Fentress Co, TN

Elizabeth Beaty Pool

27 Jul 1835 

Fentress Co, TN

George Rudd Pool

18 Aug 1837

Fentress Co, TN

Pleasant Miller Pool

2 Sep 1839

Fentress Co, TN

Margaret Ann Pool

6 Apr 1844

Boone Co, MO


Matilada Harriet Brock & Anslem Guthrie family


            Matilda married Anslem in Limestone County, Alabama.  After the death of her parents they also left Tennessee and settled in Union County, Illinois.  They too were farmers, Matilda is buried in the Guthrie/Pearson Home Cemetery.


            These 5 children show a definite connection with the Crane/Crain families.  In 1802 James and Mildred moved from Knox County, Tennessee then to Jackson/Overton Counties Tennessee, and Cumberland County, Kentucky.  These counties are all in close proximity.  It is breath taking to see the name of Mildred Crane and Ambrose used so many time.  Believe me there are more of these names used by their descendants.


Elizabeth D. Guthrie


Cumberland Co, KY

Mildred "Milly" Crane Guthrie

5 Aug 1824

Cumberland Co, KY

Harriet Guthrie

6 Nov 1826

Fentress Co, TN

James Brock Guthrie


Cumberland Co, KY

Aseneth D. Guthrie


Cumberland Co, KY


            I'm looking for a stronger pattern of given name similarities.  Why would James Brock name his first 3 children Anne, Elizabeth, and Joel?  These first 3 point in the direction of the Crane family, but George Ambrose"s name obviously came from the Crane family.  Mary was quite common among many nationalities, but Allen and Malinda were British, but mostly in Germanic countries.  I believe Matilda is usually British and Mathilda (with and "h") is generally Germanic.  Do you think that James completely abandoned the given names of his blood relatives and used only Crane names? (Kevan Crawford)


            This is further supported by James' participation in the Rev War.  If James was non-British then I would believe that he would have been inclined to be neutral about the War (only 7% supported the war and 3% participated), particularly if he was Swiss.  If he was Swiss then he would tend to be Catholic or Lutheran.  It is much easier to justify a Presbyterian (Church of Scotland) changing to a Baptist in those days.


            Reference a book titled A LIGHTHOUSE IN THE WILDERNESS, of which the Brock's are also mentioned in the Early Times in Clinton County, Kentucky, in connection with the Clear Fork Baptist Church.  "A fragmentary list of the organizing members gives a group of thirteen person:  Rev. Denton, his mother Anna Denton (Sen.), his sister Martha Denton, William Wood, Samuel Wood, Thomas Stockton, George Smith, William Goodson, (Sen.), James and Agnes Crouch, Benjamin and Cloe Campbell, and James Brock (Sen.)


            Brock members and dates of admission are:  November 1803 James Brock, February 1804 Milly Brock, Anne Brock, Mary Brock, Joel Brock, Apr 1804 Nathan Bond, April 1805 Joseph Crawford, and December 1808 Elizabeth Crawford.


            William Lee became a member in August 1804, and Anne Brock was also a member of the church.  I believe this William Lee became her husband, and they were married sometime in or about 1805/07.

            On fourth Saturday May 1806, Bro Nathan Bond was excluded from this church for immoral conduct in excess of position.  Mildred"s son of first marriage to Jesse Bond.

            On fourth Saturday June 1806, Bro James Brock excluded for said conduct.

            On fourth Saturday May 1807, Sister Milly Brock suspended for appointing and practicing infant sprinkling.  Milly"s child Matilda Brock was born on 30 December 1806.

            On fourth Saturday  September 1808, Bro Nathen Bond granted a letter of dismission.

            On fourth Saturday September 1815 Bro Joseph Crawford and wife granted a letter of dismission.

            On fourth Saturday February, 1822 Polly Harris excluded from the church for joining another society of a different faith and order.


            In Overton County, Tennessee.  On March 20, 1806 John Sevier and George Gordon sold Jesse Bond 200 acres on Lick Creek for $300.00 with James Brock and Lewis Cargile as witnesses.

            In Fentress County, Tennessee.  On 1 May 1825, Jesse W. Bond sold Joseph Harris 290 acres George Ambrose Brock and Abraham Paul as witnesses.


The following was in War of 1812:


James Brock appoints an attorney, William McCampbell of Knox County

Know all men by these presents that I James Brock of Overton county and State of Tennessee have constituted and appointed and by these presents do make constitute and appoint William McCampbell of Knox County and the state afore  Sd  As my true and lawful attorney for me and in my name to draw all my wages and Back cash if there  Be any for a Four or Six Months duty per terms by me do Orders under Captain Willy Huddleston thereby confirming and satisfying all and what so ever my said ----.  Sd  Honor do so promises said presence"s as whiteness my hand and seal this 9th day of January 1816.

                                                                                                JAMES BROCK  (Seal)


James McDonnole


From book in Overton County Library:


            Branding for horse stealing in Overton County was the punishment meted out by the early courts held in Monroe, which was the county seat of this county 1810-35, according to old Record Books now in the office of the Criminal and Circuit Court Clerk of Livingston, Tennessee.

            Another case noted is that The State Vs. James Brock, convicted of horse stealing, on March 12, 1817.  The court order is a follows:

            "The sentence of the law therefore is that you, James Brock, be imprisoned six months from this day, and that on the first, second and third days of the next county court to be held for the county in the town of Monroe, you be placed in the pillory for the space of two hours each day and on the several days, and that on the third day between the hours of 11 o'clock and 3, you receive on your bare back twenty lashes, and that you be branded on the brawn of the left thumb with the letters "HT", and that you pay the costs of this prosecution, and remain in custody until the costs are paid and the Sheriff of Overton County see that this sentence be put into execution."

            "Whereupon the suggestion of the Sheriff that the jail of Overton County is insufficient, it is ordered by the court that the Sheriff transmit the said James Brock to the Jail of White County for safekeeping, and that he have him in the town of Monroe on the several days appointed to receive his punishment."


Michael J. Hogan wrote, - descendant of Mary Brock Harris and Allen Brock lines.

            Letter dated 25 August 1981.  My research on my BROCK line is presently stopped on "dead center."  I'm unable to discover any provable material prior to James Brock, my 3rd great-grandfather.  He was born about 1765.  I have considerable information about him (and his wife Mildred Crane "Bond" Brock) but I don't know his parents nor when, or where, he was born.  He owned land on both sides of the Tennessee and Kentucky border (as early as 1802 in what was then the Tennessee and Kentucky border (as early as 1802 in what was then Jackson County, Tennessee) just as his grandson James White Brock owned adjoining land on both sides of the Smith County and the Cherokee County border in Texas as early as 1848.  James Brock was a charter member of the Clear Fork Baptist Church when it was constituted on 1 April 1802 (then in Cumberland County) and later in Albany, Clinton County, Kentucky.  My best judgment is that my Brocks came from North Carolina or Virginia but I have found lots of them in South Carolina and Georgia, as well as in what was later Tennessee and Kentucky.          (Michael J. Hogan deceased on 17 September 1996.)


James Brock Will - Book C, Page 12.  Typed and proof read.


            In the name of God amen, James Brock of Cumberland County and state of Kentucky being sound in mind and memmory, but Knowing that it is appointed for all men to die, and labouring under some affliction of Body, I do make and ordain this my last will and testament, I commit my soul to God that Gave it and my body to the Ground to be buried in a decent Christian like manner at the discretion of my friends believing that I shall receive it again at the Greate day of Judgment and touching such worldly substance as it hath pleased God to bless me with. I Give and dispose of the same in the following manner towit that all my just debts be paid I give and bequeath to my wife Milly during her natural life the following property towit one bay mare named Slily and saddle, two cows and calves such as she may choose, two beds and furniture as will be necessary as much of my Kitchen furniture as will be necessary for her to have my cupboard furniture to Gether with the ceral and airning table all the chairs and one chest and as many hogs as my executors may Think necessary for her to have.  I leave my negroe boy Ellock to my wife during her life to make on the farm or to be hired out as my executors may think proper for the support of wife together with my dwelling house and all that lott of land from a conditional line made with my self and Allen Brock west of said line which lies in the state of Kentucky all the above named property is to be under the control and direction of my executors have after named for the support and benefit of my wife Milly Brock, and I have neglected nameing only there which would before her comfort and support.  I wish the same furnished out of my estate and as much of the property as may Remain at my wifes death that I Gave her I want equally divided amongst my children with the exception of my son Allen who is to have no interest in the Negroe boy Ellock provided he takes a piece of land which I will hereafter name the peace of land above named lies between George Brocks and Allen Brocks line, Beginning on a corner made by George Brock and my self running astrait line to a corner made by Allen Brock and my self west of said Allens in the swamp and case that said Allen thinks proper to take the above named peace of land hes to have no interest in the first division of property but in case he does not take the above named land then an equal interest with the rest of the of the heirs in all the property that I have and when the above named property is divided as directed all the balance of my property consisting of land and Negroes stock and property of all kinds to be equally divided with my children as hereafter directed, Elizabeth Crawford, Joel Brock, G.A. Brock, Polly Harris, Allen Brock, Malinda Pool, Marieae Guthery, these being lawful heires.  I wish them to divide my property by sale or otherwise as they can agree the children of my daughter Ann Lee I Give them one dollar a piece of Good and lawful and its all of my estate that I ever intended them to have who ever may get my negroe woman Rose it is my will and wish that she have liberty of taking with her the little property that she claims consisting of a bed, spinning wheel, bed stead, bed cora, bed clothes, I constitute and appoint my two sons George & Allen Brocks my Executors for the purpose in this my last will and testament, As witness my hand & seal this 19th of June 1831.

James McDonnold

C Noland

John Crouch


            In the years of 1775 and 1783 during the Revolutionary War James Brock lived in Halifax County of North Carolina.  A request was made to the Archives in Raleigh North Carolina for James Brocks' time and service in the Revolutionary War.  North Carolina's, State Archivist, Thornton W. Mitchell in a letter dated 26 July 1977, I quote; "Warrant No. 4573 for 640 acres of reserved lands was issued for Brock on 9 February 1797 in view of his 84 months service as a private in the Continental Line".  (Michael J. Hogan)


            Mildred Crane was first married to John Bond, he was killed by Indians at Nick O'Jack Cave in Tennessee in 1787.  Their three children were named Nathan, Lucy, and Jesse Walton Bond.  Jessie Walton Bond was born on 25 December 1777 in Jonesboro, Washington County, Tennessee.  This information was submitted to the LDS Library by Lawrence A. Miner of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Reuben Bates genealogy show that Mildred was married to a George Bond, which may have come from Pleasant Taylor Brock, as he also noted that Mildred's father was George Crane.


            Summary: Cumberland County Kentucky and Overton County Tennessee is where James and Mildred raised their children.  All of their children married and became land owners in Overton, and Fentress Counties.  In 1879 a new county was formed by the name of Pickett County which wedged in between the former two counties.  I do not wish to count the number of land transaction that are on filed in these counties that our ancestors made in the 1800's.

            The question that need the most attention, who are Mildred Crane"s parents?  I do not believe there is any question as to James Brock being married to Mildred Crane.  Mildred Crane in my judgment was born 1757/1758 and could be accounted for with the male boys of Ambrose Crane and Elizabeth----- children.  James Brocks" first marriage is wide open for debate, is she a Crane or not, but I would place her date of birth 1761/1762 or younger.  Written by Raymond Schuknecht Sr. this 21 December 2000.


(Please note that James Brock could not write - He made his mark with a slanted B.)


Revisions 14 September 2005 - Ray Schuknecht


 James Brock - Revolutionary War Grant and War of 1812 Payroll Card




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