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Jesse BROCK of Grainger Co, Tennessee


Jesse Brock married Elizabeth Clark 16-Jul-1803 in Grainger Co, Tennessee


In this time period, there are two additional marriage records for Clark women:

Isaac Brown married Frances Fanny Clark 26-May-1802, and

Hercules Ogle married Theresa Tressie Clark on 4-June-1803.


These three men and their families moved together from Grainger Co. Tennessee to White Co, Tennessee.  The first records of Isaac Brown and Hercules Ogle in White Co, Tennessee are in 1809 and Jesse Brock is found there by 1810.  There is also an Allen Brock found in White Co, Tennessee in the early records for that county.


From the White County Minute Books, transcribed at we find:

April 17, 1807  P. 17  Allen Brock, appointed to work on said road.

November 17, 1809  p. 134    Jurors  Isaac Brown, Hercules Ogles,  Allen Brock

February 12, 1810  p. 136    Venire-facias  Allen Brock  

February 12, 1810  p. 138   Isaac Brown - Hercules Ogle, Jesse Brock  to mark and lay off a road

May 15, 1810  p 156   road as reviewed by Isaac Brown, Hercules Ogle, Jesse Brock, 

November 15, 1810   p. 209    Jury  Jesse Brock


Isaac Brown, Hercules Ogle, and a John Brock are found in the first extant tax list in White Co. in 1811.  Jesse Brock and John Brock are both found beginning in 1812.  The tax records show all these men in the same tax district, in the southern part of the county which becomes part of Van Buren Co. in 1840.


In 1814 Jesse Brock was appointed administrator at the death of George Brock.  The relationship between Jesse Brock and George Brock is not currently known.  This year Jesse Brock also served on a jury.


1815 is the last year Jesse Brock is found on the Tax List for White Co, Tennessee.  Other primary sources are still being researched to determine if there are later records for him in this location.


In 1820 Isaac Brown, Hercules Ogle, and John Brock are on the White Co, Tennessee census.  Edward Clark�s will is written and proved in 1820 in Grainger Co, Tennessee.   Jesse Brock, Isaac Brown and Hercules Ogle are all named as heirs in the will of Edward Clark. 


In 1829 Isaac Brown sells his land in White Co, Tennessee


In 1830 John Brock is found on the White Co, Tennessee census.  John dies about 1833 in White Co, Tennessee.  His widow and children continue to live in the same general area through at least 1860.


In 1830 Isaac Brown and Hercules Ogle are found on the Putnam Co, Indiana census.  A George Brock, John Brock, and another John or possibly Jehu Brock are also found in Putnam Co, Indiana at this time.  There is a Jesse Brock (b. abt 1808) who marries in 1832 in Putnam Co.  The relationship between the Putnam Co, Indiana Brock's is unknown at this time.  A preliminary look at census records suggests there may be several different Brock families that settle in this area.  More research is needed in this area.


Theories and Discussion:


It has been suggested that Jesse Brock and Elizabeth Clark may be the parents of Allen Brock and Levi Brock of Martin Co, Indiana.  This is supported by circumstantial evidence.  

Both Allen and Levi Brock were born in Tennessee based on the majority of their census records, and the majority of their children's statements of their parents' birth places in later census records.  

Levi Brock's death record indicates his father's name was Jesse. 

Levi Brock named his oldest son William Clark Brock: Clark may have been a family name. 

Allen and Levi's mother may have been named Elizabeth.  There is an older Elizabeth Brock who is apparently a widow, who marries Jacob Waggoner, Allen's father-in-law, in January 1839.  Allen and Levi each had a daughter who may have been named for both her grandmothers.  Allen's wife's mother was Jane; Allen's oldest daughter was Elizabeth Jane.  Levi's 2nd wife's mother was Sarah; Levi's oldest daughter by his second wife was Sarah Elizabeth.    

Looking at Jesse Brock's family, there was an Allen Brock in Grainger Co. and White Co., Tennessee at or very near the same time as Jesse.  John Brock who stayed in White Co. had sons named Allen and Jesse. 

Looking at Elizabeth Clark's family, Levi was the name of one of Elizabeth's brothers mentioned in Edward Clark's will. 


Jesse Brock of Grainger and White Co, Tennessee is not found there in the 1820 census.  It has been suggested that he may be the same as Jesse Brock who settled in Washington Co, Indiana by the 1820 census.  Is it possible he was enumerated as Asa Brock in Martin Co, Indiana in 1830 two entries after Allen Brock?  The census records for Jesse of Washington in 1820 and Asa of Martin in 1830 are consistent, given that the oldest children would have married before 1830.


It is also interesting to note that the wife of Allen Brock who is found in Lawrence Co, Indiana in the 1820 and 1830 census, was also named Elizabeth.  This widow Elizabeth Brock is found in Bono Twp, Lawrence Co, Indiana census in 1840.  Could these be Allen Brock and Elizabeth Parker who married on 22 Sep-1803 in Grainger Co, Tennessee?  Could he be the Allen Brock who moved from Grainger Co. to White Co., Tennessee about 1806-1807?  There are some common names in the Martin and Lawrence Co. Brock families, and it is possible these families are related.  There is also circumstantial evidence linking the Lawrence Co, Indiana Brock's to the Knox Co., Tennessee area.  There may have been more than one Allen Brock in eastern Tennessee in the early 1800�s, so more research is needed in this area.  


It is hoped that additional research will add evidence to either support or disprove these theories.  Researchers with additional information on White Co, Tennessee, Putnam Co, Indiana or other related Brock's please contact Kim Jackson,


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