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Leslie County, KY, Brock, Circuit Court

Civil Cases - Brock Plaintiffs

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Plaintiff Defendant Case
Surname Given Name Surname Given Name No.
Brock Aaron Brock Jane 6
Brock Amos Brock Dora 81
Brock Andrew Brock Matilda 39
Brock Andrew Howard E. S. 28
Brock Ardill et al Asher Coal Mining Co. et al 96
Brock Catherine et al Termes Coal Co. 72
Brock Chester Brock Fanny 78
Brock Clarence Brock Margaret 100
Brock Eli Brock Cintha 81
Brock Eli Brock Rosa 72
Brock Ellen Brock William 85
Brock Enoch Brock Lucy 61
Brock Ephraim Brock Nancy 15
Brock Ersie Brock Albert 81
Brock Floyd Lewis Bess S. et al. 102
Brock G. B. Brock Margret 59
Brock H. M. Whittaker Marth 36
Brock Ingram Brock Tilda 74
Brock James Allen J. R. 4
Brock James Brock Birdia 84
Brock Lizzie Brock Willie 72
Brock Lora Brock John 78
Brock Loyd Brock Lucy 68
Brock Martha Brock Ephraim 64
Brock Mary Brock Gilbert 55
Brock Mary Brock Shade 81
Brock Mary Brock William 87
Brock Minta Brock William 56
Brock Mollie Brock Robert 100
Brock Nancy Brock Willie 93
Brock Samuel Brock Mary 33
Brock Samuel Brock Polley 8
Brock Samuel Brock Rebecca 14
Brock Solomon Brock Lindia 16
Brock Solomon Brock Malinda 29
Brock Stelia Brock Martin 101
Brock Theo Brock Sudie 84
Brock William Brock Lizzie 77
Brock Willie Brock Parley 81


Mary Brock Verses Gilbert Brock

Petition for Divorce,
Leslie Circuit Court, Granted Mar. 12, 1910

Leslie Circuit Court
Inquity, No._____

Mary Brock, Plaintiff
Gilbert Brock, Defendant

She Plaintiff, Mary Brock, for her cause of action
herein for divorce, states that she and the defendant, Gilbert
Brock, were married about the year (blank) on the (blank) day of
(blank) and that she now resides in Leslie County and has
continuously resided in said County for more than twenty years
next before the commencement of this action, and that the
defendant, the last time she had any knowledge of him, resided
in the State of Va. in Wise county in said State and
that his Post Office at that time, was Roda,
Wise County Va.
She says that the cause of divorce herinafter set out
occured in the State and within five years last past next
before the commencement of this action.
Plaintiff says that the defendant about eight years ago,
without any fault or like faut, on the part of the plaintiff,
abandoned her home and went to the State of Va, and has no since
said time lived with her or cared for her children in any way
and that he has not (blank) his home in (blank) State to her Knowledge
since said time.
She says that during the time she and the defendant
lived together, that she always treated him as kind as any
woman could have treated him and that she very much regretted
his conduct.
Wherefore, she prays for a divorce from the
bonds of matrimony, for her costs and all peoper relief.
H.M. Brock

Leslie Circuit Court
In Equity, No. _____
mary Brock, Plff.
-v- Petition.
Gilbert Brock, Deft.
Filed tax paid, Naming
order granted
March 12, 1910
WG Begley Clerk




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