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Harvey Brock was born about 1809. He married Matilda Jones 13th of November 1833, Lincoln County KY - from Marriage Box for 1833 Lincoln Courthouse. He is listed as age 41 on the 1850 Census Randolph County Missouri.


Know all men by these presents that we Harvey Brock and James Jones are jointly and severally and firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the formal sum of L50 whereas our hand and seals this 13th day of November 1833 whereas there is a marriage intended between the said Harvey Brock & Matilda Jones. Now should there be no legal cause to obstruct said marrige then this obligation to be void (see image below)


                                                                                                          H. Brock

                                                                                                          James Jones


1836 Deed Bk 'O' page 302, Lincoln County Kentucky - Harvey Brock/James McKinney, Logan's Creek

1837 Deed Bk 'P' page 12, Lincoln County Kentucky - Harvey Brock/Johnson Jones

1839 Deed, April 1 - Randolph County Missouri - see Original Land Patents below


1840 Census Randolph County Missouri

one male under 5, one male under 10 ,one male under 40, and one female under 5, one female under 30,


1850 Census Randolph County Missouri

#1083 H. Brock 41, 400 KY, Matilda 39, James 16, Sarah 15, Miles 12, Ann 9, Mary 7, Archibald 6, Letitia 2

1857 - birth of little Harvey, Jr.

1858 Deed Pulaski County Kentucky for Brock et al, Harvey, Lucinda, Letitia, W.H. to George Rogers by Sheriff Bk 20,

 page 491 SD


1860 Census Randolph County Missouri

#241 Matilda Brock, 45, Miles B 21, Ann E 18, Mary C 17, Archibald 14, Letithia 11, Matilda S. 5, Pantha 5, Harvey 3.


1872 - Estate Papers of Richard Brock , Box 122 -Lincoln County Kentucky

$25.00 Rec'vd March 16th 1872 of D.S. Jones Administrator of Richard Brock dec'd the sum of twenty-five dollars. Sixteen dollars and sixty six cents Two thirds its [interest] of the above being the amt due Harvey Brocks children the balance $8.33 being a donation from Bateman Brock to said children from the proceeds of a division of the personal estate of said R. Brock.

                                                                               Lucinda Brock, guardian for Harvey Brock children

Attest: D.D. Smith


Also, among the Estate Papers of Richard Brock -

$45.00 We the undersigned children and heirs of Harvey Brock dec'd have this day recv'd of D. S. Jones, Administrator of Richard Brock dec'd the sum of forty-five dollars this being our interest in the personal estate of said decedant, this November 22, 187_

(see image below)


                                                                                                              James W. Brock

                                                                                                              Miles Brock

                                                                                                              Archibald Brock

                                                                                                             Matilda Jones

                                                                                                             Adamanline Jones

                                                                                                             J. W. Brock for Pantha Brock and Harvey Brock

                                                                                                             Talitha Halliburton

                                                                                                             John T Halliburton

                                                                                                             Sarah E. Huntsman

                                                                                                             Benjamin Huntsman

                                                                                                            Mary Bennett

                                                                                                            William Bennett


Matilda Brock was born 29th January 1814 Lincoln County Kentucky and died 22nd January 1892 in Randolph County Missouri. She is buried with some of her children at Union Cemetery, Randolph County, Missouri.


Children of Harvey E. Brock and Matilda Jones Brock:


*James W. Brock was born about 1834. He married Sarah Elizabeth Jones, daughter of Greenup Jones and Nancy Stephenson on 13th of October 1858 in Randolph County Missouri, (Randolph County Missouri Marriages 1829-1859). He died 1921 Holliday, Monroe County, Missouri and is buried in Bethel Cemetery.


*Sarah Elizabeth Brock was born about 1835. She married Benjamin Huntsman on the 26th of January 1854, Randolph County, Missouri. (Randolph County Missouri Marriages, 1829-1858)


* Miles B. Brock was born 5 Sept 1838. He married E. A. Unknown. They had at least one child, buried near them in Union Cemetery Randolph County, Missouri. Miles was a Civil War, Pvt Co 9th MO Inf. He died 20 October 1880 Randolph County Missouri and is also buried in Union Cemetery. E.A Brock his wife was born 19th of March 1843 and died 25th Nov 1887.


*Ann E. Brock was born about 1841. She is listed on the 1850 and 1860 Census of Randolph County Missouri.


* Mary C. Brock was born about 1843. She married William H. Bennett (Randolph County Missouri Marriage Index 1860-1870)


*Archibald Brock was born 8 November 1845. He married Mary M. Rogers (Randolph County Missouri Marriage Index 1860-1870)

He is buried in Union Cemetery, Randolph County, Missouri. He died 17th July 1934.


*Talitha C. Brock was born about 1848. She married John T. Halliburton. She died 14th November 1894, age 45 y 7 mo and 6 days. John T. Halliburton was born 23rd April 1844 and died 14th December 1920. Both are buried Union Cemetery, Randolph County Missouri.


* Matilda S. Brock was born about 1851. She married Adamaline Jones (from estate papers of Richard Brock)


*Pantha J. Brock was born about 1855. She married Richard D. Campbell, the 1st of January 1878 in Randolph County Missouri. She died 1936 and is buried at Liberty Cemetery east of Cairo, MIssouri.


* Harvey Brock, Jr. was born about 1857




 'Other Brocks' for Harvey E. Brock


 Cemetery Records for Union Cemetery, Randolph County Missouri at


 Randolph County Marriages 1829-1859


 Index Randolph County Marriage 1860-1870


Original Land Owners Randolph County Missouri:


Heirs of Harvey Brock

Marriage of Harvey Brock to Matilda Jones



Harvey Brock

by Patricia Brock 2005


(Note:  Harvey & Matilda Jones Brock moved to Randolph Co., MO, where it appears that others from Lincoln Co. moved also.  Among them were Greenup & Nancy Stephenson Jones, whose daughter Sarah Elizabeth, married James W. Brock, oldest child of Harvey & Matilda.  Information gathered from the internet lists this Harvey as the son of Evan Brock.)

Elias Brock - 1736

  Elias Brock - ?

   Evan Brock � 1765

       Harvey E. Brock � abt 1800

          James Wilson Brock � 1834

             Harrison Gilbert Brock Sr � 1864

                Sam Archie Brock � 1907


Harvey Brock


Harvey Brock was probably born in Lincoln County, Kentucky around 1793.  He married Matilda Jones on November 13, 1833 in Lincoln County, Kentucky.  Matilda was born January 29, 1814 and died January 22, 1892.  Soon after their marriage, Harvey and Matilda moved to Missouri.  Records indicate they lived in both Macon and Randolph Counties as early as the 1830s.  In the 1840 census, Harvey was listed as living in Randolph County.  The 1840 census listing was as follows:


Head of Household:  Harvy Brock

Male under 40: 1

Female under 30: 1 

Male under 10: 1 

Male under 5: 1

Female under 5: 1


The 1860 Census listed Matilda with several children, but Harvey was not listed at all.  Note that James is already married and not part of the household.  He and his wife are listed separately.  Miles is still living at home, and baby Harvy is only 3 years old.  This indicates that Harvey must have died in the late 1850s.  There is evidence that Harvey had at least 9 children.


1.  Harvey E. (Evan) Brock

Harvey married Matilda Long on 13 Nov 1833 in Lincoln Co., KY.1  Matilda was born on 29 Jan 1814 in Lincoln Co., KY,2 died on 22 Jan 1892 in Randolph Co., MO 2, and was buried in Union Cemetery, Randolph Co., MO.2

Children from this marriage were: 

 +      2   M      i.  James W. (Wilson?) Brock was born about 1834 in KY,3 died in 1921 in Holliday, Monroe Co., MO 4, and was buried in Bethel Cemetery, Holliday, Monroe Co., MO.  James married Sarah Elizabeth (Bettie) Jones, daughter of Greenup Jones and Nancy Stephenson. (md. 8-6-1840 Lincoln Co., KY)  Sarah was born in 1843 in KY.  Greenup Jones & family moved to Randolph Co., MO.

                      Children from this marriage were:

                       i.  Milton G. Brock was born in 1861 in MO.7 

                            ii. Harrison G. Brock was born in 1865 in MO.7 

          3   M     ii.  Miles B. Brock was born in 1839 in MO.5 

          4   F     iii.  Ann E. Brock was born in 1841 in MO.5 

          5   F      iv.  Mary C. Brock was born in 1843 in MO.5 

          6   M      v.  Archeble Brock was born in 1846 in MO.5 

          7   F      vi.  Tilithu Brock was born in 1849 in MO.5 

          8   F     vii.  Matilda S. Brock was born in 1851 in MO.5 

          9   F    viii.  Pantha J. Brock was born in 1855 in MO.5 

         10   M    ix.  Harvy Brock was born in 1857 in MO.5 


1          Lincoln County, Ky Marriages- Pg 30 & 32. 

2          Larry Sumpter's Database of Randolph Co., MO Deaths - 

3          1860 Randolph Co. MO, Chariton, Darksville PO, HH #191-189. 

4          Pat Brock, descendant, electronic document

5          1860 Randolph Co., MO, Salt River, PO Milton, HH# 241-297. 

6          1850 Lincoln Co., KY Stanford, HH# 237 Greenup Jones. 

7          1870 Randolph Co. MO, Salt River, Cairo PO, HH# 1-1, J. W. Brock. 

    Matilda died on January 22, 1892.  She is buried in Union Cemetery which is located 2 miles north and 3 miles northeast of Cairo, Missouri.

    Miles, the oldest child at home in 1860, was born September 5, 1838 and died at the age of 42 years on October 20, 1880.  He served as a Pvt. in the Co. 9th Missouri Infantry and probably fought in the Civil War.  He married E.A. Brock, who was born on March 19, 1843.    E.A. was killed by a falling tree on November 25, 1887. They had at least one daughter, Laura, who died on September 28, 1867 at the age of 3 years. All three members of the family are buried in Union Cemetery. 

    Archeble was probably called A.P. Brock.  He was born on November 8, 1845 and served as a Pvt. in Co. F 9th Missouri Infantry. CSA.  He is buried in Union Cemetery.

    Pantha Brock was born in 1855 and died in 1936.  She married a Campbell and is buried in Liberty Cemetery east of Cairo, Missouri.



Title: Marriage Record

Page: Lincoln County, Ky Marriages-Pg 30 & 32

Text: Marriages of Lincoln County, Ky-Grooms List


Land Records:

Original Land Sales by the government.


Harvey Brock:  4-1-1839:  19378: .384

Harvey Brock:  4-1-1839:  19379: .385

Harvey Brock:  11-10 1841: 21349 MO2380:  .339

Harvey Brock:  9-10-1844: 22440 MO2410:  .29

James Brock:   9-1-1856: 31870 MO 2560:  .392



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