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Richard Brock and Hannah Jones


Valerie J. Thompson

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Richard Brock born about 1794 married Hannah Jones 10th April 1819 Casey County Kentucky (Kentucky Marriages 1802-1850 ,


1850 Census of Lincoln County Kentucky

Richd Brock 56 KY

Hannah 42 KY

Sally Jones 89 VA


1860 Census of Lincoln County Kentucky Hustonville, Ky

Brock, Richard 64 Farmer born SC

Hannah 61 born KY

Value of Reat Estate $800, Value of Personal Estate $4475


Richard Brock died about 1865 and Hannah died possibly January of 1870

Receipt for burial clothes found in Estate Papers of Richard Brock

January 8th 1870 1 blk silk luster dress & cap ready made for burying purposes

for Mrs Hannah Brock $12.00

Rec'd of D S Jones Administrator of R Brock Decd the above pd in full

January 28th 1870

                                                   K Nannie Jones


February 1st 1870

The Estate of Richard Brock Dec'd to D S Jones

To acting as agent and transacting business for Mrs. Hannah Brock

of said  R Brock five years and for waiting on and taking care of said Hannah Brock in her last illness $100.00


This day persoanlly appeared before me D. S Jones and made oath that the above account of one hundred dollars against the estate of R Brock Dec'd is just due and unpaid and that the same is not entitled to any just credit discount or setoff and that there is no usury embraced in the same

                                                                       D. S. Jones



Dr. George Hunn States that he knows D S Jones did render services for Hannah Brock

for a long time in the transaction of business for her that he removed her to his house one week before she

died at his house also that he heard her say sometime before she died that she wanted D. S. Jones paid for a

attending to her business & waiting on her and tht one hundred dollars is a reasonable

charge for the same.

                                                         George Hunn

Subscribed and sworn before me by D S Jones and Dr. George Hunn this April 16th 1870


                                                        D. Larimore J. P L C


Receipt for headstones was found among the estate papers for Richard Brock


$40 Rec'd June 13th 1871 of D S Jones Administrator

 of R Brock Dec'd the sum of forty dollars in

 full for two sets of grave stones put up at

the graves of Richard & Hannah Brock.

Saml Larimer


Inventory and Appraisement was produced 19th day of January 1870

and approved 18th day of February 1870


Sale Bill of the personal property having been examined and approved by the Court is duly recorded

in my office in Will Book 'X' pages 319, 320,321, 322.

Witness my hand this 30th day of March 1870

 R Carson, Clerk


Note: Inventory and Appraisement, as well as, Sale Bill are lengthy


Other papers found in Estate Papers of Richard Brock refer to monies given to various family members including

the heirs of Harvey Brock, Chesley Brock, Davis Brock and Polly Emily Hines (sister to Chesley B Bastian)

See separate documents on these individuals.


Marriages in Lincoln County for individuals related to this family:

George Brock born 19th August 1793 married Hannah East the 8th April 1816 

Abraham Jones married Sarah "Sally" Brock the 15th December 1820

Evan Brock married Susanna East the 7th January 1831

Evan Brock married Sally Rogers the 8th of October 1836

Edward Bastian married Elizabeth Brock the 7th April 1831

Davis Brock was born about 1801. He married Sarah King the 9th of April 1821

Chesley Brock was born 20 June 1802. He married Ann King the 10th of December 1824

Harvey Brock was born about 1809. He married Matilda Jones the 13th November 1833 



Rec'd March 16th 1872 of D S Jones

Adminstrator of Richard Brock Dec'd the sum of twenty five dollars.

Sixteen dollars & sixty six & two thirds cts of the above being the amt

due Harvy Brocks children the ballance $8.33 1/3 being a donation from

Bateman Brock to said children all being from the proceeds of a division

of the personal estate of R Brock


                                                Lucinda Brock, guardian for

Harvy Brocks children

Attest D D Smith



November 21st 1872

We the undersigned children and Heirs of Davis Brock Dec'd

have this day rec'd of D. S. Jones Adminstrator of Richard Brock Dec'd

the sum of fourty four dollars and forty five cts

this being our interest in the personal estate of said Decent


R.D Brock

Jas B. Ellis

Susan M. Ellis

H. G Noble

Sarrah E. Hayden

Thomas Noble for Midred J Noble and Charles Talbott

J. P Rigeway

Sarah Rigeway

Tho P Lamb

Elisabeth A Lamb

E. H Brock

G C Brock

Meriah J. King

G. G. King




We the undersigned children and heirs of Chesley Brock Dec'd have this day rec'd the sum of fifty dollars

this being out interest in the personal estate of said Decedent November 21st 1872


M F Brock

G D Brock

Major P Brock

F M Brock

H T Brock

Wm R. Brock

James H Brock

M F Brock

for F E Brock and C H Brock

C. M King

Ann M King

Jacob Heifner

Susan E Heifner

William Hordistun or Handister ?

Hary J Hordistun or Handister ?





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