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Jesse Brock (Cumberland Co. Virginia - Harlan Co. KY)


Born: December 8, 1751 Cumberland Co., VA
Died: October 13, 1843 Harlan Co., KY


Revolutionary War Pension Declaration S.30887

State of Kentucky

Harlan Circuit Court October Term 1833

[Page 1]

On this 16th day of October 1833 personally appeared in open court before the Honorable Joseph Eve Judge of he 15 Judicial District and Judge of the Harlan Circuit Court Jesse Brock a resident citizen of Harlan County and State of Kentucky aged Eighty Two years the 8th day of December next who being first duly Sworn according to Law, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provisions made by the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832 Who States that he enlisted in the Army of the United States in the year he cannot now recollect being an iliterit man, he can neither read nor writ, in Guilford County State of North Caroline for the Term of three months, and served in the regement of the North Caroline State line the whole of said term, He can not recollect the number of the regement, But he served under the following named officers, General Alexander Martin  Colonel James Martin, his Capt was by the name of


Revolutionary War Monument Jesse Brock

Jesse Brock

Old Wallins Cemetery

Harlan County Kentucky

Photographed by

Avery Proffitt

Roylston He states that that he entered the service at Guilford Court House in the State aforesaid, and marched to Cross Creek in the state of - North Caroline Where it was supposed that the British intended to land an Army And after serving out his Term of Service he was Discharged in the Lower part of North Caroline, He further States that he again to service entered the Service of the Army

[Page 2]

of the United States in Guilford County State of North Caroline for the Term of three months, the name of the officers he has for got, But he belonged to the North Caroline State line And he marched with some waggons Laden with provisions for the United States Army which was stationed in South Caroline, and he guarded said waggons to Chartell Court House, He was

again marched Back to Guilford Court House was, and after serving out his Term of service was Dishcarged, He stats that he again in listed in the Service Army of the united States in Surry County State of North Carolin - in the month of Febury 1781 - under Capt William Underwood Lieutenant Joseph Porter and Ensign Richard Taliaferro, for the Term of three months and Marched to the Catawba, and arrived there a few Days after the Battle I was then marched Back to Surry County in the State aforsaid, and from there I was marched to Guilford County House in the State of North Caroline between Guilford Court House, and the Adkin river, Where we Joined Col Thompson Regiment, which belonged to the North Caroline State line, and I was then in the skirmish with the a party of the British and Torys at the Alamance Creek and my Ensign Talefarro[2] was Killed, we then marched toward Guilford Court House and was in another Skirmish with the British at on the Reedy fork of Haw river at a place called Witz Mills[Weitzel Mills][3] - Where we was defeated by the British a few days before the Battle of Guilford, And after

[Page 3]

and at the Battle of Guilford, And after he had served Served out his Term of Services he was Discharged near Guilford Court House in the State of North Caroline,  He further States that he knows of no person living by which he can prove his Service in the Army or any part

thereof, nor neither dose he remember the - number of the Regements to Which he belonged

The court pronounced to him the following interegatories to Him  He herby relinquishes every

claim whatever to a pension or any annuity except the present and he declares that his name is not on the pension Role of Any Agency in any State or if any only on that of the Agency in the State of Kentucky

Sworn to and Subscribed the day and year

aforesaid           Jesse Brock [seal]


The Court pronounced the following interrogatories to the applicant 1st When and where in What year were you

Born  Answer I was Born in Cumberland County in the State of Virginia on the 8th day of December 1751 - as my father has told me

2 Have you any record of your age

Answer I don't know that there is any record of my age, my father always told me that I was Born four years before old the year of Bradies defeat

3  Where was you living when called into the service; Where have you lived since it.

[Page 4]

Revolutionary War, and where do you now live

Answer I lived in Guilford County State of North Carline Where I was called into the Service the

first and second time; and I lived in Surry County in the State of North Caroline When I was called into service the last time; And the same spring after the close of the war I moved Back to Guilford County in the state  of North Caroline, Where I lived a few years But I can not remember the precise time. I then moved to Franklin county in the state  of Virginia where I lived several years; I then moved Back to Guilford County State of North Caroline Where I lived several years, But I cant say how many I then moved to Russell County in the state of Virginia Where I lived four years, I then moved to Knox County State of Kentucky which was after wards stricken off to Harlan County Kentucky Where I now live, I have been here thirty four or five years

4  How were you called into service were you drafted, or did you volunteer, or were you a substitute, And if a substitute for whom

Answer the first and second time I was Drafted and the last time I volunteered

5  State the name of some of the regular officers who was with the troops When you served

such continental and militia Regements as you can recollect and the General circumstances of your service 

Answer: General Green commanded at Guilford But but I belonged to a scouting party And I dont remember the name of any more of the officers except what I have

[Page 5]

stated in a former part of my declaration We James Hall, a clergyman residing in the County of Harlan and State of Kentucky. and in the neighborhood of the applicant and John N Howard and John Coldiron residing in the same county and neighborhood, hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Jesse Brock who has subscribed and Sworn to the above declaration that we believe him to be Eighty Two years of age, that he is respected and believed in the neigh-borhood where he resides, to have been a soldier of the Revolution, And we have heard him often say long before the passage of the act of Congress of the 7th June 1832, and for many  years before that he was a soldier in said War, And that we concur in the opinion that the said Jesse Brock was is a soldier in  said Revolution Sworn and Subscribed in open court the day and year aforesaid

                        James Hall Clergyman

                        John N Howard

                        John Coldiron

And to said court do hereby declare there opinion after the investigation of the matter and after putting the interrogatories prescribed by the War Department that the above named applicant

was a Revolutionary Soldier, and Served as he States And the court further certifies that it appears to them him that James Hall who has signed the preceding certificate is a Clergyman, resident in the County of Harlan and State of Kentucky, and that John N Howard

[Page 6]

and John Coldiron Who has also Signed the Same is resident in the County of Harlan and State aforesaid, and is credible person and that their statment is entitled to Credit

                        Joseph Eve Circuit Judge

I Henry Tuggle clerk of the Circuit court of Harlan County, do hereby certify that the foregoing

contains the original proceedings of the said Court, in the matter of the application of Jesse Brock of the county of Harlan and State of Kentucky for a pension.


        In testimony Where of I have here unto Set my hand and Seal of office this 16  day of  October1833                 Henry Tuggle Clk



Pension File Document Summary and partial Images

Page 1 - This page only list the name "Jesse Brock", "Service N.C." and Pension Number "S.30,887"
Page 2 - File Jacket: list Jesse's company  and regiment commanders, dates and amounts of pay.
Page 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
- 1833 Pension Application from the Harlan Circuit Court October Term

Page 9 - Jacket: Pension No. 30887, Jesse Brock, Pvt. Rev. War, Index: Vol. 2 Page 54.  Notation on page states: "1931-Dec 15 - Hist. to Mrs. Rose Brock Jones "
Page 10 - Jacket: Nov 18, 1833, Jesse Brock, Private, 9 months, signature of Howard Love
Page 11 - Letter from James Henderson? dated  June 16, 1836, Mount Vernon, KY, "Dear Sir, Enclosed I send you  the affidavit of Jesse Brock with the Deposition of May Charles Colyer, for the purpose of obtaining a   certificate for Jesse Brock, Which you will please to communicate the results to me at Mount Vernon Rockcastle County Kentucky I am yours Respectfully James S. Henderson, Honl J. L. Edmond"
Page 12
- Affidavit by Jesse Brock, dated 14 Oct, 1836, stating that he gave power of attorney to Charleton Hurt of Lexington and that his original pension certificate had been lost or stolen while in the possession of
 Mayor Charles Colyer of Mount Vernon.
Page 13 - continuation of affidavit by Jesse Brock
Page 14 - Affidavit by James Henderson stating he drew up the power of attorney for Jesse Brock to Charleton Hunt  and gave it to Mayor Charles Colyer and that it was either lost or stolen. signed John H. Slaughter
Page 15 - Affidavit by Mayor Charles Colyer of Rockcastle Co., KY, date 8 Nov 1836, states: He was given the pension certificate of Jesse Brock along with the power of attorney for Charleton Hunt.  Sometime after
seeing Mr. Hunt his pocket book was either lost or stolen which contained the original certificate. signed John H. Slaughter
Page 16 - Certification by James Terrill, Clerk of Rockcastle County, that John Henderson was a magistrate for Rockcastle County.
Page 17 - Letter stating that the signature of Jesse Brock did not correspond with his original application. 
Page 18 - Letter file jacket signed by J.S. Henderson, Nov 17, 1836
Page 19 - Note by pension office, Nov 18, 1836, "Jesse Brock-was paid to 6 Sept 1835"
Page 20
Page blank with the exception of one notation "War Department Pension Office Nov 1836"
Page 21 -
Notation "Jesse Brock Ky 7_______ 32 $30 To what time last paid Pension Office, paid to the 4 Sept 1835", dated 15 Dec 1837
Page 22
- Letter from the Treasury Department office of Controller, Aug 5, 1839, Jesse Brock paid $30 per annum from 4 Sept 1837 to 4 Sept 1838.
Page 23 - Letter from the Treasury Department office of Controller, May 22, 1843, Jesse Brock paid $30 per annum from 4 Sept 1841 to 4 March 1842.
Page 24 - Letter from Northern Bank of KY,  "Sir, enclosed please find the papers of Jesse Brock pension under  Act 7 June 32 for  your inspection" 
Page 25
- Page with only a few notations such as "Pension Office Washington City" and name J, L, Edwards
Page 26 - Letter to the Veterans Administration, dated Nov 16, 1931, from Rose Brock Jones, requesting a report from  her ancestor Jesse Brock.
Page 27 - A reply to Mrs. Jones giving the history found in Jesse Brock's file.


Final Payment Voucher

Final Payment Voucher Received from the General Accounting Office: Date of Payment - 2nd Quarter 1843

Summary of enlistment with notes:
From the evidence in Jesse Brock's pension application it appears he was in the Guilford County Regiment, officers were Lt. Col. James Martin and Capt. Isaac Ralston (as named by Jesse).  General Alexander Martin retired in 1777, before Jesse joined the service.  In 1782 Alexander Martin became the 4th governor of North Carolina.

Term 1: entered the service in Guilford County for a term of 3 months in the NC State Line (stated he lived in Guilford when called into service); marched to Cross Creek in NC; was discharged in lower NC
Term 2: entered service at Guilford Courthouse for a term of 3 months(stated he lived in Guilford when reinlisted for 2nd term); doesn't remember officers; marched with a wagon of provisions to SC, then guarded them at Chartell Courthouse; marched back to Guilford Courthouse where he was discharged.
Term 3: Feb 1781 entered service again in Surry County for a term of 3 months (stated he resided in Surry County when reinlisted for a 3rd term); officers Capt William Underwood, Lieutenant Joseph Porter and Ensign Richard Taliaferro; marched to Catawba then back to Surry County, then to Guilford County between the courthouse and Adkin River where they joined Col. Thompson's regiment of the NC State Line; was in a skirmish at the Alamance River with the British and Torries where Ensign Taliaferro was killed; marched back to Guilford Courthouse and was in a skirmish at
Reedy Fork on Haw River called Weitzel Mills where they were defeated by the British, this was a few days before the Battle of Guilford; after the Battle of Guilford he served out his term and was discharged near Guilford Courthouse



[1] Death Date of Jesse Brock: Harlan Co., KY Court Orders 1840-1860, Pg 358;Microfilm #834234, KY Dept. of Libraries and Archives

[2] Death of Richard Taliaferro; NC Patriots 1775-1783: Their Own Words, Volume 2, Part 2, P. 982, by J. D. Lews; "Name: Taliaferro Richard", County: "Surry", "1781, an Ensign under Capt. William Underwood and Col. Martin Armstrong. Killed at the battle of New Garden Meeting House on 3/15/1781", Battle: "New Garden Meeting House".  Battle of New Garden Meeting House

[3] In transcribing page 2, Jesse's testimony appears to say "on a ridge of Haw River at a place called Whitz Mills".  After researching these areas, Mr. Proffitt has found that it should read the "Weitzel Mills".  He supplied the following as evidence in determining the correct wording.  "Shuttle and Plow", Alamance County NC Historical Assoc. Inc.  "The battle of Guilford on March 15, 1781, was the largest, most hotly-contested action of the Revolutionary War's climactic Southern Campaign.  The serious loss of British manpower suffered at Guilford Courthouse foreshadowed Lord Cornwallis's final defeat at Yorktown seven months later."  "Before dawn on 6 March 1781, British General Lord Cornwallis struck out in a surprising march toward the crossing of the Reedy Fork of Haw River at the mill belonging to Henry Weitzel, about 12 miles to the north of his Hawkins headquarters".


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