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Will Abstracts (Images of wills are located at South Carolina Department of Archives & History)

Charles P. Brock

Sumter District SC

Dated: 04/26/1836

Recorded: 05/05/1836
Will Book D-1, Page 47
Names Listed: Charles P. BROCK, James R. BROCK, Laura BROCK, William BROCK, John L. FELDER, Francis E. MARTIN, Charles W. WELLS


1st: my Negroes Daniel, Anthony, Edmund & Hannah be equally divided between my two brothers James R. & W. Brock
2nd: my Brother W. Brock shall have the tract of Land where I now reside
3rd: my Brother James R. Brock one other tract of land owned by me, & lying on Santee Swamp
4th: to "Beloved Niece Laura Brock" one Negro girl Molly with her increase.
5th: to nephew, Francis E. Martin, sorrel mare and entire stock of cattle
6th: stock of hogs to be divided equally between brother Wm & James R. Brock

Witnesses: John L. Felder, Chs. W. Wells & Francis E. Martin


David Brock

Greenville District SC

Recorded: 2/24/1840

Will Book B. Pages 178-179
Names Listed: David BROCK, George BROCK,  Henry BROCK, John BROCK, Lawrence BROCK, Nancy BROCK, Walker BROCK, William BROCK, Juliet BURNS,  Mary DUNCAN,



1st: to son Lawrence Brock and son in-law Alfred Gilgreath in trust for the sole use and benefit of my daughter Juliet Burns during her natural life, my negro girl Dorcas
2nd: to daughter Nancy, negro boy Ned
3rd: to daughter Epidocia Gilreath five hundred dollars

4th: to daughter Elizabeth, in addition to what she has already be given, four hundred dollars

5th: the residue to be sold and divided equally between my sons George Brock, Lawrence Brock, William Brock, Henry Brock, John Brock, the legal heirs of my son Walker Brock

dec'd and the legal heirs of my daughter Mary Duncan dec'd

6th: appoint son in-law Alfred Gilreath sole acting executor

Wittiness's: Jno. Watson, Elias J. Holcombe, H. M. McKenzie

George BROCK

Union County SC

Date: 03/09/1830

Date Recorded: 05/03/1830

Will Book B, Page 161
Names Listed: George BROCK, J. W. BROCK, Joseph Tucker BEAUFORD, Tolly BROWN, Henry BUFERT, H. D. DANLEW, Joseph EVANS, H. D. VANLEW, James Noten BROWN, Joseph

BROWN, George BROWN, William BROWN, Mary BROWN, Sarah Ann BROWN, Edward BROWN, Henry BROWN, Sally BEAS, Namen COLEMAN, Moses MARDES, I. W. BROCK

1st: to be divided equally between Tolly Brown & her children James Noten, Joseph, George, William, Mary, Sarah Ann, Edward & Henry, the following property: negroes - Paul,

Rubin, Luis, Edmond, Agg & Ann; all lands consisting of 2 tracts, "one which I now live on", 1 tract on "which my Sally Beas lives, adjoining lands of Namen Coleman, Moses Mardes all

which property for the use of Tolly Brown and in raising her children aboved named, untell they come of age"
2nd: as each child comes of age for the same to receive their equal part of said property which is one ninth part and Tolly to receive one equal ninth part for her life time. At her

death it is to be divided between her eight children.
3rd: to my brother I. W. Brocks child named George, the remainder of my property consisting of one tract of land on which the said J. W. Brock now lives, one negro man named

Sam and all the stock and property that is on the place and in his possession
4th: I nominate H. D. Denlew executor
Witnesses: H. D. Van Lew, Henry Bufert, Jos Evans & Joseph Tucker Beauford

Henry Brock

Greenville District SC

Date: 09/14/1839

Date Recorded: 06/15/1846

Will Book C, Pages 208-215
Names Listed: Catherine BROCK,  Harriet Eveline BROCK, Henry  BROCK, James Madison BROCK, Laurens BROCK, Nancy BROCK, Nancy Jane BROCK, Thomas BROCK, Walker BROCK,

W. BLASINGAME, Julia BURNS, William Henry L. BURNS, Matilda COLEMON,  Ailey CROFT, Rebecka Eveline CROFT, Robert B. DUNCAN, Evidocia GILBREATH, Elias I. HOLCOMBE,

James Madison LOFTIS, Seslena Avarilla Algeline LOFTIS,  Susan LOFTIS, H. MCKENZIE, B. F. PERRY, John Jackson RUSSELL, Nancy RUSSELL, Walker THOMAS, Betsey WADDELL,

Ambrose WILLIAMS    


1st: body decently interred and all just debts paid
2nd: "having been the source of the existence of several illegitimate children I feel it a duty natural the feelings of nature impose on us to provide for the same. I there fore give

and bequeath to each one of the following named illegitimate children whom I have the best reasons for knowing to be the offspring of my own loins, the following"
to John Jackson Russell the illegitimate son of Nancy Russell formerly of Greenville District and sworn to me by his mother the sum of five thousand dollars
to Catherine Brock the natural daughter of Matilda Colemon formerly of Edgefield District and since dead the sum of five thousand dollars
to James Madison Loftis as he is now called and whom I desire shall hereafter by the name of James Madison Brock the illegitimate son of Susan Loftis of Greenville District the sum

of six thousand dollars
to Seslena Avarilla Algelina Loftis the natural daughter of Susan Loftis of Greenville District the sum of five thousand dollars
to Rebecka Eveline Croft the natural daughter of Allay Croft of this district the sum of six thousand dollars
3rd: It is my desire and request devise and bequeath the portions given above to John Jackson Russell and James Madison Loftis to remain in the hand of my executor hereinafter

named and by them loaned out at interest till the said legatees shall arrive at the age of twenty four
4th: sum given to Catherine Brock, Seslena A. A. Loftis and Rebecka S. Croft do remain in the hand of my executors till they marry
5th: if any die before marrying their share should be divided among the others
6th: balance of property to be equally divided among my sisters Evidocia Gilreath, Julia Burns, Nancy Brock, Betsey Wadell and my nieces Nancy Jane Brock daughter of Walker Brock

decd and Harriet Eveline Brock daughter of the same
7th: to my nephew Thomas Walker Brock and his heirs forever whatsoever may be left me by my father at his death by will or otherwise and which has not yet come into my

8th: I nominate Lawrence Brock and Robert B. Duncan my executors
Witnesses: B. F. Perry, H. McKenzie, Elias I. Holcombe

Codicil dated 06/10/1844
1st: Legacies to nephew Thomas Walker Brock and Seslena A. A. Loftis be revoked and divided among the other legatees. "My reason for making this codicil"...."I am satisfied the said

Seslena A. A. Loftis is not my child and her conduct has been bad and that my nephew this Thos. W. Brock is not lickely to do will and I am afraid the above mentioned legacy would

not be of any serves to him."
2nd: my desire and wish that the property in Alabama belonging to me and my brother Lawrence Brock not be forced to into market when property is selling low contrary to the

wishes of my said brother
Witnesses: B. F. Perry, Ambrose Williams & W. Blassingame

Joseph BROCK

Union District SC

Date: 11/14/1820

Date Recorded: 02/10/1821
Names Listed: Chepley H. BROCK, Elizabeth BROCK, George W. BROCK, James W. BROCK, Tamer BROCK, William O. BROCK,  James CRENSHAW, Edward STEVENS

all property both real and personal be equally divided between my wife Tamar Brock & three children Chepley H. Brock, George W. Brock Wm O. Brock.
Witnesses: Edward Stevens, George Brock, James W. Brock Tamas Brock & Elizabeth Brock


Patrick Brock

Sumter District SC

Date: 04/17/1800

Date Recorded: 11/28/1800

Names Listed: William BILLUPS, John BOYD Jr., Elizabeth BROCK, James BROCK, John BROCK, Lucy BROCK, Patrick BROCK, Richard Brock, William BROCK, John CANTEY, Benjamin



1st: I lend to my beloved wife Lucy during her natural life four negroes, Peter & his wife Betty, Judy and Mingo. At her decease to return to my children and be equally divided
2nd: To my wife Lucy one feather bed and the furniture thereof with four of my best cows and claves
3rd: To my beloved sons John & Richard the plantation where I now reside containing three hundred acres and one other tract of land containing two hundred acres adjoining, also lands belonging to Elizabeth Lawfon and Thomas Sumter to be equally divided between them when Richard arrives to the age of 21
4th: To my two sons James and William four hundred acres of land on Wibow adjoining lands of John Friefon and Benjamin Davis to be equally divided between them
5th: To my beloved daughter Elizabeth and the child whereof my wife is now pregnant with three hundred and forty acres of land in two Separate tracts adjoining lands laid out to Robert Hamilton, P. Porcher and Richard Richardson, to be equally divided between them
6th: To my children Elizabeth, John, James William Richard and the child my wife is now pregnant with all the rest and residue of my property to be divided among them at age 21 except my daughter Elizabeth and child whereof my wife is now pregnant if a girl who are to be consdiered of age at 18.
7th: Appoint my true and Trusty friends William Billups and John Moore, also my son John at 21, executors
Witnesses: John Cantey, G. D. Slater & John Boyd Jr.


William O. BROCK

Dated: 01/23/1816
Recorded: 02/05/1816
Union District SC
Names Listed: Elizabeth BROCK, Farms L. BROCK, George BROCK, Mary BROCK, Joseph BROCK, Basy BROWN, Edward STEVENS, Fanny TUCKER, Joseph TUCKER,  John M. WHITLOCK

1st: after debts paid - Joseph, George and James W. Brock shall have as much land in value as their three sisters Fanney Tucker, wife of Joseph Tucker, Mary and Elizabeth Brock, then all property (real and personal) be divided between Joseph, George, James W., Mary, Elizabeth and Fanney Tucker.
2nd: appoint Joseph Brock & Joseph Tucker Executors
Witnesses: John M. Whitlock, Basy Brown & Edward Stevens


Land Plats


Date: 1798/11/29

Location: Black Creek, Darlington County, Ninety Six District
Plat for 95 acres on North Side of Black Creek, Darlington County, Ninety Six District, Surveyed by Francis McCall
Names Listed: Abner BROCK, Francis MCCALL, David WILLIAM, William WILLIAMSON, John RODGER, Benjamin WRIGHT


Date: 08/16/1768

Locations: Ready River, Craven County
Plat for 100 acres in Craven County
Names Listed: Elias BROCK, R. HUMPHREY, Egerton LEIGH

Pursuant to a warrant to me directed by Egerton Leigh Esq L.G. date the 2nd day of Augt 1768 I have laid out unto Elias Brock a plantation or tract of land containing one hundred acres on a Branch of Reedy River Craven County Bounded all round by vacant lands and hath such shape form & marks as the above plat represnts. Certified this 16th day of Augt 1768 E R Humphrey

Ord: Co 4th May 1773

Date: 09/09/1774

Location: Craven County
Land Grant for 100 acres in Craven County
Type: Grant

Date: 03/15/1775

Location: Reedy River, Craven County
Memorial for 100 acres on Reedy River, Craven County
Type: Memorial


Date: 12/23/1784

Location: Dirty Creek, Rabon Creek, Ninety Six District,
Plat for 640 acres on Dirty Creek, Ninety Six District, surveyed by Robert Hanna

Names Listed: Elias BROCK, Robert HANNA, Philip SHARREL, James LINDLEY, James WILLIAMS, Samuel WILLIAMS, W. OWENS

Date: 1776 or later
Account Audited (file No. 764) of claims growing out of the American Revolution

Date: 06/06/1784
Location: Generostee Creek, Ninety Six District
Plat for 200 acres on Great Generostee Creek, Ninety Six District, Surveyed by William Tate
Names Listed: James BROCK, William TATE

Date: 04/21/1785

Location: Rocky Creek, Ninety Six District
Plat for 131 acres on branches of Rocky Creek, Ninety Six District, Surveyed by William Lesly
Names Indexed: James BROCK, James Brook, William Lesly

Date: 12/21/1785

Location: Rocky River, Abbeville County, Ninety Six District
Plat for 126 acres on waters of Rockey River, Abbeville County, Ninety Six District, Surveyed by John Cowan Jr.
Names Listed: James BROCK, James COWAN Jr., James BROOK


Date: 09/17/1792

Location: Pond Branch, North Edisto River, Orangeburg District
Plat for 269 acres on Big Pond Branch, Orangeburgh District, Surveyed by William Wright for Benjamin Wauford
Names Listed: James BROCK, Samuel JEFCOTE, Benjamin WAUFORD, William WRIGHT


Date: 04/17/1794

Location: Johnson Creek, Savannah River, Abbeville County, Ninety Six District
Plat for 233 acres on Johnsons Creek, Abbeville County, Ninety Six District, Surveyed by John Cowan
Names Listed: George BROCK, James BROCK, John COWAN, Joseph CALHOUN


Date: 11/28/1804

Location: Middle Saluda River, Greenville District
Plat for 208 acres on Middle Saluda River, Greenville District, Surveyed by William H. Cooke
Names Listed: James BROCK, William H. COOKE, John SLATTEN, Thomas EDWARDS

Date: 04/24/1821

Location: Dergan Greek, Parsimmon Creek, Santee Swamp, Santee River, Clarendon County, Sumter District
Plat for 305 acres on Santee Swamp and Durgin or Parsimmon Creek, Clarendon County, Sumter District, surveyed by Joseph Sessions
Names Listed: James BROCK, Joseph SESSIONS, William HOWIE

Meredith H. BROCK and William French
Date: 11/24/1829

Location: Double Branch, Saluda River, Anderson District
Names Listed: Amos ACKER,  Halbert ACKER, Peter ACKER Sr., John BAGWELL, Meredith H. BROCK, Aaron BROYLES, Joseph BROWN, Asa CLINKSCALES, Reuben COX, William FRENCH,  Huldah GRAY, Robert MOORE


Patrick BROCK
Date: 01/09/1786
Plat for 400 acres Wibow Swamp, Camden District, Surveyed by James Burgess
Names Listed: Patrick BROCK, James BURGESS, John FRIERSON

Patrick BROCK
Date: 1776 or later
Account Audited (file No. 764) of claims growing out of the American Revolution


Patrick BROCK
Date: 07/05/1788
Location: Santee River, Camden River
Plat for 140 acres on east side of Santee River, Camden District, Surveyed by Peter Cassity
Names Listed: Patrick BROCK, Peter CASSITY, Claudious RICHBURGH, Edward RICHARDSON, Richard RICHARDSON, William DINKENS


Date: 06/07/1788

Location: Rocky Creek, Enoree River, Ninety Six District
Plat for 200 acres on Branch of Rocky Creek, Ninety Six District, Surveyed by William Thomas
Names Listed: Silas BROCK, William THOMAS

Date: 03/29/1793

Location: Long Branch, Rocky Creek, Enoree River, Greenville County, Ninety Six District
Plat for 238 acres on Long Branch, Greenville County, Ninety Six District, Surveyed by James Kilgore
Names Listed: Silas BROCK, James KILGORE, David LEWIS, Benjamin KILGORE Jr., Benjamin KILGORE, John MAHAFFY


Legislative Papers 1787 - 1866

Date: 11/30/1834
Location: Spartanburg District
Inhabitants of Spartanburg District, Petition Opposing the Test Oath and Protesting it's being included in the State Constitution
Brocks Listed: Abram BROCK, Thomas BROCK

Date: c. 1836
Location: Anderson District
Inhabitants of Anderson District, Petition asking to place practitioners of Thomsonian Medicine on equal footing with the regular medical profession.
Brocks Listed: Hayden BROCK

Date: 1840 C.
Location: Anderson District
Citizens of Anderson District, Petition asking that the petition to incorporate the Flat Rock Baptist Church be denied. 
Brocks Listed: Enos BROCK

No Date

Location: Santee River, Sumter District

James R. BROCK and other residents of Sumter District near Jamesville Post Office, Petition to prohibit the passing of boats commanded by negroes a patroons down Santee River.



No Date

Locations: Claremont County, Clarendon County & Sumter District

Citizens of Clarendon County, Petition to be made a separate Judicial District

Brocks Listed: A. P. BROCK, James R. BROCK


No date

James Johnson, Captain of the Fairfield Republican Artillery, Petition asking compensation for repairs ordered by his predecessor, Capt. Barber, on the gun carriages completed by John Cambell and Laban BROCK



No Date

Location: Laurens District, Newberry District, Union District

Inhabitants of Union District, Petition asking for a law to prohibit the throwing of brush, timber or logs into the water which might damage bridges or obstruct the passage of rivers.

Brocks Listed: George BROCK

Many of the Brocks that migrated into South Carolina were from the Brock/Brack family that can be found in early Virginia and later North Carolina.   


Brigham Young University, Harold B. Library - Family Archives: "Frederick Brock, 1719-1807, His American Family"  by Clarence C. Brock Jr., 1997

NAMES OF FOREIGNERS WHO TOOK THE OATH OF ALLEGIANCE PROVINCE AND STATE or 1727-1775, With the Foreign Arrivals, 178O-18O8; Edited by William Henry Egle, M.D, 1892. (Oath of Allegiance to the Crown of Great Britain and State of Pennsylvania)
Page 85 - List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Hope, of London, Daniel Reed, Master, From Rotterdam, Qualified Aug. 28, 1733 - Rudolph Brock
Page 86 - Names of Foreigners who Took Oath; Men's Names - Rudolph Brack, age 47
Page 88 - Names of Foreigners who Took Oath; Women's Names - Anna Brack, age 36
Page 90 - Names of Foreigners who Took Oath; Children's names - Fredrick Brack, age 14; Cristina Brack, age 11; Madlena Brack, age 8
Page 151 - Oath of Allegiance; Paul Brack, age 21
Page 346 - List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Queen of Denmark, Geo. Parish, Commander, From
Rotterdam, Last from Cowes, Qualified Oct. 4, 1751 - Valentin Brock


Google Books: Men of Mark in South Carolina: Ideals of American Life; A Collection of Biographies of Leading Men of the State, Volume 2, By J. C. Hemphill, Men of Mark Publishing Company, Washington, D.C. 1908 - Biography of James Albert Brock, born 1847 Anderson Co. SC, son of Andrew J. Brock


Anson County North Carolina

Submitted by Charles Purvis, CPurvis1 at


1800 CENSUS: Fayetteville District, Anson County, NC, Series: M32  Roll: 29  Page: 224;  Benjamin BROCK, Age 26- 44 [1756-1774], 2 Males, under 10; 2 Female, under 10 and 1 Female, age 26-44[Wife, Catherine Wright].


He is believed to have been the son of Valentine Brock of Switzerland & Germany and his wife Susannah Bleaster, whom he married 11 Nov 1760 in Germantown, Lancaster County, PA.


Benjamin Brock married Catherine Wright. Proof of this marriage can be found in Anson County Deed Book �H2�, Page 212 & Anson County Deed Book �E�, Page 229.


Anson County, NC

Deed Book "E"

Page 229




This INDENTURE made this 20th day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & Ninety seven Between Benjamin Brock & Caty his wife of Anson County & State of North Carolina of the one part and John Wright Jur. of the County & State aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth that the said Benjamin Brock and Caty his wife for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and fifty pounds to them in hand paid by the said John Wright Jur. the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath Bargained & sold and Do by these presents grant Bargain sell & forever Set over unto the said John Wright Jur. his heirs and assigns forever a Certain Tract or parcel of land in the County aforesaid on Huckleberry Creek being the Lands sold and Conveyed by John Wright Jur. By Deed dated the 20th day June 1789 to his Daughter Caty Wright now Caty Brock Excepting a Piece Containing                                        acres sold by said Caty to Richard Edgeworth forty acres to William Pegue one hundred ten acres the Balance is two and Ten acres and the said Benjamin Brook & Caty his wife for themselves & their heirs doth hereby forever warrant and Defend the aforesaid land and every part thereof Except as before Excepted to the said John Wright Jur. his heirs and assigns forever In Witness whereof the said Benjamin Brock & Caty Brock hath hereunto set their hands & seals this day and Date above written

Signed sealed & Delivered

In presence of                                                                                      Benjamin Brock (seal)

                                                                                                                Caty Brock (seal)

Anson October Court 1797

Then this deed was proved by John Crawford a

witness thereto & ordered  to be registered

Test. Wm. Johnson CLK


Anson County Deed Book C2, Page 239 - Benjamin Brock to William Pegues. Film #018147. Witness John Wright, John Evans.


Anson County Deed Book �W�, page 147-148  lists Ben Brock, James Brock, Eli P. Brock and Squire Brock.

 These 4 men are believed to be related. While I have no proof, I feel certain that Squire Brock mention in this deed is the Father of my Hezekiah Brock.


I believe that Ben & James listed in the below deed are brothers and that Squire H. Brock & Eli P. Brock are sons of James Brock.


These references are all that are known of Ben & Catherine. James Brock remained listed in Chesterfield County, SC census through 1840.


Eli P. Brock is believed to have migrated to Mississippi where he died abt 1844

1844 - Moses Brock, adm of the estate of Eli P. Brock, dec'd. Accounts include burial expenses, printer's bill, taxes for 1843 & 1844. 20 Dec 1844 - Auditors for estate report: one lot of sundries $6; one yearling $3. Estate declared insolvent 23 Jun 1846. 17 April 1851 publication of estate brings in no additional money. Heirs listed: Samuel Brock, Esquire Brock, Benjamin Brock (non-residents of the state). What relationship is Eli to Moses? [Ref: Eli P. Brock Probate # 778, Hinds Co. Court House, Raymond, MS, 2004]


Heirs listed: Samuel Brock, Esquire Brock, Benjamin Brock (non-residents of the state).

These are brothers who remained in SC , Samuel W. Brock,  b. ca 1796, md. Martha LNU (last name unknown); Squire H. Brock, b. 5 Feb. 1805, d. 10 Feb 1888, md. Rachel Parker and Benjamin Brock, b. ca 1790, d.  bef 1870, md. Temperance LNU (Last name unknown).


I don�t know how Moses fits; but, suspect that he is also a brother to Eli P., Samuel, Squire & Benjamin.


Squire H. Brock remained in SC. He was born 5 Feb 1805, died 10 Feb 1888. He is believed to be the Father of my GGGrandfather, Hezekiah Brock.


Anson County, NC

Deed Book �W�, Page 147-148


Ben Brock to James Brock

Known all men by these presents that I Benjamin Brock of the state of South Carolina Chesterfield District for and in consideration of the sum of fifty cents have granted, bargained sold released unto James Brock of the state and district aforesaid and by these presents do grant, bargain sell and  release unto him the said James Brock a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the state of North Carolina Anson County on a branch of Westfield Creek containing four hundred acres more or less which I the sd Ben Brock purchased from Jane McIntire Ann McIntyre Duncan Nicholson and James Nicholson reference being had to the deed for a more particular description of said lands. To have and to hold unto the said James Brock his heirs Execrs, Adms and assigns to the sd bargained premises forever and I the sd Benjamin Brock for myself and my heirs exers Adms. and assigns the above named premises will forever warrant & defend. Now if I the above named Benjamin Brock my execs, Adms and assigns shall and do will & truly pay unto the sd James Brock his heirs execs adms and assigns the full & just sum of fifty dollars good and lawfull money on the first day of January 1832 with lawfull interest of the state of South Carolina for the same. Then this indenture to be void oe else to remain in full force and virtue and lastly it is covenanted and agreed that the said Benjamin Brock shall remain in the possession of the above named premises and all the privileges thereof necessary to the enjoyment of the same and shall receive all the rents profits in the premises untill default be made in the proviso herein contained. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 12 day of December 1827.

                                                                                                                Benjamin X Brock

Signed & sealed in presence}

of Eli P. Brock }     Anson Jany SC 1828

Squire Brock }      Then this Deed was proven in open Court by Eli P. Brock and

Dun Nicholson}    ordered to be registered.                                                   W. Dismukes Clk






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