1858 Clay County Kentucky Births 
Date of Birth Name of Child Sex Alive/Dead Birth Place Father or Owner Mother Color Residence
3/25/1858 Jacob Gross M A Harlan Wm Gross Drucilla Burkhart W Clay
4/17/1858 Juda Bingham F A Clay E W Bingham Sarah Howard W Clay
11/27/1858 Henry Napier M A Clay Adron Napier Emeline Jackson W Clay
9/2/1858 Unnamed M A Clay James Roark Mary Asher W Clay
1/13/1858 Mary J. Muncy F A Clay Wm Muncy Polly Sizemore W Clay
4/15/1858 Richard Coldiron M A Clay J D Coldiron A Nance W Clay
5/19/1858 Nancy Smith F A Clay Isom Smith Lucinda Morgan W Clay
1/11/1858 John Morgan M A Clay Samuel Morgan Sarah Asher W Clay
5/15/1858 Martha Roberts F A Clay Samuel Roberts Susan Mattingly W Clay
3/22/1858 Nancy Maggard F A Clay Samuel Maggard Susan McIntosh W Clay
12/5/1858 Carr Sizemore M A Clay John Creech Nancy Sizemore W Clay
11/1/1858 Elizabeth Asher F A Clay Levi Asher Nancy Howard W Clay
1/7/1858 Abijah Woods M A Clay Wm Woods Nancy Sizemore W Clay
9/2/1858 Agga Sizemore F A Clay Pleasant Sizemore Mary Hoskins W Clay
6/24/1858 Malinda Roberts F A Clay Jesse Roberts Rachel Marcum W Clay
7/20/1858 Ibba Hensley F A Clay Wm Hensley Susan Metcalf W Clay
1/13/1858 James Brown M A Clay Howard Brown Elizabeth Baker W Clay
9/3/1858 America Burns F A Clay Perry Burns Mary Hacker W Clay
2/16/1858 Susan Miracle F A Clay Alfred Miracle Nancy Burns W Clay
2/10/1858 Nancy Burns F A Clay Perry Burns Sarah Davidson W Clay
5/7/1858 Alfred D Burns M A Clay Alfred Burns Nancy Begley W Clay
2/19/1858 Amartha Harris F A Clay George Harris Fanny Hensley W Clay
9/27/1858 Amanda Harris F A Clay James Clark B Clay
2/7/1858 Unnamed M A Clay Tom Honft Nancy Hensley W Clay
5/15/1858 Florence Allen F A Clay David Allen Polly Davidson W Clay
8/31/1858 Levi Davidson M A Clay Morgan Davidson P Stidham W Clay
2/10/1858 Martha Harris F A Clay Wm Burns Sylvana Hensley W Clay
3/23/1858 Mary Davidson F A Clay Perry Davidson Eliz. Burns W Clay
1/10/1858 Catherine Hays F A Clay James Hays Mary Dixon W Clay
11/5/1858 Wm B Bowlin M A Clay Wm Bowlin Alvira Hays W Clay
6/8/1858 Hannah F A Clay Sylvana Gibson B Clay
6/8/1858 Sharlot F A Clay B B Hopper B Clay
12/5/1858 Unnamed F A Clay Ben Wombles Rutha Sizemore W Clay
8/4/1858 El. Gilbert F A Clay F G Gilbert Jamona Snansly W Clay
2/8/1858 Robert M A Clay F G Gilbert B Clay
5/7/1858 James F Asher M A Clay Wm Asher Susan Gibson W Clay
7/12/1858 Mary J Bowlin F A Clay John Bowlin Amy Asher W Clay
12/8/1858 Charles Smith M D Clay J S Smith Julia A Sipps W Clay
6/8/1858 ? Wagers M A Clay Deit Wagers Lucy Hollan W Clay
4/20/1858 Peter M A Clay Jack Sizemore B Clay
5/7/1858 John Henson M A Clay Harry Henson Poley Wagers W Clay
12/25/1858 Unnamed F A Clay Mat Henson Martha Warner W Clay
12/25/1858 Unnamed F A Clay Mat Henson Martha Warner W Clay
5/11/1858 Rosanah Henson F A Clay Alan Henson Polly Gray W Clay
1/11/1858 J? White F D Clay A T White Ellen J Anderson F Clay
1/11/1858 Jam? F A Clay D White B Clay
11/12/1858 Sarah Henson F A Clay Wm Henson Massa Jones W Clay
4/18/1858 Charles Jones? M A Clay
1/24/1858 John Samples M A Clay A B Sample Catherine Dixon W Clay
11/14/1858 Isabela Dixon F A Clay Caleb Dixon Elizabeth ? W Clay
1/13/1858 Francis McWhorter M A Clay Daniel McWhorter Eliza Hud W Clay
10/27/1858 Eliza Allan F A Clay James Allan Easter McCathern W Clay
4/7/1858 Isaac Franklin M A Clay D G Allen Rhoda Jones W Clay
8/10/1858 Lydia Brummitt F A Clay Wm ? ? Brummitt W Clay
4/10/1858 George Moberly M A Clay James A Moberly Nancy J McWhorter W Clay
4/12/1858 Elijah McWhorter M A Clay John McWhorter Mary Ann Roark W Clay
12/6/1858 Granville Chestnut M A Clay John Chestnut Samitha Pearl W Clay
11/15/1858 George H Hornsby M A Clay Wm M Hornsby Sarah Moberly W Clay
1/5/1858 Sarah Lewis F A Clay James A Lewis Elizabeth Bigg W Clay
10/30/1858 John Gregory M D Clay Olvin Gregory Lydia Philpot W Clay
1/10/1858 Catharin McCrary F A Clay Joseph McCrary Sarah McKleen W Clay
1/10/1858 Jane McCrary F A Clay Jane McCrary W Clay
9/5/1858 Anderson Proffitt M A Clay George Proffitt Sally Philpot W Clay
9/8/1858 Thos Hammon M A Clay John Hammon Polly Bolin W Clay
9/8/1858 M D Clay John Hammon Polly Bolin W Clay
9/14/1858 Lucinda Hubbard F A Clay Daniel Hubbard Nancy Philpot W Clay
1/11/1858 Daniel Bowlin M A Clay Rupert Bowlin Kissey Gray W Clay
8/22/1858 Wm McGee M A Clay Elijah McGee Masy Burger W Clay
5/28/1858 Sarah J. Martin F A Clay Wm Martin Emeline Burger W Clay
1/18/1858 Sarah J. Noe F A Clay Elisha Noe Hannah Lipp W Clay
10/29/1858 John Colyer M A Clay Nathan Colyer Lucy Ame Berry? W Clay
3/8/1858 Michael Whitman M A Clay Wm Whitman Jane Smith W Clay
9/10/1858 Sarah L. McGee F D Clay John McGee Melissa Sharp W Clay
3/5/1858 Litty Jane Robertson F D Clay Ed Robertson Rhoda Lewis? W Clay
9/13/1858 Martha Abner F D Clay John Abner Matilda Robertson W Clay
10/29/1858 Jabi Rose Peters F A Clay Alfred Peters Martha Brennan W Clay
4/4/1858 Martha Green F A Clay John Green Rachel Kirk W Clay
3/2/1858 M D Clay Stephen Gibson Ann Chestnut W Clay
10/10/1858 Alfred Simm M A Clay J V Simm Margaret Smith W Clay
2/16/1858 Annah Gregory F A Clay John Gregory Ana Lewis W Clay
4/24/1858 Gidion Swafford M A Clay Isaac Swafford Julia Sibert W Clay
7/28/1858 Mary F. Sibert F A Clay Wm Sibert Margaret Woodson W Clay
10/11/1858 Eliza F A Clay Jas White Ellen B Clay
10/11/1858 Allen M A Clay Jas White Clva? B Clay
12/5/1858 Samuel Mosely M A Clay Mary Mosely Netty Whitehead W Clay
7/6/1858 Rebecca Jane F A Clay John? Whitehead Nancy Sizemore W Clay
10/21/1858 J M A Clay James R Saraffin Martha Smith W Clay
12/28/1858 Rachael Smith F A Knox Jefferson Smith Cathrina Smith W Clay
9/17/1858 Mahala Jackson F A Clay James Jackson Nancy Jackson W Clay
11/6/1858 Theo Run M A Clay Wm Run Anita Smith W Clay
11/18/1858 F A Clay ? Jackson Marium Stewart W Clay
2/1/1858 Borlain Stewart M A Clay Wm R Stewart Jullian Hubban W Clay
4/28/1858 ? Smallwood M A Clay Wm Smallwood Mary Smith W Clay
4/24/1858 Joseph E. Smith F A Clay Silas Smith Amanda Smith W Clay
1/11/1858 John Stewart M A Clay Captiton Stewart China Jackson W Clay
7/25/1858 Virginia Delph F A Clay A J Delph ? Baker W Clay
12/28/1858 Martha Jackson F A Clay Haywood Jackson Roda Hubbard W Clay
3/6/1858 Elkannon Sizemore M A Clay Billie Sizemore Nancy Collett W Clay
3/17/1858 Jane Smith F A Clay Mitton Smith Eza Sizemore W Clay
7/25/1858 Amy Johnson F A Clay David Johnson Disa Crook W Clay
11/19/1858 F A Clay E D Brittian Martha J Thacker W Clay
7/13/1858 Poley Slusher F A Clay Wm Slusher Nancy ? W Clay
7/26/1858 Wm Collett M A Clay S Collett Elizabeth ? W Clay
7/30/1858 David B Holton M A Clay Aaron Holton Pheba Fee W Clay
8/1858 James Brock M D Clay Newberry Brock Mahulda Hutchins W Clay
7/14/1858 Mary Sizemore F A Clay Henry Sizemore ? W Clay
10/10/1858 M A Clay ? Jackson ? Simpson W Clay
12/23/1858 Dant Feltz M A Clay James Feltz Margaret Bryant W Clay
1/6/1858 Moses Allen M A Clay Job B Allen Eliz Osten W Clay
1/10/1858 Adarian Hutson M A Clay A Hutson Nancy Allen W Clay
3/4/1858 Martha L Sandlin F A Clay J Sandlin Martha Ponds W Clay
3/29/1858 Will M A Clay John Hayden B Clay
12/10/1858 Wm Clark M A Clay H J Clark Patint Bledsoe W Clay
2/1/1858 Polly Baker F A Clay Wm Baker Nancy Cornett W Clay
3/30/1858 Sally Murphy F A Clay Thos Murphy Polly Strong W Clay
4/7/1858 M? Stuart M A Clay John Stuart Sarah Muncy W Clay
11/7/1858 Martha Muncy? F A Clay Joseph Muncy? Julia ? W Clay
12/27/1858 M A Clay Joseph ? Doski Sandlin? W Clay
11/1/1858 Thos Bales M A Clay J P Bales Nancy ? W Clay
4/21/1858 John Stivers M A Clay Lewis Stivers Lean Delan W Clay
9/15/1858 Elizabeth Mosely F A Clay B? Mosely E Crook W Clay
2/25/1858 Lucinda Hays F A Clay Hiram Hays Em Davidson W Clay
3/8/1858 Mary Redman F A Clay Pallace Hays W Clay
4/12/1858 D Robertson M A Clay A E Robertson Lucinda Allen W Clay
7/1/1858 J ? M A Clay John ? Louisa Ruper? W Clay
4/24/1858 Aly Simms F A Clay Silas Simms Sarah Sipps W  Clay
8/10/1858 W H Woods M A Clay Pleasant Woods Margaret Gibbon W Clay
2/16/1858 Silas D Collins M A Clay James Collins Martha Colton Mullatto Clay
8/15/1858 Joseph Chandler M A Clay Ferrll Chandler Alca Hubbard W Clay
7/18/1858 Mary Arnett F A Clay James Arnett E Davidson W Clay
12/10/1858 Columbus Mars M A Clay Henry Mars Eirlen Coles W Clay
1/26/1858 Richard Lusne? M A Clay Hiram Lusne? Elizabeth W Clay
5/2/1858 H Kelly M A Clay Wm Kelly Alca Allen W Clay
5/7/1858 Samuel Burger? M A Clay Stephen Burger? Nancy Robertson W Clay
9/4/1858 Joseph Ponder M A Clay Henry Ponder R McDaniel W Clay
3/27/1858 Dan Spivey M A Clay Zaback Spivey Rebecca Phipps W Clay
7/31/1858 Mary Robertson F A Clay Elisha Robertson Nancy McDaniel W Clay



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