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The Shields-Phillippe family history with other family histories of Covahey, Chenoweth, Cantrell, Reed, Crafton, and Casey.

Surnames in our family: Burch, Bays, Bingham, Christy, Ham, Hamilton, Stultz, Miles, Walters, Shultz, Shields, Davis, Watson, Porter, Carter, Cloud, Ritter, Bridges, Kale, Phillippe, Vaught, Steffey, Stephan, Wampler, Wynn, Wolf, Schirmer, Eichelberger, Donovan, Nelson, Dunning, Chaney, Steele, Perkins, Ratliff, Rice, Farmer, Fuqua, Fogle, Fraser, Harris, Burcham, Sherrill, Terrell, Parsons, Rudisell, Sells, Gore, Meadows, Henry, Reed, Freeman, Uland, Daniher and Crafton.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has relatives with these names. My e-mail is [email protected]

Shields from Pittsylvania County, VA. Craftons from IL, Binghams from VA, Cantrells and Gores from TN, Christy from PA,NC,and IN, Phillippe from VA, PA and IN, Miles from VA to IN, Carter from NJ to IN, Burch in IN, Watson from VA and IN, Porter from SC and IN. Reed from KY, IN and OR,Craftons from IA and OR, Barrickman from IN, Cloud from IN, Covahey from MD, Chenoweth from MD, Schroader from KY, Duncan from KY, Vaughn from KY and Peeler from KY.

Pages at MyFamily.com under Beverly Casey has complete files listing dates etc.

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