Thomas Badie



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Thomas Badie (Bayde) Immigrant Ancestor  see FAMILY TREE
Born: 1585-1587  Noord, Holland, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Married: 1606 Netherlands


Died: Maybe Abt. 1630  Gowanus, New York    


Aeltie (Aeltje) Braconie


Maria Thomas Badie

We know his name was Thomas  Badie from the names used by his daughter. Maria appears in the records with the surname Badie, and with the patronymic, Thomas. (1)

(1) Brouwer Genealogy

1643 Jun 28 "Marie Thomas" witnessed the baptism of Jan Janszen, son of Jan Pieterszen and Elsje at Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam.

1648 Feb 9 "Marie Thomas" witnessed the baptism of Pieter Corneliszen Viele, son of Cornelis Volkertszen Viele and Maria du Trieux at Reformed Dutch Church

1675 Aug 7 "Maria Van der Beeck"  and Paulus Van der Beek witnessed the baptism of Maria Blanck, daughter of Jeuriaen Blanck and Hester Van der Beek.

1679 Nov 19 "Maria Badye" member of the Brooklyn Reformed Dutch Church.  Recorded next to Aeltje Bredenbent.

1680 Oct 4 "Maria Van der Beek" witnessed the baptism of a child Van der Beek, child of Paulus Van der Beek and Sara Schouten

1683 Sep 23 "Marretje Badie Van der Beek" witnessed the baptism of Thomas Verdon, son of Jacob Verdon and Femmetje Westervelt.

1690 Apr 20 "Maria Baddie" witnessed the baptism of Abraham Ver Hulst, and Isaac Ver Hulst,  sons of Jacobus Cornelisz Verhulst and Maria Willemse Bennet