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Anthony Bonneau     see FAMILY TREE
Born: 31 Jan 1679-80 La Rochelle, Charente-M'ime, France   

Baptized: 04 Feb 1680 La Rochelle, France


Notes found in Hugenot Society Library in Chaleston, SC
Married: Sep 1702 Carolina Colony


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  See translation of espousal below.
Died: Feb 1742-43 St. Dennis Parish, Berkley Co., SC     Will dated 20th day of February, 1742, probated in 1743 Abstract from Abstract of the Wills of the State of South Carolina 1740-1760 by Caroline T. Moore   pg 25
"Anthony Bonneau, Sr., Berkeley County, planter. Sons: eldest Anthony, having already received his share of land in St. Thomas' Parish joining land of Mr. John Padgett at 21 years; Henry and Peter, over 21 years, having received their shares; Samuel and Benjamin, all my land which I now possess, viz: plantation where I live at Ferry in St. John Parish bought of Mr. Nicholas Mayrant, Cedar Swamp in St. Thomas' Parish purchases of Mr. Paul Torquet.  Daus: eldest Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Samuel Simons: Catherine Nicholson; Mary Toomer;  Floride, Judith and Ester. "


Antoine Bonneau


Catherine De Bloys


Jean Elizabath Videau


1. Anthony Bonneau

2. Elizabeth Bonneau b. 1708

3. Henry Bonneau

4. Peter Bonneau

5. Catherine Bonneau

6. Mary Bonneau b. 1714

7. Samuel Bonneau b. 1725

8. Benjamin Bonneau

9. Floride Bonneau b. 1716

10. Judith Bonneau

11. Ester Bonneau

Transactions of the Hugenot Society of South Carolina 39 pg 70
"The year of Grace Seven hundred two, the twenty-fourth of September at the house of Mr. Vidau, Planter in Carolina County of Berkeley; here presents himself Anthoine Bonneau, a young man, cooper by profession, living in Charles' Towne, accompanied by Jean Bonneau his younger brother and Mr. Nicholas de Longuemare, merchant goldsmith living in Charles' Towne, his brother-in-law, has declared to us the undersigned that he has come with the express purpose of seeking in marriage with the eldest daughter of the said Mr. Vidau and in our presence has made this request. To whom Mr Vidau and his wife have testified that they have found his request agreeable, and that if their eldest daughter Jeanne Elizabeth consents they will grant his request with pleasure.  Upon which having consulted their said daughter they have said and declared that she willingly consented to the request of the said Bonneau, subject to the good pleasure of her said father and mother.  In consequence of which consent the said Mr. Vidau and Jeanne Elizabeth his wife have promised to give in marriage to the said Bonneau their eldest daughter Jeanne Elizabeth and to celebrate their wedding as soon as possible and in the most agreeable and suitable manner, and in favor of the said marriage the said Mr. Vidau has promised to give to his said daughter all her clothes and body linen with two pairs of new sheets and moreover in value a young negress named Dal, and in value two oxen of three years each; two cows with their calves, two sheep with their lambs, a young colt also in value those which shall be born to the three mares which belong to her, all of which promises the said Bonneau and his future wife have accepted with gratitude and thanks and the said Bonneau has declared that he has belonging to him free and clear all his body linen and clothes with all his tools used in his trade which are in his shop, moreover the third of all funds, land and house left him by his deceased father as given in his will, all of which promises, clauses and conditions have been accorded and accepted by the parties who have signed in our presence on the day and year stated."

N. de Longuemare
Jean Henry Commo
Josias DuPre the elder
The mark X of George Juing

Pierre Cothonneau
Antoine Bonneau
Jeanne Elizabeth Videau
Pierre Videau
Jeanne Elizabeth Mauze

Later it was found that in addition to the meagre dowry Jeanne Elizabeth Videau brought to her husband, Antoine, there was a gift from her father to the young couple, dated 1704, of sixteen acres of land."

By 1716 he (Anthony Bonneau) was commissioned a lieutenant in the South Carolina Military Force and later a captain, by the Honorable Robert Daniell, Governor and Commander-in-chief of the Province of South Carolina. By 1722 he was a member of the grand jury, a justice of the peace by 1728 until his death."

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South Carolina Deed Abstracts 1719-1772 Vol 1  Abstracted by Clara A. Langley
Book S, p. 81 23 & 24 Sept. 1737 L. & R.
"Anthony Bonneau, Jr., planter, & Margaret Henriette, his wife, to Col. Thomas Lynch, planter, all of Berkeley Co., for 1533 pounds currency, part of 340 a. in Berkeley Co., bounding W on Anthony Portwine; S on Thomas Lynch; E on George Benison (formerly Daniel McGrigory); N on Mayrants Minor (formerly Peter Portwine & part of the 340 a.).  Whereas the Hon. Robert Gibbs & the lords Proprs. on 28 June 1711 granted Anthony Bonneau (father of above named Anthony) 340 a. in Berkeley co., bounding W on Solomon Brimar (now to Anthony Portwin); S on Thomas Lynch; E on Daniel McGrigory; & N on Anthony Bonneau, & whereas Jane Elizabeth his wife, by deed of gift & feoffment, dated 9 Nov. 1732 conveyed the 340 a. to their eldest son, Anthony; now he sells to Lynch.  Witnesses: Joseph Jully (?), John Fogartie, Anthony Poitwine.  Before Jacob Motte, J. P. (plat)."