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Aeltje Braconie
Born: Bet 1589-1590 Netherlands


Married: Abt. 1606  to Thomas Badie Netherlands

Married: Abt. 1638 to Cornelis Lambertszen Cool

Married: 4 Sep 1644 to Willem Bredenbent


Died: After 19 Nov 1679 Gowanus, NY    


Thomas Badie
Abt. 1586-Abt. 1630

Cornelis Lambertszen Cool
Abt. 1585-1643

Willem Bredenbent
d. Abt. 1675


Maria Thomas Badie
Born: Abt. 1608 Utrecht, Holland
Married; Abt. 1627 Jacob Verdon
Married: Abt. 1635 Willem Adriaenszen Bennet
Married: 9 Oct 1644 Paulus Van Derbeck
Died: After Feb 1697 Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY

Aeltje Braconie
by Susan Brooke
Jan 2021

Aeltje Bracone married Thomas Badie in the Netherlands and came to the New World in the late 1620's.  We know her daughter's two children were both born in New Netherlands. Unfortunately, her husband, Thomas Badie, and her daughter's husband, Jacob Verdon, both died shortly after their arrival.  They both remarried in the mid to late 1630's. Aeltje's 2nd husband was Cornelis Lambertszen Cool.  He had three children from a previous marriage.  In 1639 there were court orders whereupon his son-in-law, Wolphert Gerritsen, married to his daughter Aeltie, was acting as guardian of Lambert Cornelissen Cool, a son of Cornelis Lambertszen Cool. The guardian was permitting the youth to go live with Claes Jansen, another son-in-law of Aeltje's 2nd husband who was married to Cornelis Lambertszen Cool's daughter, Aechlje. The document reads, "we are bound in the place of father and mother to promote the above named Lambert Cool's interest and we cannot perceive that he will earn anything, much less prosper, so long as he remains with his father, Cornelis Lambertsen." (1) There were obviously a strained relationship between Cornelis Cool and his 2nd wife, Aeltje Braconie, and his three children. However, the family did interact. This court order was on 22 Aug 1639. About five weeks later, on 2 Oct 1639 Cornelis and Aeltje were witnesses at the baptism of his granddaughter, Maryken Claese, daughter of Claes Jansen and Cornelis' daughter, Aechlje. (2) 
Four years later there was an Indian raid on Long Island.  They burned and destroyed her house and the house of her daughter, Maria. Aeltje's 2nd husband, Cornelis died as did the husband of her daughter, Maria.   
Aeltje remarried on 04 Sep 1644 to her 3rd husband, Wilhelm Bredenbent. (3)  And her daughter "Mary Thomas (widow)" remarried to her 3rd husband, Paulus Van Derbeck, a month later on 9 Oct 1644. The following January, there was a court order about the land of her 2nd husband, Cornelis Cool.  It was agreed that Aeltjen Brackongne would pay Gerrit Wolphersen and Claes Jansen an additional 200 guilders and the property at Gowanus would remain undivided. (4) Willem and Aeltje owned a house on the Bever Gracht (Beaver Street) adjacent to the home of her daughter and grand-daughter.  By 1654 Willem and Aeltje have moved to Gowanus.
Aeltje's 3rd husband, Wilhelm Bredenbent, apparently never had any children of his own, and Aeltje only had one child, Maria, from her first marriage.  She and Wilhelm made a joint will dated 22 Jun 1670 naming Aeltje's only daughter, Mary Thomas Badie. (5) The last time William Bredenbent appeared on the town assessment rolls was 20 Aug 1675. (6) Aeltje and her daughter Maria were listed as members of the church on 19 Nov 1679. (7) Her will was distributed to her daughter on 8 Apr 1681. (5) Aeltje Braconie seems to have lived into her 90's.  Her daughter, Maria, may have also reached 90.



step children of Aletie Braconie

(2) Brouwer Genealogy

1639 Oct 2 Aaltje Cornelis and Corn Lambertszen Cool witnessed the baptism of Maryken Claese, daughter of Claes Janszen and Aechtje Cornelis Cool.
(sponsors Corn. Lambertszen Cool, Pieter Wolphertszen, Burger Joriszen Smit, Neeltje Wolpherts, Aaltje Cornelis).

1641 Jan 6 Eli Branconie witnessed the baptism of Christian Willemszen, son of Willem Adriaenszen and Maria Badie

1644 Mar 9 Eli Braconie witnessed baptism of Marritje Willemse, daughter of Willem Andriaenszen and Maria Badie.

1645 Sep 10 Aeltje Braconje and Willem Bredenbent witnessed the baptism of Catherine Van der Beek, daughter of Paulus Van der Beek and Maria Badie

1646 Sep 23 Aeltje Braconye and Willem Bredenbent witnessed the baptism of Pieter Brouwer, son of Adam Brouwer and Magdalena Jacobs Verdon.

1656 Mar 19 Aeltje Braconye witnessed the baptism of Jacob Verdon, son of Thomas Verdon and Barbara Imbroeck.

1663 Jan 7 Aeltje Brackunee and Willem Bredenbent witnessed the baptism of Jan Willemse Bennet, son of Willem Willemszen Bennet and Gertrude Van Mulheym.

(3) Wikitree
Groom/ Bruidegom: 
Wilhem Bredenbent Birth place/ Geboorteplaats: Keulen Burgerlijke staat: Jongeman Bride/ Bruid: Aeltje Braconie Burgerlijke staat: Widow/ Weduwe Relatie: Cornelis Lamberts Event/ Gebeurtenis: Marriage/ Trouwen Gebeurtenisplaats: NDG Event / Gebeurtenis: Proclamatie Date/ Datum: zondag 4 september 1644

Willem and Aeltje owned a house on the Bever Gracht (Beaver Street) adjacent to the home of her daughter and grand-daughter. By 1654, Willem and Aeltje moved to Gowanus.

(4) Brouwer Genealogy
 On 5 January 1644 Before Cornelis van Tienhoven, secretary of New Netherland, appeared Aeltjen Brackogne, widow of the late Cornelis Lambersen Cool, of the first part, and Gerrit Wolphersen and Claes Jansen from Emden, each of whom married a daughter of the late Cornelis Lambersen Cool, of the second part, who acknowledge that in love and friendship they had agreed and covenanted respecting the division of the goods and chattels which the aforesaid Cornelis Lambersen left behind, on the following conditions. (The conditions being that the parties acknowledge that they have divided and apportioned the movable and immovable property. That Aeltjen Brackongne pays Gerrit Wolphersen and Claes Jansen and additional 200 guilders, and that Gerrit Wolphersen and Claes Jansen acknowledge that they are fully satisfied and paid. Also that Aeltjen Brackongne shall pay all debts incurred by her deceased husband and that she shall receive all debts due her deceased husband. It is also stipulated that the property at Gowanus shall remain undivided until (through the mercy of God) the lands there may be used, when the parties shall enter upon the partition thereof. Aeltjen Brackongne, Gerrit Wolphersen and Claes Jansen all sign by their mark. Witnessed by Huych Aertsen van Rossom and Willem de Key.

(5) Will of William Breden-Bent and Aeltien Brackenge, his wife.  Dated June 22, 1670.  The wife by reason of great age very weak. Wife's only daughter Maerryke Tomas Baddie.  Witnesses: Jan Stryker and Willem Jacobse Van Boerum.  (Flatbush Town Records, Liber C, page 81)
William Bredenbent emigrated from Cologne.  Married Sept 4, 1644, Aeltien Brackhanye, widow of Cornelis Lambertse Cool. 
Brewer Genealogy
"Her will was dated on 22 June 1670 (joint will) names Aeltje's only daughter, Mary Thomas Badie (to have two milch cows, several pieces of jewelry, and all her clothing). Signed by Willem Bredenbent, and the mark, AB, of Aelitent Brackan˙e. Two notations: "Copy given to Marike Thomas Badie, 1681, the 8th of April," and "Copy given to Adam Brouwer, 1681, April 28th." The will was never probated."

(6) Brouwer Genealogy

20 August 1675 at Gowanus, Kings Co., Long Island, New York; date when he no longer appears on the town assessment rolls.

(7) Brouwer Genealogy

1679 Nov 19 "Maria Badye" member of the Brooklyn Reformed Dutch Church.  Recorded next to Aeltje Bredenbent.

On 28 February 1693/94 In a confirmatory deed, Mary Baddie, widow of Paulus Van der Beeck, confirmed to Anna Huyken, widow of William, the conveyance of 6 Aug 1679, by which Paulus Van der Beeck conveyed to William Huyken half of the farm formerly belonging to William Bredenbent, deceased.

Harry Macy Jr., "Some New Light on Aeltje Braconie and Maria Badie", New York Genealogical and Biographical Record Vol. 142, pp. 21-36 (2011): 142:29. Kings Co., NY Deeds, 2:80. Hereinafter cited as "Some New Light on Aeltje Braconie and Maria Badie."