Francis Brewster



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Francis Brewster   see FAMILY TREE
Born: Abt 1599 Bristol, Sommersetshire, England    
Died: Abt 1646 At Sea    




1. Elizabeth Brewster

Dr. Francis Brewster, of New Haven, Connecticut, son of Francis Brewster, d. presumably lost on the Lambertons's
ship the "Phanton Ship" ca. 1646/47; An inventory of his estate was taken 30 Dec. 1647; m. Lucretia "Lucy"
(Unknown). Dr. Francis Brewster was a chirurgeon, the modern day equivalent of a barber-surgeon. Lucretia
Brewster m 2nd between 10 Mar 1646/7 and 7 Dec 1647 to Thomas Pell.

On 12 Mar 1614/15 Francis Brewster was placed as an apprentice to Edward Harris of Bristol, England to study for
seven years as a barber surgeon. Prior to being placed as a apprentice, he was a buttermaker in the Castle of Bristol.
He completed his apprenticeship in March 1622. On 23 Aug 1626 he received a lease of the Castle of Bristol from
King Charles I, for a period of 80 years if John Brewster, Gillian Brewster and Nathaniel Brewster so long live.