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Born: 16 June 1880  Henry Co., VA
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Chase Jackson Brooke
Chase J. Brooke
Married: 21 Mar 1914 Clifton, Greenlee Co., AZ


Marriage License
Died: 03 April 1978 San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX    
C. J. Brooke was an accountant for ASARCO in Rosita, Mexico in the early 1920's
The photo with the car is of Anne Young and Chase Brooke with their two sons taken around 1930.






Anne Young 


1. Chase Jackson Brooke b. 11/Jan/1915

2. Richard Coorpender Brooke b. 1919

Biography: Although we know a lot about Chase Jackson Brooke from what his children and grandchildren said almost nothing is known about him prior to his marriage.  The only document that we have been able to find that refers to that period is his Social Security application where he stated that he was born in Henry County, Virginia and that his parents were Chase Jackson Brooke and Anne Gwynne.  He was also supposedly in Cuba from 1907 - 1911.  The first actual record we have of him is the 1913 City Directory for El Paso, Texas where he is listed as C Jackson Brooke, timekeeper, El Paso Milling Co., rms at 608 N Stanton.  By March of 1914 he was in Clifton, AZ where he married Anne Young.  As his grandchild I distinctly remember him saying that he was orphaned when he was a young boy and that he was taken in by an older sister, but he never mentioned her name or where she was living.

After Clifton, Arizona he moved with his family to Nueva Rosita, Coahuila, Mexico sometime in the 1920's where he worked as an accountant for ASARCO, an American mining company, until he retired in the early 1950's. He started his own business in Mexico but soon after he moved to San Antonio, Texas where his wife went into a nursing home.  He was a very intelligent and energetic man who loved to talk and spin a yarn.  He worked as a tax preparer for H&R Block well into his seventies. At the time of his death at the age of 97 he was living with his youngest son, Richard, surrounded by numerous grandchildren.

Letter written to Susan White Brooke about 1970
Photo taken in 1933 with son Jack
World War I Registration Card
Photo taken in 1970 Back Row: C.J., Chuck, Jack - Front Row: Tim and John

"C. J. Brooke was a member of four people chosen to represent the union, the ILGWU, at a commission hearing in Phoenix in 1917.  President Wilson formed the commission to investigate unrest among the unions in the copper mining region of Arizona. The two principal commissioners were _____Wilson, Secretary of Labor and Felix Frankfurter, Assistant to President Wilson and future Supreme Court Justice.  The fact that such important people were appointed to the commission shows how worried President Wilson was about labor unrest occurring during wartime.
C. J. worked for the Arizona Copper Mine in the spare parts department which had recently unionized.  One of the major concerns of the union was that wages had not kept up with cost of living increases.  C.J.'s main job during the commission hearing was to review with the commission a set of figures which he had put together to demonstrate that cost of living increases had outstripped wage increases.  C.J. was the main speaker, and judging from the record he did pretty well under strong questions from both Secretary Wilson and Frankfurter."