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Chase Jackson (Jack) Brooke  




Born: 11/Jan/1915 Clifton, Graham Co., AZ  


1917 in Arizona
Married: 1st  to Helen Busnell 24 Dec 1936 San Antonio, TX

Married: 2nd to Lucy Moore Shaw 26 Aug 1939 San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX


Marriage license

Abt 1925
C. J. Brooke with Jack Abt 1933
Died: 26 Dec 1993 Napa, Napa, CA  


1939 Houston
Abt 1948 in Monterrey, MX with John and Chuck
Buried: Ashes scattered at Point Reyes, CA  
In Cypress in 1960
1967 Willingboro, NJ


Chase Jackson (C.J.) Brooke


Anne Young


1st. Helen Elizabeth Bushnell b. 09 July 1915 Tampico, Mexico
                                            d. 06 March 1937 Liberty, Texas

Car Accident

Car Accident
The Liberty Vindicator March 10, 1937
Helen Bushnell (bride)
San Antonio Light newspaper, Sunday Nov 22, 1936
Helen Bushnell bride
San Antonio Light newspaper Dec 27, 1936
marriage of helen Bushnell and Jack Brooke
Marriage of Helen Elizabeth Bushnell and Chase Jackson Brooke
San Antonio Light newspaper Dec 27, 1936

   funeral notice
Funeral Notice

San Antonio Light, March 8, 1937

2nd: Lucy Moore Shaw

When Jack was 10, the family moved to Rosita, Mexico where his father was the accountant for the Rosita Coal Mine  
School photo, Rosita, Mexico  Jack is second from left

 Jack went to T.M.I. (Texas Military Institute) in San Antonio, Texas for his high school years where he met Jack Shaw, the brother of Lucy Shaw. He then went to Rice University in Houston, Texas where he received a degree in mechanical engineering. Jack Brooke at Rice
The Thresher. Houston, Texas. Vol 21 No 25, Ed 1 Friday, April 17, 1936

In December 1936 Jack married Helen Elizabeth Bushnell.  Three months later on March 1, 1937 when they were moving from Lake Charles to Houston, she had a head on collision with a truck.  Jack was driving the car in front of hers and saw the accident.  Helen lived for a week.  At first the doctors had thought she might live, but her death certificate indicates she had a ruptured spleen.  Jack remained friends with Helen's parents.  Three years later he married Lucy Moore Shaw, a sister to his friend, Jack Shaw.  After they married they still had lunch with Helen's parents when they were in Rosita, Mexico.

His mother, Ann Young Brooke, wrote many letters to her brother Field in 1938-1941.  On Jan 9, 1941 from Rosita, Mexico she wrote,  "Jack and Lucy and the baby could not be here.  Jack is still down close to Shreveport, Louisiana.  In his last letter which was only a few days ago he didn't know how much longer he would have to be there.  I think too he was getting pretty anxious to get back to Lucy and the baby.  They have the nicest kind of a baby.  He looks like Jack but he is not thin like Jack when he was a baby.  He is fat."

Jack with his cousins.  Jack is center back
Los Angeles 1927  His grandmother, Carrie, is far left.  Jack tall boy in  back.
Los Angeles 1927  Jack is tall boy in back.  His grandmother, Carrie, is at far left.