Thomas Buckingham


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Thomas Buckingham Immigrant Ancestor see see FAMILY TREE
Born: England or Wales    
Died: 16 Jun 1657 at Boston on business while living at Milford, New Haven, CT   Will dated Sept 19, 1657    Inventory of estate amount to 484 pounds etc.


1st Hannah

        died at Milford 28 Jun 1646

2nd Ann (see abstract of will below)

CHILDREN with Hannah

1. Hannah Buckingham b. 1632 England

2. Daniel Buckingham b. Aug 1636 England

3. Samuel Buckingham baptized 13 Jun 1641

4. Mary Buckingham b. 1643 CT

5. Thomas Buckingham baptized. 08/Nov/1646 Harford, CT

Thomas Buckingham sailed from England in 1637 and settled in New Haven in April of 1638.  In the autumn of 1639 he left there with the pastor, Peter Prudden, to organize a new settlement in Milford.  "The church was organized at New Haven, Aug, 22nd, 1639, and Thomas Buckingham was one of the seven pillars of which is was composed." 

The first wife, Hannah, died in Milford June 28, 1646 probably in childbirth with her son, Thomas Buckingham.  Thomas remarried to Ann.  Below is an abstract of her will:
Abstract of will of Ann Buckingham, widow of Thomas Buckingham, the Puritan Settler.
Dated Milford, March 18, 1686-87
She speaks of her "age and weakness"
1. Gives land to "my son, Samuel Buckingham."
2. Gives land to "my grandchild, Ann Buckingham."
3, Gives a pair of sheets "to my grandchild, Mary Marvin."
4. Gives a pair of sheets "to my grandson, Thomas Welch."
5. Gives a brass kettle "to my grandchild Sarah Fowler."
6. Gives a pair of sheets "to my grandchild Hester Welch."
7. Gives to the rest of her grandchildren, fifteen shillings each.
8. Gives "to my loving sons," Daniel Buckingham and Samuel Buckingham certain pasture land.
9. After paying the debts, half of the estate to be equally divided between my two sons - Daniel Buckingham and Samuel Buckingham - and their heirs, forever. The other half of my estate to be equally divided between my loving son Thomas Buckingham, and my loving daughter, Mary Palker, viz; that my said son Thomas Buckingham have first 10 pounds out of it and then the remainder be equally divided between my son and daughter, Thomas Buckingham and Mary Palker, and their heirs, forever.
10. My will and intention is that my two sons Daniel and Samuel Buckingham, shall have my housing and lands.
Appoints Daniel and Samuel Buckingham executors.

NOTE:  Four of her five step-children were alive in 1687 when Ann wrote her will.  However, step-daughter Hannah, had died in 1684 so Ann left part of her estate directly to the children of Hannah.  Mary Merwin, Thomas Welch, Sarah Fowler and Hester Welch were all children of Hannah Buckingham, oldest daughter of Thomas Buckingham, Immigrant Puritan.  Granddaughter Ann Buckingham was a daughter of step-son, Samuel Buckingham.