Joseph Carpenter



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Joseph Carpenter
see FAMILY TREE immigrant ancestor
Born: Abt 1635 probably in England    
Died: 1685 Oyster Bay, Long Island, NY    


William Carpenter


Elizabeth Arnold


Hannah Carpenter b. 03 Apr 1640

Ann Wickes

CHILDREN with Hannah Carpenter

Hannah Carpenter

CHILDREN with Ann Wickes

1.Mary Carpenter

2. Joseph Carpenter

3. William Carpenter

4. Nathaniel Carpenter

5. Benjamin Carpenter

6. John Carpenter

7. Dorothy Carpenter

From Adam and Anne Mott, Cornell, 1890
"Joseph and Ann Wickes Carpenter removed from Rhode Island to Oysterbay, at least as early as 1667. He was one of the early settlers of the town. The records show his petition for a grant of land on both sides of "Moscheto Cove," for the purpose of building a Saw Mill and a Fulling Mill. The petition is dated 6th April, 1667, and Governor Nicolls' grant of the land petitioned for, is dated 5th November of the same year, and Joseph Carpenter probably erected and operated the first Saw Mill on Long Island. The Fulling Mill was in operation in 1677, and probably much earlier. This call for a Fulling Mill signifies the raising of sheep, the carding and the spinning of the wool, and the weaving of the cloth in the neighboring farm houses and hamlets. In 1675, Joseph Carpenter was making arrangements to build a Corn Mill, and a new Saw Mill "where the old Mill stood."
He died before his father, and his eldest son, Joseph, inherited his father's portion under the codicil of the will of his grandfather, the immigrant William Carpenter."