Chase Jackson Brooke


#15 William Claiborne and Elizabeth Jane Butler Richard Fairbanks I and Elizabeth Daulton and Stephen Hopkins M and Mary and Richard Raymond I and Judith Williams and Hugh Calkins I and Ann Eaton and Stephen Post I and Elinor Panton Langley and William Hyde I and Walter Harris I and Mary Fry and Nicholas Shapley I and John Picket and Ruth Brewster and William Sargent I and Sarah and Hugh Hillier I and Rose and Robert Linnell  I and Robert Shelley I and Judith Garnett I and Thomas Huckins I and Mary Welles and Thomas Burgess I and Dorothy and Peter Worden and Mary Magdalene Winslow and Andrew Warner I and Mary Humphrey and Robert Boltwood and Mary Gernor and Robert Parke I and Martha Chaplin and John Curtis I and Elizabeth Hutchins and John Dutton and Mary and Joseph Merriam and Sarah Goldstone and Allen Breed and Elizabeth Wheeler and Samuel Sharpe I and Alice Stileman and Thomas Marshall I and Rebecca and John White I and Mary Levett and Francis Brewster and Lucy and John Coit and Mary Jenners and Richard Treat I and Alice Gaylord and  Ralph Tompkins I  and Katherine Aborne and John Huntinge and Hester Seaborn and Michael Metcalf I and Sarah Ellwyn
#14       William Barton Sr I and Robert Harris and Mary Clairborne and William Overton I John Smith I  and Hannah Dast I and Mary Waters I and Bernard Gaines and Martha Taylor     John Potter and Hannah and John Crowell I and Elishua Miller I and William Hammond  and Ann Elizabeth  Penn I and John Lothrop I and Hannah Howse and William Washburn I and Jane and Jonas Wood I and Mary Drake I and Robert Titus I and William Thorne I and Henry Pearsall I and Anne Pankhurst I and John Seaman I and Martha Moore and John Underhill I and Helena and  Matthew Prior and Mary and Richard Townsend I and Deliverance Coles and Joseph Carpenter I and Ann Wickes and Thomas Willets I and Mary Brown and William Coddington I and Ann Brinley and
          Peter Bulkley I and Jane Allen and John Goldstone I and Frances Jeffrie I and Thomas Atkinson I and Susanna and Thomas Blodget I and Susanna and George HubbardI and Mary Bishop and George Merriam I and Susan Raven Iand Edmund Rice I and Thamezin and Thomas KingI and Anne Collins and John Felton and Eleanor Thrower I and Samuel Skelton I and Susanna Travis I and Simon Stone I  and Joan Clarke I  and George SumnerI and Mary and Nathaniel Wales I and John Pope and Jane Clapp
Edmund Tapp I and Anne Hirts and Nicholas Camp I and Sarah Elliott and James Beard and Martha Unknown and Francis Norton I and Mary Houghton and Jasper Gunn I and Christian and John Lane and Sarah and John Smith and Grace Hawley and Nathaniel Briscoe and Mehitable Gunn and George Clark I and Sarah and William Gibbard  I  and Anna Tapp and Thomas Buckingham I and Hannah Unknown and Thomas Hunt and Margaret Webster and Thomas Hosmer I and Frances Bushnell and Edward Winn I  and Joanna and Edward Bates I and Lydia Fairbanks and Henry Farewell I and Olive Welby and Thomas Paine I and Margaret Pultney and Nicholas Snow I  and Constance Hopkins M and John Doane  I and Abigail and Edward Bangs I and Rebecca Hobart and John Richards I and Lydia Beman and Oliver Manwaring I and Hannah Raymond and William Hough I and Sarah Calkins and John Post and Hester Hyde and Gabriel Harris and Elizabeth Abbot and Joseph Truman I and Unknown and Benjamin Shapley and Mary Picket and Thomas S. Sherwood I and Thomas Fitch I and Ann Stacie and Jehu Burr  I and John Hall I and Bethia and John Sargent and Deborah Hillier and David Linnel and Hannah Garnet Shelley and Samuel Storrs I and Mary Huckins and John Burgess and Mary Worden and Isaac Warner and Sarah Boltwood and John Chipman I and Hope Howland and John Joyce I and Dorothy Cotchet and John Porter I and Anna  White and Thomas Stanley I and Bennett Tritton and William Parke and Martha Holgrave and Edward John Parker and Elizabeth Wood and  John Curtis and Elizabeth Welles and Nathaniel Merriman and Joan Lines and Thomas Dutton and  Susan and William Merriam and Elizabeth Breed and Nathaniel Sharpe and Rebecca Marshall and Nathaniel White and Elizabeth Brewster and William Goodwin and Susannah Fruen and John Shepard I and Rebecca Greenhill and Hugh Mould and Martha Coit and Thomas Hurlbut and Sarah and John Deming and Honor Treat and Michael Metcalf and Anthony Perry I and Elizabeth and Thomas Wilmarth and Elizabeth Bliss and John Peck and Elizabeth Hunting  and John Foster I and Martha Tompkins and Robert Ware Sr I and Margaret Hunting and Michael Metcalf and  Mary Fairbanks
#13     Alexander Smith and  Nicholas Cock and Jane




Michael Mackquiney I and Humphrey Warren I and Elinor and William Barton and Mary and William Harris and Temperance Overton and Obadiah Smith and Mary Cocke and Gillie Gromarrin and Susannah Reeve and Robert Pryor and Betty Virginia Green and George Gaines and Elinor     William Isley  I and Barbara  Stevens and William Potter I and Frances Childs and  Yelverton Crowell I and Elizabeth Hammond I and Joseph Lothrop I and Mary Ansell I and unknown Redman and  Ann Parsons and Richard Willits I and Mary Washburne I and Thomas Powell I and Abigail Wood and Henry Willis I and Mary Pearce I and Edmund Titus and Martha Washburne and John Fry I and Mary Willets and John Urquhart I and William Thorne and Winifred Linnington and Nathaniel Pearsall and Martha Seaman and John Underhill and Mary Prior and Thomas Willets and Dinah Townsend and Joseph Carpenter and Ann Simpkins and  Andrew Willet and Ann Coddington and John Prescott I and Mary Platts I and John Hoare I and Alice Lisle and Edward Bulkley  I and Lucien and Joseph Wheeler I and Sarah Goldstone and Enoch Lynde and Elizabeth Digby and John Newgate I and Anne and William Willoughby and Elizabeth Locke I and John Heywood I and Rebecca Atkinson and Samuel Blodgett  and Ruth Eggleston and John Hubbard and Mary Merriam and Samuel Rice and Elizabeth King and Nathaniel Felton Sr I and Mary Skelton I and John Horn I and Frances Stone I and Godfrey Sheldon I and Alice Frost I and William Scadloc I and Ellen Longe I and Henry Rhodes and Elizabeth and Robert Coates I and Jane Sumner and Henry Silsbee I and Dorothy and William Bassett I and Sarah Burt and Timothy Wales and Edward Blake  I and Patience Pope and Andrew Newcomb and Sarah and George Alexander I and Susanna Sage William WhitingI and Susannah Wiggin and Thomas Gregson I and Jane and Thomas Trowbridge Sr I  and Elizabeth Marshall and John Nash I and Elizabeth Tapp and Nicholas Camp and Sarah Beard and Joseph Northrop I and Mary Norton and Jobamah Gunn and Sarah Lane and Ephraim Smith and Abigail Briscoe and Thomas Clark and Hannah Gibbard and John Beard and Anna Hawley and Daniel Buckingham and unknown and Jonathan Hunt and Clemence Hosmer and Moses Cleaveland I and Ann Winn and John Bates and Mary Farewell and Thomas Paine and Mary Snow and John Doane and Hannah Bangs and John Richards and Love Manwaring and John Hough and Sarah Post and Peter Harris and Elizabeth Manwaring and Joseph Truman and Mary Shapely and Edmund Dolbeare I and John Comer I and Elinor and Matthew Sherwood and Mary Fitch and Nathaniel Burr and William Hall and Esther and John Sargent and Mary Linnel and Samuel Storrs and Martha Burgess and Andrew Warner and Deborah Leffingwell and Hosea Joyce and Elizabeth Chipman and Samuel Porter and Hannah Stanley and Samuel Williams I and Theoda Parke and John Parker and Hannah Basset and Thomas Curtis and Mary Merriman and Joseph Dutton and Mary Cutler  and John Merriam and Rebecca Sharp and John Clark and Elizabeth White and William Goodwin  and Elizabeth Shepard and Daniel White and Susanna Mould and John Hurlbut and Mary Deming and Philip Walker I and Jane Metcalf and Samuel Perry and Mary Miller and Jonathan Wilmarth and Esther Peck and John Foster and Mary Stuard and Robert Ware and Sarah Metcalf
#12     John Toomer   I and Elizabeth unknown and John Raven and Ruth Wallen and Antoine Bonneau I and  Catherine De Bloys and  Pierre Videau I and Jeanne Elizabeth Mauze and Gideon Schaw and Elizabeth Cuninghame and Patrik Borthwick and Helen Crawford and   William Young I and Henry Williamson and Catherine Weeks and John Smith and Jane Cocke Henry Core and Grace and Barnaby McKinnie and Thomas Warren and Mary Barton and Cornelius Dabney I and Sarah Jennings I and Robert Harris and Mourning Glenn and Luke Smith and Arabella Gromarrin and John Pryor and Martha Gaines     Samuel Moore I and Mary Isley and Daniel Robins I and Hope Potter and Edward Crowell and Mary Lathrop and Adam Mott I and Elizabeth Redman and Richard Willets and Abigail Powell and William Willis and Mary Titus and John Fry and Mary Urquart and Richbell Mott and Elizabeth Thorne and Thomas Pearsall and Sarah Underhill and Samuel Underhill and Hannah Willetts and Joseph Carpenter and Mary Willet and Capt Jonathan Prescott and Elizabeth Hoare and
       Peter Bulkley and Rebecca Wheeler and Simon Lynde I and Hannah Newgate and Francis Willoughby and Margaret Locke and John Heywood and Sarah Blodgett and Jonathan Hubbard and Hannah Rice and Nathaniel Felton and Ann Horn and William Sheldon I and Rebecca Scadloc and Samuel Rhodes and Abygail Coates and Ephraim Silsbee and Rachel Bassett and Nathaniel Wales and Susannah Blake and Elisha Smith and Elizabeth Wheelock and Simon Newcomb and Sarah and Samuel Curtis and Sarah Alexander
John Whiting and Phoebe Gregson and Thomas Trowbridge and Hannah Nash and John Camp and Mary Northrup and Samuel Gunn and Mercy Smith and George Clark and Sarah Beard and Gideon Buckingham and Sarah Hunt and Josiah Cleaveland and Mary Bates and Elisha Paine and Rebecca Doane and George Richards and Hester Hough and Peter Harris and Mary Truman and    John Dolbeare and Sarah Comer and Samuel Sherwood and Rebecca Burr and Theophilus Hall and Ruth Sargent and Samuel Storrs R and Mary Warner and Thomas Storrs and Mehitable Joyce and Experience Porter and Abigail Williams and Joseph Parker and Sarah Curtis and Thomas Dutton and Abigail Merriam and John Clark and Sarah Goodwin and Nathaniel White and Mehitable Hurlbut and Philip Walker and Sarah and Jasiel Perry and Rebecca Peck Wilmarth and John Foster and Margaret Wares and Samuel Day and Mary
#11     Joshua Grainger and Elizabeth Ann Toomer and Henry Toomer  and Henrietta Raven and Anthony Bonneau  and Jean Elizabeth Videau and Armand John DeRosset I and Madeline de Uzes I and William Schaw and Janet Hardie and John Borthwick and Cathrin Justice and  William Young and Katherine Williamson and Samuel Smith and Ann Amiss and William Young and Katherine Williamson and Maurice Smith Thomas Coor and Margaret and James Geddy I and Anne and John McKinnie and James Herron I and Margaret and Barton Warren and Martha Grieve and John Dabney and Anna Harris and Charles Smith and Elizabeth "Patsy" "Peggy" Pryor     John Moore and Hope Robbins and Edward Crowell and Sarah Vail and Adam Mott and Phebe Willets and Samuel Willis and Mary Fry and Richard Mott and Sarah Pearsall and Samuel Underhill and Ann Carpenter and Jonathan Prescott and Rebecca Bulkley and Nathaniel Lynde and Susanna Willoughby and Samuel Heywood Sr and Elizabeth Hubbard and Skelton Felton and Hepsibah Sheldon and Benjamin Rhoades  and Rachel Silsby and Ebenezer Wales and Esther Smith and Obadiah Newcomb and Abigail Curtis Joseph Whiting and Hannah Trowbridge and Jean Antoine Harpin I and Mary Camp and Samuel Gunn and Sarah Clark and John Buckingham and Keziah Clark and Josiah Cleaveland and Abigail Paine and Elisha Paine and Mary Johnson and Guy Richards and    Elizabeth Harris and George Dolbeare and Mary Sherwood and Nathaniel Hall and Martha Storrs and Cornelius Storrs and Martha Porter and Thomas Parker and Abigail Dutton and John Clark and Sarah White and Daniel Walker  and Mary Perry and Benjamin Foster  R and Rachel Day and Thomas Miller and Mary Whiting
#10     Joshua Grainger and Catherine unknown and Joshua Toomer and Mary Bonneau and Moses John DeRosset I and Mary Ivy and John Schaw and Margaret Borthwick and Theophilus Feild and Susanna Vaughan and John Young and Mary Smith and Henry Young and Rachel Smith Grace Coor and Richard John Fenner I and Anne Coddington and John Geddy R and Patience McKinnie and Francis Herron and Mary unknown and Edward Warren and unknown and John Dabney R and Margueretta Smith     Samuel Moore and Mary Crowell and Adam Mott and Sarah Willis and
     James Mott and Mary Underhill and John Prescott and Anne Lynde and Samuel Heywood and  Hepzibah Felton and John Pettes  and Rachel Rhoades and Seth Wales and Jemima Newcomb
Dr. Elisha Whiting and Esther Harpin and John Gunn and Anna Buckingham and Aaron Cleaveland R and Thankful Paine and
           Guy Richards R and
     Hannah Dolbeare and Nathaniel Hall R and Mehitable Storrs and Peter Parker and  Esther Clark and Gideon Walker R and Rachel Foster and Timothy Miller R and Deborah
#9     Henry Young Sr   Rand Catherine Grainger and Henry ToomerR and Magdalene Mary  DeRosset and James Feild and  Margaret Borthwick Schaw and John Young and  Rachel Young John Coorpender R and Bethany Cindy Stevens and Richard John Fenner R and
  Anne McKinney Geddy and Andrew Herron Sr. and Maryanne (Polly) McAllister and Edward Warren and Elizabeth Dabney
    Samuel Moore UEL and Rachel Stone   and
     Adam Mott and
       Anne Mott and Willoughby Prescott and Elizabeth Heywood and Joseph Pettes R and Charlotte Wales
Joseph Whiting R and Nancy Ann Gunn and William Pitt Cleaveland and Abby Richards and Nathaniel Hall and Esther Parker and Amos Elmore Walker and Sarah Miller

Henry T Young and Elizabeth Ann Toomer and
 Hume Field  and Milicine Young



Lewis Coorpender and Martha Matilda Fenner and Andrew Herron Jr. and Lydia Warren



         Lindley Murray Moore  and
    Abigail Lydia Mott and Samuel Prescott and Mary Pettes
Joseph Whiting and Harriet Lewis Cleaveland and

Albert Gallatin Hall    and   Emily Walker
#7     Joshua Wright Young and
Jane Field
Richard John Coorpender and
Mary Ann Elizabeth Herron
John Shaw and Ellen Blair    

   Edward Mott Moore         Lucy Richards  Prescott    

William Pitt Cleveland Whiting and Sarah Elizabeth Hall

Hume Field Young

Carrie Coorpender




David Shaw




Jennie Wray

Frederick Pettes  Moore

Frances Hall Whiting

Chase Jackson Brooke
Anne Young
John Ernest Shaw
Lucy Prescott Moore
Chase Jackson Brooke
Lucy Moore Shaw