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Ancestors highlighted in red are in both Brooke Family Tree and White Family Tree

Ancestors marked with an R fought in the Revolution

Ancestors marked with an  I  are immigrants 

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  Thomas Philbrick I and Elizabeth Knapp I and Ellis Barron Sr I and Timothy Hawkins  I and Hannah Hammond I and  John Marchant Sr. I and Sarah and  John Crosby and Jane Webster and Thomas Brigham and Isabel Watson and James Hurst I and Gertrude Bennister and John Howland M I and Elizabeth Tilley M I  and William Larned I and Judith Gilman I and John Robinson and Ann and Alexander White and Eleanor Smith and Robert Hatherly and Elinor John Bailey I and John Emery I and  Peter Worden I and Margaret Grice and Thomas Clapp I Thomas Ewer I and Sarah Linnell or Learned and Robert Lovell I  and William Hatch I and Jane Young and Roger Conant  I and Sarah Horton Walter Barefoote I     Peter Montague  I and Meindert Doodes I and Mary Geret I and John Buford and Elizabeth Parrott and  Pasquier Sohier and Guleyn Vigne I and Jehan De Forest and Anne Maillard and Nicaise Du Cloux and Marie Aubertin and Ariaentje Cuvilje I and Herpert Jansz and Pietertje Jakobs and Thomas Badie I and Aeltie (Aeltje) Braconie and Joris Rapalje I and Catalyna Trico John Bronson and Joan and Henrie Rushall and Winifred Balle and John Kilbourne and George Moody and Margaret and Symon Tuttle and Isabel Welles and Abraham Kimberly and Katherein Howe and Symon Awood and Mary Syforde and Adam Preston and Isabel Braithwait and John Potter and Hannah Langford I and Henry Wood  and Isabell Goodspeed  and Richard MilesI and Mary Chalmers and John Mowthrop and Elizabeth Hardie and Thomas Nicholl and Dorothy George and John Plimpton and Jane Daman and William Crofoote and Mary Johnson and John Hillier and Jane Escotte and Roger Prichard and Frances and Thomas Talmadge I and  Thomas Nash and Margery Baker and Ralph Hemingway and Elizabeth Hewes and John Cooper and Thomas Morris I and Elizabeth and James Bishop and Mary Lewen and Robert Stanley and Ruth Garland
Roger White and John Nethersole Garrett Church I and Sarah and John Philbrick and Ann Palmer and Ellis Barron and Hannah Hawkins and Richard Arey Sr. and Elizabeth Crouch and John Marchant and John Johnson and Robert Crosby and Constance Bingham I and  George Felt I and Elizabeth Wilkinson and Samuel Andrews  I and Jane and   George Lewis I and Sarah Jenkins I and Henry Cobb I and Patience Hurst and Thomas Huckins I and Rose and John Chipman I and Hope Howland and John Lothrop I  and Hannah Howse I and Thomas Lothrop I and Sarah Larned I and Thomas  Farrar I and Elizabeth Hood and Gabriel Wheldon I and John Robinson and Bridget White and Jeffery Hanford and Eglin Hatherly
Thomas Safford I and  Elizabeth Sutton and Thomas Low and Margaret Todd and John Cheney and Martha Parrat and John Bailey and Eleanor Emery and John Wheeler and AgnesYeoman and William Sargent and Kenelm Winslow I and Eleanor Newton and Peter Worden I and Mary Magdalene Winslow  and   Thomas King and Elizabeth Clapp andThomas Ewer and John Lovell and Jane Hatch  and Lot Conant and Elizabeth Walton and Andrew Mansfield I John Benham I and James Bollen I and Henry Greenland I and Mary Barefoote and Richard Bennett I and Mary Ann Longworth I and Andrew Hanson I and Amnika     Peter Montague and Mary Doodes and Thomas Buford and Mary and  Jacob Verdon I and Maria Thomas Badie I and Jean Demarest and Marguerite de Herville and  Franšois Sohier and Maria Ernoult and Jesse De Forest and Marie du Cloux and  Philippe du Trieux I and Susannah du Chesne I and Dirck  Volkertszen I and Christina Vigne (Vinge) and Jan Pauwelsz Van Aersdaelen and  Geertie Philipsdr. Haelters and Claes Cornelissen Van Schouwen I and Metje Herpert and Paulus Van Der Beek and Maria Badie and Gerrit Dorland I and Rem Jansen I and Jannetje Rapalje and Henricus Hegeman and  Marrieken Berendse van Marle and Jean Monfoort I and Jacqueline Moreau and Jan Gijsbertsen Koning and Mareke Adriaens

Roger Brownson and Mary Underwood and John Roote and  Ann Rushall and Thomas Kilbourne I and Frances Moody I and John Merrick and Adam Hurd  and William Tuttle I and Elizabeth and Thomas Kimberly I and Alice Awood and William Preston I and Mary and Benjamin Wilmot and Ann Ladd and John Potter I and Elizabeth  and Samuel HotchkissI and Elizabeth Cleverly and  Ralph Russell and Mary Hitchcock and George Pardee and Martha Miles and Richard Sikes I  and Phoebe unknown and Ambrose Fowler I  and Joanna Alvord and Matthew Moulthrop  I and Jane Nicholl and Thomas Wheadon and Ann Small and Nathaniel Sutcliffe and Hannah Plympton and Joseph Crowfoot and Mary Ann Hillier and William Bradley I  and Alice Prichard and John Brockett I and Robert Talmadge and Sarah Nash and Ralph Russell and Mary Hitchcock and Samuel Hemingway and Sarah Cooper and John Morris and Hannah Bishop and Stephen Hart I and John Steele I and Rachel Talcott and Anthony Hawkins I and John Stanley and Elizabeth Uredge
John White and Elizabeth Nethersole David Church and Mary and Richard Evans and Mary and John Winter and Hannah and Ephraim Philbrick and Elizabeth Barron and Richard Arey and Sarah Marchant and Thomas PalmerI  and Ann   and  John Johnson and Hannah Crosby  and George Felt and Philippa Andrews and Edward Lewis and Hannah Cobb and John Huckins and Hope Chipman and Joseph Lothrop and Mary Ansell I and Melatiah Lothrop and Sarah Farrar and Augustine BearseI and Mary Hyanno A and Richard Taylor and Ruth Wheldon and Robert Linnel I and Robert Shelley I and Judith Garnett I and Dolar Davis I and Margery Willard I and Robert Linnel I and Penninah Howes I and Nicholas Baker I and Isaac Robinson and Margaret Hanford John Peet I and Richard Osborne and John Curtis I and Elizabeth Hutchins and Richard Beach I and Catherine Cooke and John Peacock I  and Joyce and John Safford and Sarah Lowe and Daniel Cheney and Sarah Bailey and Aquila Chase and Ann Wheeler and Philip Watson Challis I and Mary Sargent and Kenelm Winslow and Mercy Worden and Thomas King and Thomas Ewer and Elizabeth Lovell and Nathaniel Conant and Hannah Mansfield and James Harland and Rebecca Kirke Harmen Van Borkelo I and Willemken Warners Elderinck I and Jacque Cortelyou I and Neeltje Van Dine I and Jan Wouters I and Weyntje Pieters I and Joseph Benham and Winifred King and Richard Stout I and Penelope Van Princin I and Jonathan Stout and Anna Bollen and Daniel Brinson I  and Frances Greenland and St Leger Codd I and Anna Bennett and Hans Hanson and Martha Johann Georg Christmann and Agnesia Josiah Foster and Mary George Twyman I and Catherine Montague and Thomas Buford and Elizabeth and Georg Unbehauer and Stephen Bechtell and Anna Ottilia Orth and Adam BrouwerI and Magdalena Jacobs Verdon and Uldrick Clein I and Baefje Pieters and David DesMarest I and Marie Sohier I and Simon de Ruine I and Magdalena Van Derstraaten I and Isaac De Forest I and Sarah du Trieux and Barent Gerritszen (Van Vlaesbeeck) I and Grietje Dircks and Simon Van Arsdalen I and Peternelle Claesen and Dirck Jansen Ammerman and Aeltje Van Der Beeck and Lambert Dorland I and Hermitie Pieters and  Jan Gerritse Dorlandt I and Annetje Remsen and  Adriaen Hegeman I and Catherine Margits and Gerret Wolfertse Van Kouwenhoven I and Aeltje Cornelis Cool  and Pieter Jan Monfort and Sara de Planck and Christoffel Davids I and Marie Martensen and Frederick Pietersen Mauritz I and Engelltje Hendrick and Adriaen Jansen Koning I and Lyske Damen and Andries Andriessen and Niesie Huytes and Paulus Dirckszen I and Geertie Willemse and Teunis Janse Van Couvendan I and Barbara Lucas Van Kessel John Bronson I and Frances Hills and John Roote and Mary Kilbourne and John Merrick I and Hopestill unknown and John Hurd and Anna Tuttle and Abraham Kimberly and Hannah Preston and
Edward Hinman
 Edward Hinman I and Hannah Stiles and William Bunnell I and Ann Wilmot and Peter Mallory I and Mary Preston and Henry Brooks and Hannah Potter and Joshua Hotchkiss and Mary Pardee and Francis Hendrick and unknown and Increase Sikes and Abigail Fowler and Matthew Moulthrop and Hannah Thompson and Joseph Bradley and Silence Brockett and Thomas Wheadon and Hannah Sutcliffe and Joseph Crowfoot and Margaret and Samuel Hotchkiss and Sarah Talmadge and Samuel Russell and Esther Tuttle and John Hemingway and Mary Morris and Thomas Upson I and Elizabeth Fuller and John Lee I and Mary Hart and William Judd and Mary Steele and Stephen Freeman and Thomas Newell I and Rebecca Olmstead and Thomas Hart and Ruth Hawkins and John Norton I and Isaac Moore I and Ruth Stanley
William White and Katharine Downs and
Henry Leonard I and Mary and John Floyd I
John Church and Elizabeth Evans and Samuel Winter and Elizabeth Philbrick and Benjamin Pease and Jean Arey and Thomas Palmer and Hannah Johnson and Samuel Felt and Elizabeth and   John Lewis and Elizabeth Huckins and Hope Lathrop and Elizabeth Lathrop and Joseph Bearse and Martha Taylor and David Linnel and Hannah Garnet Shelley and John Davis I and Hannah Linnell and Samuel Baker and Fear Robinson and John Binney and Mercy John Peet and  Sarah Osborne and William Curtiss and Mary and Benjamin Beach and Mary Peacock and Thomas Safford and Eleanor Cheney and John Chase and Lydia Challis and Samuel Winslow and Mercy King and Shubael Ewer and Rebecca Conant and John Blackburn and Elizabeth and William Morton and Elinor and George Harlan I and Elizabeth Duck Willem Harmense Van Berckeloo and Maria Cordeljou and Jacob Johnson and Sarah Benham and James Stout and Elizabeth and Joseph Stout and Ruth Brimson and St Leger Codd and Mary Hanson Johann Thomas Christmann and Anna Barbara William Foster and Mary Robert Deering and Elizabeth and George Twyman and Agatha Buford and Edward Walker I and Mary Daniel and Leonart Kepplinger I and Maria Elizabetha and Johan Stephanus Umbenhauer I and Barbara Bechtell and Peter  Adam Brouwer  and Petronella Eldricks Cleine  and Jean Demarest and Jacomina de Ruine and Hendricus Deforest and Femmetje Phoebe Van Flaesbeck and Heyman Adriansen Koning and Marritje Andries and Cornelius Van Arsdalen and Marike Dirckse Ammerman and Gerrit Dorland and Marytje Dorland and Denys Hegeman and Grace (Lucretia) Dollen and Gerrit Remmersen and Mary and Barent Juriansen Ryder and Aeltje Stevense van Voorhees and Roelof Martense SchenckI  and Neeltje Gerretse Van Couwenhoven and William Gerretse Van Couwenhoven and Jannetje Monfort and Bourgon Broucard  I and Catherine Le Fevre and Isaac Davids and Jannetje Mauritz and Dirck Pauluszen Hoff and Eechtje Teunise Covert Isaac Bronson and Mary Root and Richard Morgan I and Hopestill Merrick and Benjamin Hurd and Sarah Kimberly and  Benjamin Hinman and Elizabeth Lum and Benjamin  Bunnell and Rebecca Mallory and Thomas Brooks and Martha Hotchkiss and William Hendrick and Abigail Sikes and John Moulthrop and Abigail Bradley and John Wheadon and Mary Crawfoot and Samuel Hotchkiss and Samuel Russell and Mary Hemingway and Stephen Upson and Mary Lee and Thomas Judd and Sarah Freeman and Samuel Newell and Mary Hart and John Norton and Ruth Moore
Peter White and Abigail
Thomas Leonard and Hester Floyd and Samuel Conner
John Gilmore and Janet Sharpe and Thomas Cuddie and John Church and Amy Winter and Job Pease and Samuel Palmer and Mary Felt and  Edward Lewis and Rebeckah Lathrop and John Bearse and Elinor Lewis and John Linnell and Ruth Davis and Nathaniel Baker and Mercy Binney Andrew Patterson I and Elizabeth Peet and Josiah Curtiss and Mary Beach and Joseph Safford and Mary Chase and Thomas Winslow and Rebecca Ewer and Solomon Shepherd and John Blackburn I and Rachel Morton and Moses Harlan   I and Margaret Ray Alexander Hannah and Mary and George Penn and Ann and William Crutcher and
Jacques Barkelow and Jannetje (Jane) Bernjtsen and Cornelius Johnson and Ann Stout and James Stout and Mary Ann St. Leger Codd
Christoph Zimmerle and Anna Barbara and Johann Nicolauss Stoffel and Maria Barbara Christmann Thomas Foster and Mary Edward Deering and Ann  and George Twyman and Mary Walker and Johan Georg Kepplinger and Maria Elisabetha Umbenhauer and  Abraham Brouwer and Lea Jansen Demarest and Abraham Koning and Susannah De Forest and Jan Van Arsdalen and Jannetje Dorlant and Joseph Hegeman and Alida Andries and Samuel Gerritsen and Ida Barents Ryder and John Schenck and Sarah Van Couwenhoven and Abraham Brokaw and Maria Davids and Peter Huff and Catherine Brokaw Isaac Bronson and Mary Morgan and John Hurd ad Elizabeth Hinman and Nathaniel Bunnell  and Mary Brooks and William Hendrick and Elizabeth McKay and Joseph Moulthrop and Mary Wheadon and Joseph Hotchkiss and Ester Russell and Thomas Upson and Rachel Judd and Samuel Newell and Sarah Norton
John White and Sarah Leonard and John McCoy and Hunter Edwards and Samuel Hopewell and Mary Conner David Gilmore and Anne Hutton and William Cuddie and Jean Russell
Asa Church  R and Abiah Pease and  Jonathan Palmer and Elizabeth Hawkins and  Isaac Lewis and Martha Bearse and Jabez Linnell and Sarah Baker
John Patterson and Mary Curtiss and Challis Safford and Rebecca Winslow and Solomon Shepherd  I and Jane Wilson and John Blackburn I and Rebecca Harlan Alexander Hannah and Sarah and Philip Penn and Martha Crutcher and Jacques (James) Barkelow and Elizabeth Johnson and St Leger Stout and Susannah Simpson Johann Georg Zimmerle and Maria Apollonia Stoffel and Conrad Zimmerle and Elisabeth Feldmuller Amariah Foster and Mary Pickett Robert Deering and Agatha Twyman and Jacob Caplinger and Sarah and Daniel Brouwer R and Mary Koning and Garrett Van Arsdalen R and Lucretia Hegeman and
Bernardus Verbryck and Jannetje Schenck and Abraham Brokaw and Elizabeth Huff

Josiah Bronson R and Sarah Hurd and Steven Bunnell and Mary Hendrick and Elihu Moulthrop R and Mary Hotchkiss and Asa Upson R and Mary Newell


Leonard White R and Mary McCoy and John Hopewell R  and Sarah Edwards John Gilmore and Helen Fowler and James Cuddie and Isabella Russell and
Ichabod Church R and  Hannah Palmer and Solomon Lewis R and Susanna Linnell
Benjamin Patterson R and Elizabeth Safford  and Solomon Shepherd R and Margaret Blackburn William Hannah R and Lucy Penn and Benjamin Barkelow and Ruth Stout Johann Heinrich Zimmerle and Marie Katharina Becker and Philipp Jacob Zimmerle David Bigler and ? and


Thomas Elby Cade I and Phebe Smith  and  Jeremiah Foster and Sarah Peterson 

William Spillman and Simeon B Deering and Barbara Caplinger and Johannes Brouwer and Jannetje Van Arsdalen and Barnadus Verbryck and Catherine Brokaw

Isaac Powers and Elijah Bronson R and Lois Bunnell and Jared Moulthrop and Sarah Upson
Abraham White R and Milly Hopewell George Gilmore I and Margaret Cuddy and Asa Church and Lydia Lewis                      John Shepherd and Lucretia Patterson, and John Johnson I and Elizabeth ? I John Hannahs and Susannah Barklow and               Timothy Shufflin I and Sarah Jane Kelly Franz Zimmerle and Catharina Elisabetha Zimmerle and Michael Helfer and Christine Gr÷ninger            

Jacob Harbaugh and Ellen Bigler and Elisha Cade and Mary Foster

William Spillman and Sarah Deering and
Garrett Brewer and
Maria Verbryck

Isaac Powers and Nancy Wills Huff  and
Elijah W Bronson and Fanny Moulthrop
Elijah W. Bronson and Fanny Molthrop

Enoch White and Lydia Hellenbeck


John Gilmore I and Aurilla  Church

Ben Shepard and Eliza Johnson

James Hannahs and    Eliza  Shefflin

Georg Zimmerle I and Margaret Helfer I David Harbaugh and   Phebe Cade Simeon B Spillman  and
Sarah F Brewer
Jacob Powers   and  Sarah Bronson
Samuel Ryerson White
Rozilla (Rose) Gilmore
Lewis Shepard
Susan . Hannahs
Henry Zimmerly
Irena Harbaugh
W. G.  Spillman
Susan Catherine Powers


Earle O White

Grace Shepard

Jefferson Earl Zimmerly


Ethel Blanche Spillman

Joe White
Elizabeth Zimmerly