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Aaron Cleaveland
Fought in the American Revolution
Born: 27 Nov 1727 Canterbury, Windham, CT

Baptized: 10 Mar 1728 First Congregational Church of Canterbury, CT


  Source: Connecticut Church Records  Canterbury First Congregational Church 1711-1821 Copied by Mrs. J. L. Raymond
Married: 07 Jun 1748 Canterbury, Windham, CT


  Source: U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
Died: 14 Apr 1785 Canterbury, Windham, CT   "In Memory of Col'o Aaron Cleaveland; Who died of a fit of apoplexy on the 14th day of April AD 1785 AET. 57. Born the 7th day of Dec'r 1727, on the 17th of June AD 1782, when in the bloom of health, & prime of life, was struck with the dumb palsy; From that time to his death had upwards of sixty fits of the palsy & apoplexy. -- He was imploy'd in sundry honourable offices, both Civil and military."  Nareen Lake http://www.findagrave.com
Buried: The Cleaveland Cemetery or Old Cemetery, Canterbury, Windham, CT
"Revolutionary War Capt. Aaron Cleveland
Lexington Alarm
Died Ap 14, 1785
        AE 57"

View of Cleaveland Cemetery with the stones for Aaron and Thankfull Cleaveland in the background


Josiah Cleaveland


Abigail Paine


Thankful Paine


1. Aaron Cleaveland b. 18 Jun 1750

2. Moses Cleaveland b. 29 Jan 1754

3. Abigail Cleaveland b. 05 Aug 1759

4. John Cleaveland b. 28 Jun 1762

5. Paine Cleaveland b. 20 Mar 1768

6. William Pitt Cleaveland b. 18 Dec 1770

7. Thankful Cleaveland b. 29 Oct 1773

8. Camden Cleaveland b. 08 Apr 1778

From the Paine Family Records by Henry D. Paine, 1883 "Aaron Cleaveland was a distinguished man in Canterbury, and prominent in public affairs during the Revolution.  He furnished the 'pent up' Bostonians a cow for food in 1776.  He was known as Col. Aaron.  He was struck with palsy and died after a lingering illness."
Thankful Paine was his mother's niece, his first cousin.

 From a book "A PLEA FOR THE SMALLER COLLEGE" AN ADDRESS DELIVERED ON FOUNDERS' DAY AT Alma College JUNE 16, 1897 By DAVID M. COOPER 1898 there is a passage written by his Daughter. MRS. S. P. CLEAVELAND CHILD, of Utica, N. Y.
"Col. Aaron Cleaveland, fifth son and tenth child of Josiah and Abigail (Paine) Cleaveland, was always resident in Canterbury, Conn. He married Thankful Paine. He served as captain in the French and Indian wars; was a man of wealth, and well known throughout New England in business and political circles. He bore a conspicuous part in the Revolutionary struggle as a gallant soldier and meritorious officer, was present at the time of Governor Tryon's assault upon Horse-Neck, and saw "General Putnam plunge down the steep bluff, the bullets of the baffled dragoons whizzing around him, and even passing through his hat." Colonel Aaron Cleaveland was a man of great wit and humor, with wonderful powers of mimicry. He accompanied his son Moses to Ohio, and with him invested largely in those Western Reserve lands, making their purchases from the Indians. The land on which the City of Cleveland stands was purchased by them and named for them."


Lineage Book  By Daughters of the American Revolution

Aaron Cleaveland, (1727-85), entered the army as ensign,
1776, and commanded a company when Tryon invaded the
colony. He was at the battle of Horseneck, 1779, and also
served as deputy and recruiting officer. He was born at Canterbury,
where he died and is buried.

His son Aaron served under him in the Lexington alarm in April 1775.  Captain Aaron Cleveland from Canterbury is listed for 20 days service and his son, Aaron, listed for 3 days service in "Record of Service of Connecticut Men in the Military and Naval Service During the War of the Revolution" pg. 6

Aaron Cleaveland 2nd Lieutant serving under Col. Samuel McClellan March 1779     Archives roll 28 pg 137
  Aaron Cleaveland died intestate.  John Spaulding and others testified that it was the wish of Aaron Cleaveland that his estate go to his wife, with payments to his sons, Aaron and Moses to pay off their debts.