William Pitt Cleaveland



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William Pitt Cleaveland   see FAMILY TREE
Born: 18 Dec 1770 Canterbury, Windham, CT


  Source: Barbour Collection

1st: to  Mary Bacon 02 Feb 1796 Canterbury, CT

2nd: to Abby Richards 15 Jan 1806 New London, CT

3rd: to Sophia Richards Apr 1825 New York, NY


  Source: Barbour Collection - marriage to Abby Richards
Died: 03 Jan 1843 New London, CT

Original Burial: 2nd Congregational Church Yard
New London, CT

Reinterred: Cedar Grove Cemetery
New London, CT

W. Pitt Cleaveland
Dec 18th 1770
Jan 3rd 1845

Relict of
W. Pitt Cleaveland
Oct 6th 1781
Feb 11th 1861

Forefront are the stones for William Pitt Cleaveland and his wife, Abby Richards Cleaveland.  Across the street is the Richards Plot.
The tall stone at the left is of William Pitt Cleaveland and his last wife, Sophia Richards Cleaveland.  The two stone slabs have the names of  Mary Bacon Cleaveland, Abby Richards Cleaveland.


Aaron Cleaveland


Thankful Paine


1st: Mary Bacon

2nd: Abby Richards

3rd: Sophia Richards

CHILDREN with Mary Bacon

1. William Pitt Cleveland b. 14 May 1797

2. Caroline Cleveland b. 15 Aug 1799 


CHILDREN with Abby Richards

1. Harriet Lewis Cleaveland b. 02 Nov 1806

2. George Payne Cleaveland b. 27 Jul 1808

3. Jennette Richards Cleaveland b. 16 Aug 1809

4. Ellen Payne Cleaveland b. 28 Oct 1810

5. Eliza Crump Cleaveland b. 24 Jun 1813

6. Guy Richards Cleaveland b. 24 May 1815

7. Abbie Cleaveland b. 22 Sep 1817

Biographical Sketches of Graduates of Yale College VOL. V pg. 65  William Pitt Cleaveland was from the class of 1793
"William Pitt Cleaveland, a son of colonel Aaron Cleaveland, of Canterbury, Connecticut, and brother of Moses Cleaveland (Yale 1777), was born in Canterbury on December 18, 1770
He studied law after graduation with his brother Moses, in Canterbury, and began practice there. Later, about 1800, he moved to the adjoining town of Brooklyn, and thence after a few months to New London, where he became a prominent citizen.
From 1825 to 1835 he was president of the Union Bank of New London; and from 1829 to 1832 he held the office of chief Judge of the County Court by annual appointment of the Legislature.  He served as a deacon in the First (Congregational) Church from 1830 until his death.
He died in New London on January 3, 1845, in his 75th year.
He married on February 2, 1796, in Canterbury, Mary, the eldest sister of his classmate, Bacon, who died in New London on January 27th, 1801, in her 25th year.
He next married, on January 15, 1806,

Abby, eldest daughter of Guy and Hannah (Dolbeare) Richards, of New London, and a sister of Guy Richards (Yale 1807).  She died in New London on January 10, 1824, aged 48 years; and he married, in New York City, in April, 1825, her next younger sister, Sophia, who died in New London on February 11, 1861, in her 80th year.
By his first marriage he had one son (Yale 1816), besides a daughter who died in infancy.  By his second marriage he had five daughters, besides two sons who died in infancy; one daughter married the Rev. Flavel Bascom (Yale 1828)."


He is listed as a graduate of the Litchfield Law School in Litchfield, CT in 1794   The town was the home of the first law school in the United States.     
Litchfield Law School, first Law School in the United States

Windham Herald August 1795
609. WH Sat Aug 22, 1795: State of Connecticut, August 17, 1795. Brigade Orders for the fifth Brigade. By the General. For the 5th
Regiment, Newman Sumner, is appointed Adjutant. For the 11th, the Rev. William Graves, Chaplain, in the room of the Rev. Noahdiah Russell, resigned. Amos Payne, Quarter-Master. Noadiah Russell, jun, Pay-Master. For the 12th Regiment, Asa Dutton, Pay-Master. For the 21st Regiment, William Pitt Cleaveland, Quart. Mast. For the 5th Regiment of Cavalry, John Newcomb, Adjutant. And they are feverally to be obeyed accordingly. By Order of the General, John M’Clellan, Brigade-Major.


Payne Cleveland, William Pitt Cleveland, and Jacob Dyer bought lands of Samuel and Robert Johnson in Middletown, Delaware, New York, Jan. 12, 1797