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Born: 27 Jan 1857 Seguin, Guadalupe Co. , TX
Photo courtesy of  Inez Ryan
Photo courtesy of  Inez Ryan
Carrie Coorpender
Married: 27 July 1875 Seguin, Guadalupe Co. , TX    
Marriage Record
Died: 8 Jan 1937 Phoenix, Maricopa Co., AZ


Death Certificate
Buried: Greenwood Memorial Park, Phoenix, AZ         


Richard John Coorpender


Mary Ann Elizabeth Whitaker McClellan Herron


Hume Field Young


1. Catherine "Kittie" Legette Young      
2. Hume Field Young Jr
3.Anne Coorpender Young
4. Kate Jones Young
5. Hal Young
6. Lila Baskin Young
7. Nettie "Ettie" Young
8. John Toomer Young    
9. Carrie Matilda "Pat" Young



Lila, Kate, Hal, Ana, Field        Photo courtesy of Carolyn Somerville 
"Ray Lawrence, Charlie Lawrence, Walter McKee, Anna McKee, Dick  
Young, Bettie Young, Hal Young, Lila Young, Dr Harris, Grannie,  Carrie Harris, Mary Jane, Betty Jean."  We cannot identify which faces go with which names.  However, the man standing at far right is Chase Brooke, husband of Ann Young Brooke. Photo from Alexa McCrea at
Back of photo reads "John, Chase Jackson, Ann, Field, Kitty, Granny, Pat, Richard, Jack, Ray, Eleanor, Ione, Raymond" St John, KY Photo courtesy of Inez Ryan


Carrie and Nannie From Alexa McCrea at 
Nannie, Pearl Amelia Taylor Coorpender, Carrie and unknown boy Photo courtesy of Inez Ryan
Nannie and Carrie were twins

As a young man, Hume attended a Jesuit school in San Antonio as a pre Med student, but did not graduate. Instead he returned to Seguin to farming and married Carrie. Right after the death of his father, who died in April 1897,  they moved to Solomonville, AZ. Carrie kept a journal en route from Seguin to Solomonville.  They "left the Clapson's at O'Daniel, Guadalupe co., Texas" on Sunday, October 15, 1899.  This was the home of their daughter, Kittie, who had married James Clapson.  The second night they spent at the home of Hume's sister, Eliza, who had married John Baskin.  They lived just outside San Antonio.

Leaving their married daughter, Kittie,  behind, they traveled with wagons and horses across Texas, through New Mexico and into Arizona.  The last journal entry was Dec 5, 1899 in Solomonville.  Their sons, Hume (Field), 21, and Hal, 18, must have gone on ahead. (Field, according to oral history, had a club foot as a result of a rattlesnake bite he got as a youngster.)  The other children were, Anne (19), Kate (15), Lila (13), Nettie (8), John (6) and Carrie (2).  Carrie's first cousin, Andrew Herron married to Ella La Grange, were already living in Solomonville, AZ and greeted them with open arms when they arrived.  Here is a typed version of Carrie's Journal

 In the 1900 census, Hume is listed as a farm laborer and they lived in a rented house. All of the children except Kittie was was married and in Seguin were living with them, including the two "wayward boys."  At some point Hume worked for Wells Fargo as a stage driver. Carrie worked as a seamstress after he lost his job.

By 1910, Carrie and Hume separated. Carrie supported herself and the children by running a boardinghouse in Clifton, AZ. Hume lived nearby. Carrie later moved to Los Angeles and then to Phoenix, where she lived until her death in 1937.

Carrie probably with one of her daughters
Carrie probably with one of her daughters.
Los Angeles 1927  with grandchildren.  Jack Brooke is tall boy in back.  His brother Dick is sitting center front.


probably one of Carrie's sons
probably one of Carrie's sons