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Pierce ( Percy ) Coorpender  
Percy Coorpender  Photo courtesy of Alexa McCrea at alexa.mccrea@gmail.com
Born:17 Jan 1864 in Seguin, Guadalupe Co., Texas


Married: 19 Feb 1891 in Bandera TX


Died: Abt. 1900 in Bandera, TX    


Richard John Coorpender


Mary Anne Elizabeth Herron


Pearl Amelia Taylor

b. 06 Apr 1873 Sears, Osceola, MI

d. 1953 Azusa, CA

From Alexa McCrea at alexa.mccrea@gmail.com

"I believe the pictures were taken at the home of Grace Schlador in Los  Angeles around 1910. Along with Nannie and Carrie Coor-Pender Young,  The woman in the middle is my great grandmother Pearl Amelia Taylor  Coor-Pender, widow of Percy Coor-Pender. I am not positive of the  identity of the child, but I believe him to be Warren J Smith son of  Amelia Schlador Smith who was Grace Taylor Schlador's daughter."

Nannie, Pearl Amelia Taylor Coorpender, Carrie and unknown boy Photo courtesy of Inez Ryan MawRyan@aol.com


1. Minnie Clair Coorpender 
  d. at 6 mo

2. Lucy Coorpender
   b. Abt 1893
   d. in infancy

3. Nona CoorPender
   b. 17 Jul 1894

4. Percy Howard CoorPender
   b. 26 Feb 1896

5. Richard Lamar Coorpender
    b. 03 Nov 1897

6. Clarence Coorpender
    b. Abt. 1898
    d. Abt.1900

Howard, Nona and Richard 1915 in Los Angeles  Photo from Alexa McCrea at alexa.mccrea@gmail.com


.The 1933 deposition of Carrie Coorpender says:
"Percy Coor-Pender is now dead.  He had five children only, as follows:
Minnie Clair Coor-Pender, who is now dead.  She died at the age of six months
Mrs. Nona Peckham, who is now living at Los Angeles, California.  Her address is 843 Manchester Avenue Los Angeles, California
Howard Coor-Pender, who is now living at 710 South Western Avenue, Los Angeles, California
Richard Lamar Coor-Pender, who is now living at 843 Manchester Avenue, Los Angeles, California
Clarence Coor-Pender, who is now dead.  He died at the age of two years."