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Helen Crawford    
Bap 19 Jan 1615

Married: 18 Nov 1641 Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

Died: Bef 1659    


George Crawford


Margaret Wardlaw


Patrik Borthwick

CHILDREN with Helen Crawford

1.  George Borthwick bap. 27 Sep 1642

2. Margaret Borthwick bap. 15 Dec 1643

3. Jonet Borthwick bap. 29 Dec 1644

4. John Borthwick bap. 15 Dec 1646

5. Walter Borthwick bap. 24 Feb 1648

6. Helen Borthwick bap. 25 Mar 1649

The Edinburgh Godsmiths II; Biographical Information for Freeman.

"George Crawford was the brother of Nicoll Crawford in Liberton and possibly the son of Robert Crawford in the same.

Crawford's apprenticeship was booked on 26 Dec 1591 to James Crawford.

In about September 1601 he went to London to gain further skills in the shop of John Allan, but got into trouble for making fraudulent cupsw that were falsely and deceitfully wrought.  the court of the Worshipful company of Goldsmiths first confined him to prison and then ordered him to be set in the stocks as an example to others and his cups were broken with the hammer. (Court Books, vol. O, part 2, 1599-1604).  Having become persona non grata in London he returned to Edinburgh.

He became a burgess by right of his apprenticeship, 17 Dec 1606, when Daniel Crawford stood surety for him.

He became a freeman on 28 Dec 1606 at the same incorporation session where Thomas Cleghorne was granted his freedom.

George C. married Margaret Wardlaw probably on 5 Jul 1605 (some sources indicate 1608.) Margaret W. died about 1626.  Her testament was registered on 20 Sep 1626.   -------

George Crawford was witness on at least 16 occasions at the baptisms of children of other goldsmiths, those of Hercules Weddell, Thomas Crawford, Alexander Reid, George Robertson, John Lindsay, Robert Gibson, John Scott, William Crawford and Patrick Borthwick.

Crawford served as Deacon of the incorporation between 1615-17, 1621-22 and 1631-33.  Of his seven apprentices, four became freemen.  Significant trainees included George Robertson, Patrick Borthwick and his son, William Crawford.

He was still alive in 1635 when he owned the north-most house on the east side of Beth's Wynd."