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John Dabney
fought in the Revolution
Born: 03 May 1749 Hanover,  VA


  From "Bible Records Williamson County, Tennessee Volume 2 by Louise Gillespie Lynch 1974"
"This was given to me by Mrs. H. G. Channell. - Lieut. John Dabney of Albemarle Co., VA from Prince Edward Co., VA. 1777 to end of Revolutionary War. Born May 3, 1749 in Albermarle Co., Va. and died March 11, 1831 in Williamson Co., Tenn."
Married: 09 Oct 1772 Charlotte Co., VA


Intention to Marry as found in Virginia State Library, Richmond, VA  Charlotte Co, Marriage Bonds 1765-1773
"Know all men by this Testament that John Dabney & Mathew Flournoy  uphold and firmly bound unto our Sovereign  Lord King George the Third in the full & (?) & sum of Fifty Pounds Current money of Virginia to be paid to our Said Sov. The King his heirs & Successors, To the which  payment Will & Freely  be made as we bind ourselves over hereinafter by these present sealed with our seals and dated this 5th day of October 1772. Whereas this is a marriage suddenly intended to be solemnized between the above bound John Dabney and Peggy Smith orphan of Charles Smith, deceased spinster The condition of this present obligation is such that if there be no (?) cause to obstruct the same then this obligation is such to be void otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.  Witnesses Samuel White  sealed John Dabney and Mathew Flournoy
Died: 11 Mar 1831 Williamson Co., TN "John Dabney Sr. departed this life the 11th of March 1831"  Bible Record  


John Dabney


Anna Harris


Margueretta Smith


1. Charles S. Dabney

2. Elizabeth Dabney

3. Ann Dabney

4. John Dabney

5. Patsy Dabney

6. Leah P. Dabney

7. William Dabney

8. Lemuel S. Dabney

9. Charles A Dabney

10 Nancy H. Dabney

11. Peggy S. Dabney

12. Polly M. Dabney

13. Smith Dabney

14. Bethenia S. Dabney

John Dabney signed an intent to marry  in Charlotte Co VA in 1772

John Dabney is listed on the allowances due and payable to the members of the Assembly at New Bern, NC March 2m 1774

By 1791, EDWARD WARREN had moved to Chatham County, North Carolina, where he appears on jury summons lists alongside JOHN DABNEY

NAMES OF SLAVES IN CHATHAM COUNTY EXTRACTED FROM DEEDS, WILLS, BIBLE RECORDS ETC. Dabney, John - pg. 104a [sale of slave, with John P. Perkins (of the territory West of the River Ohio) -to John Montgomery] 10 July 1794
Negro girl named LEA, about 13 years old.

John Dabney received several land grants in Williamson Co., TN from the State of NC.  The earliest recorded is Dec 12, 1801  in Wilson Co., TN
Land Grant #3388 from NC
State of North Carolina No. 3388 Know ye that we have granted unto John Dabney assignee of John Brooks as private (?) two hundred and twenty eight acres of land in Wilson County on the Waters of Jennings Fork of Round Lick Creek Beginning at an Elm and Bucks on Samuel Bartons East boundary running North one hundred and six poles with Bartons line to Joseph Bailys South West fences, thence East two hundred and seventy poles with Baileys line to an Elm, thence South One hundred & thirty five poles to an Oak, thence West two hundred and seventy poles to Bartons line, thence North twenty nine poles to the beginning.  Located the 13th of July 1800.  To hold to the said John Dabney his heirs and assignees forever  dated 12th Dec. 1801  B. Williams

John Dabney is paying taxes in 1807 in Williamson Co., TN

From "Bible Records Williamson County, Tennessee Volume 2 by Louise Gillespie Lynch 1974"
"This was given to me by Mrs. H. G. Channell. This was copied from the 'Register of John Dabney Sr." in Family Bible of William & Nancy Dabney Bond. (who were married Dec, 24, 1808)

1. Charles S. Dabney son of John & Peggy his wife was born Oct 19, 1773
2. Elizabeth Dabney June 29, 1775
3. Ann Dabney May 15, 1777
4. John Dabney January 21, 1779
5. Patsy Dabney June 9, 1780
6. Leah P Dabney Oct. 31, 1782
7. William Dabney May 9, 1784
8. Lemuel S. Dabney Feb. 27, 1786
9. Charles A. Dabney Dec. 3, 1788
10. Nancy H. Dabney Jan. 3, 1791
11. Peggy S. Dabney May 11, 1793
12. "Polly" M. Dabney Nov. 10, 1795
13. Smith Dabney Feb. 3, 1797
14. Bethenia S. Dabney April 25, 1803
John Dabney of Alberuarle Co., Va. -- Margaret Smith 2nd wife)
John (1779) married Sarah Cox
Anna (1777) married Dr. Geo. W. Bennett
Betsy (1775) married Edward Warren
William (1784) married Eliza Hicks
Nancy (1791) married William Bond
Margarete O. (1793) married Robt. McLemore
Mary (1795-1820) married John House
Charles Anderson (1788-1829) married Nancy Portress Wall
Bethenia (1803) married Atkins Jefferson McLemore



Will of John Dabney
"In the name of God, Amen
I John Dabney Senior of Williamson County and State of Tennessee, being of sound mind and memory tho weak in body, do make ordain and publish this my last will and testament, herein and herby disannulling, revoking and making void all wills heretofore made by me.
It is my will and desire that all my Just debts be paid out of my personal estate and without sale of any of my negroes.
Having given to my sons John and William Dabney all my right and title to twelve hundred and fifty acres of land which I purchased from William T. Lewis lying in Giles County, and other property as mounting in the whole to a full proportion of my estate, I will and bequeath to each of them - John and William Dabney one silver dollar to be paid by my Executors here in after named.
I give and bequeath to my son Charles Anderson Dabney the whole of the tract of land on which I now live supposed to contain two hundred and thirty one acres to him and his heirs forever, and I also give to my said son Charles Anderson my copper still and tubs, all my farming tools, all my sheep, hogs and cattle and all my household and kitchen furniture not herein otherwise disposed of, to him and his heirs forever.
I give and bequeath to my three grand children Robert McLemore House, Lemuel Smith House and Elizabeth Jenkins House children of my deceased daughter Polly Minor House three negroes towit, Lewis, Jonathan and Josiah children of my negro woman Fereby to them and their heirs forever, and I also give to my said granddaugther Elizabeth Jenkins House one feather bed and furniture.
I give and bequeath all the ballance of my estate that may remain after the payment of my Just debts, to my five daughters that is to say, Elizabeth Warren, Anna Bennet, Nancy H. Bond, Peggy S. McLemore and Betheny S McLemore to them and their heirs forever to be divided equally between them share and share alike, and it si my will and desire that said division be made among my said five daughters without selling any of my negroes out of the family.
I give and bequeath to my daughter in law Elizabeth Dabney wife of my son William Dabney one feather bed and furniture.
Lastly I nominate and constitute and appoint Charles Anderson Dabney, William Bond junior and Jefferson A. McLemore Executors to this my last will and testament.
Signed with my own hand and seal in my own house this 16th day of January 1824

Know all men by those present that I John Dabney of the County of Williamson State of Tennessee do on this twentieth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty five make and ordain this Codicil to my Last Will & Testament written on the previous part of this same sheet of paper, in manner and form following that is to say that part of my estate which is by my said Will given and bequeathed to Peggy S. McLemore (now Peggy S. Mallony) I wish and desire it shall be disposed of in the following manner to wit I wish my said Executor Charles A Dabney, William bond Junior and Atkens J McLemore, to retain that part of my said Estate which in the division according to my said Will shall fall to my said daughter, Peggy S. Mallony in their possession and subject to the entire control of them or the survivor of them upon trust nevertheless to receive and pay over to the said Peggy S. Mallony the annual or other profits of her said part in such way that her present husband Thomas G. shall have no benefit or advantage thereby unless by the desire of said Peggy S. Mallony and if it shall so happen that my said daughter Peggy S. shall die during her marriage with said Thomas G. Mallony then it is my desire that said property shall go to and be divided amongst the issue of said Peggy S. in the same way as if she had died intestate and unmarried.  And if said Peggy S. shall survive her said Covertures then I give and bequeath said property to her and her heirs forever.  In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal to this the Codicil to my Last Will and Testament hereby ratifying & confirming my said Will except as herein altered and (?) this day and (?) year above written."

The inventory lists eight Negroes     Stephen, Daniel, Pompey, Jerry, Fereby, James, Eaton and Daniel


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