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Joseph Dutton                                                                see Family Tree
Born: 25 Jan 1660-61 Woburn, Middlesex, MA


1st:  1685 Rebecca Fitch

2nd: 07 Dec 1693 Charlestown, Suffolk, MA to Mary Cutler (widow Smith)

Died: 1733 East Haddam, Middlesex, CT   "Dutton, Joseph, East Haddam. Invt. L157-11-00. Taken 4 February, 1733-4, by John Spencer, John Church and Jabez Chapman. Will dated 1st September, 1733."

"I, Joseph Dutton of Haddam East Society, do make this my last will and testament: I give to my wife Mary Dutton 1-3 part of all my household goods, and 1 good, gentle and easy beast, horse or mare, to be provided out of my moveable estate, with convenient furniture for her to ride upon, and 1 good cow and six sheep, all which she shall have power to dispose of as she shall judge most for her comfort. And my will is that my son Samuel Dutton shall provide sufficient fodder and pasturing for sd. creatures during her widowhood. Also, I give to her 1-4 part of all the grain that my sd. son shall raise from the farm on which I now dwell, yearly, excepting he and she shall otherwise agree. Also, it is my will that my sd. son shall provide for her a sufficiency of convenient firewood during her widowhood, and 1 barrel of syder, and what apples she shall have occasion for, yearly, if the orchard will afford it; also, the choice of any 1 room in my now dwelling house during her natural life. I give to my 3 sons, Benjamin, David and Thomas Dutton, all my creatures that shall not be otherwise disposed of before my decease or by this my last will, that is to say, 1-2 to Benjamin, and ye other half to be divided between David and Thomas equally, which they shall have besides what they have already received. I give to my son Samuel Dutton, besides what he hath already received in deed of gift bearing date with these presents, some cattle that I formerly set out to him. All my carpenter and husbandry tools I give to my son-in-law, Matthew Smith, to be delivered to him out of moveable estate. I give to my daughter, Rebeckah Gates, besides what she hath already received, a table and a brass pan, and the best of the coverlids, and a featherbed, after my own and my wife's decease. I give to my daughter Ruth Millard and to my grandson William Selby, besides what my sd. dasughter Ruth and sd. grandson's mother hath formerly received, all the remainder of my household goods not before disposed of, and that which they have received shall be reckoned with what remains, and shall be equally divided between them. I appoint my wife and son, Samuel Dutton, executors. [signed] Joseph X Dutton, LS. Witness: Mary Smith, Jabez Chapman, Daniel Booge" "Court Record, Page 105---5 March, 1733-4: Will exhibited by Samuel Dutton, executor named in sd. will. Proven."

"Page 56 (Vol. XII) 15 June, 1741: Know all men by these presents: That we whose names are underwritten do acknowledge that we have received in full of Samuel Dutton, executor of our honoured father's (Joseph Dutton's) will, all that is given in sd. will to us the subscribers. 10th April, 1734. [signed] Matthew Smith, David Dutton, Benjamin Dutton, Thomas Dutton. Witness: Thomas Millard, William Selby.

Know all men by these presents: That we who are the under-subscribers acknowledge that we have received in full of Samuel Dutton all that is given in the of our honoured father to us the subscribers. 7th day of May, 1734. [signed] Thomas Millard, Ruth X Millard. Witness: David Dutton, William Selby."
"October the 30th, 1738: Know all men, that I, William Selby of East Haddam, acknowledge that I have received of Samuel Dutton all that was given me by the will of Mr. Joseph Dutton. [signed] William Selby. Witness: David Dutton, Thomas Millard.

May 28th, 1744: Then we, Daniel Gates and Rebeckah Gates, have received of Samuel Dutton all that was given us by our honoured father in his will. [signed] Daniel Gates, Rebeckah X Gates. Witness: Nathan Fisher, Judah Gates.

The above is a true copy of the original, and recorded by me. [signed] Jos: Talcott, Clerk." (Manwaring, Charles William, "A Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records, Vol. III, Hartford District, 1729-1750", pp 44-45, Genealogical Publishing Co.)


Thomas Dutton




Rebecca Fitch

Mary Cutler

CHILDREN with Mary Cutler

1. Susannah Dutton b. 11 Oct 1694

2. Benjamin Dutton b. 10 Oct 1696

3. David Dutton b. 1701
                         d. 20 Feb 1774 age 73

4. Ruth Dutton b. 04 Aug 1704

5. Samuel Dutton b. 13 Feb 1705

6. Thomas Dutton b. 01 Mar 1706-07

Encyclopedia of Massachusetts, Biographical--genealogical By William Richard Cutter, American Historical Society 1916

Joseph Dutton, son of Thomas and Susan Dutton, was born in Woburn, January 25, 1661, and his will bears date 1733, the year of his death. He lived for a time in Reading, where he subscribed two pounds towards the erection of a new meeting house, but later moved to East Haddam, Connecticut, where he died. He bought land in Wallingford, Connecticut, in 1718 and 1719, which he gave to his sons. He is supposed to have been a tanner. He married (first) in 1685, Rebecca Fitch, who bore him a daughter Rebecca, in 1686. He married (second) in 1693, Mary Smith, who was the mother of Susannah, born 1695,  Benjamin, born in Lynn, 1696; David, born in East Haddam, Connecticut, 1698; Ruth, born 1703; Samuel, born 1704; Thomas, youngest of the children of Joseph and Mary (Smith) Dutton, was born at East Haddam, Connecticut, March 6, 1707, and died in Hartford, Vermont, where a stone in the cemetery in Christian street which marks his grave states he died in 1799, aged ninety-eight.

SOURCE: Jan Nelson  "David Dutton, was born in 1701, as his death record in
Waterbury, Litchfield Co, Connecticut gave his age at death as follows
(found in History of Waterbury by Anderson)  "Deacon David Dutton d. Feb
20, 1774
a. 73"