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Thomas Dutton   see Family Tree
Born: Abt 1619 Dutton, Cheshire, England


Married: Abt 1647 Billerica, Middlesex, MA


Died: 22 Jan 1686-87 Billerica, Middlesex, MA    


John Dutton






Joseph Dutton

Encyclopedia of Massachusetts, Biographical--genealogical By William Richard Cutter, American Historical Society 1916

Thomas Dutton, son of John Dutton, was born in Chester, England, and is first mentioned in connection with his father as being in Dorchester, Massachusetts, in 1630. He lived for a time in Reading, moving thence to Woburn, and in 1675 was a resident of Billerica. In addition to his court record, previously mentioned, there is an extract from the minutes of a meeting of the selectmen of Billerica and a committee of militia, held August 8, 1675, concerning the Garrison house which names him and his son John. His son Thomas was with the expedition sent from Natick in 1677, was "shot through the side of my belt and through my left knee and fell down not able to help myself."

Thomas Dutton married (first) Susan , who died in 1684, aged fifty-eight. He married (second) November 9, 1684, Ruth, daughter of William Hopper. His first four children : Thomas, Mary, Susannah and John, were born in Reading, the last five : Elizabeth, Joseph, Sarah, James and Benjamin, at Woburn, the last named born February 19, 1669. The Duttons of Cavendish and Jeffrey, New Hampshire, are descended from Thomas and Susan Dutton.


Most of the New England Duttons are traced back to Thomas. He lived in Reading, Ma until 1657, then Woburn, Ma 1658-68, then removed to Billerica, Ma 1669 where he was listed still living with his sons Thomas & John in 1775.
Middlesex Co. Records, vol. 1 pg 239   1668 action of slander against Michael Bacon Jr., who accused him of being a thief.  22 citizens of Reading testified Dutton had " lived amongst us in the Town of Reeding for the space of 7 years thereabouts."
In 1661 he was convicted of beating his wife, though both denied it . In 1668, 1668 he sued Michael Bacon for slander after the latter accused him of being a thief. Bacon also asserted that Dutton had been notorious in the town of Reading. In the trial, Dutton presented an endorsement, signed by 22 citizens of Reading , that he had lived there for 7 years and in good character and not been known to take anything that wasn't rightfully his. There was also a statement signed by 15 residents of Woodburn stating that Dutton had lived there "near ten years" and had been held in good repute. He won the suit.  That list of 15 is Josias Convars, Samuel Convars, William Johnson, Mathew Johnson, James Convars, John Broockets, Thomas Peirce, Samuell Walker Sr., John Russell Jr., Henry Broockes, Isack Broockes, EdwardWin, Richard Gardener,  John Russell Sr, and John Carter.
He was accepted as an inhabitant of Billerica,1669 Nov.20