Thomas Dutton


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Thomas Dutton   see Family Tree
Born: 01 Mar 1706-07 E. Haddam, Middlesex, CT


Married: 06 May 1729 Wallingford, New Haven, CT


Died:  1799 Royalton, Windsor, VT    


Joseph Dutton


Mary Cutler


Abigail Merriam


1. John Dutton b. 14 Feb 1729-30

2. Abigail  Dutton b. 08 Jul 1732

3. Thomas Dutton b. 31 Jan 1734-35

4. Samuel Dutton b. 24 Jan 1736-37

5. Lois Dutton b. 08 Aug 1739

6. Matthew Dutton b. 11 Nov 1740

7. John Duton b. 03 Apr 1743

8. Amasa Dutton b. 31 Jul 1745

9. Nathaniel Dutton b. 18 Jun 1747

10. Phoebe Dutton b. 11 Oct 1749

11. Asahel Dutton b. 02 Feb 1753

Moved to Wallingford, Ct- Waterbury, Ct in 1757- Royalton, Vt in 1792. Thomas was appointed Ensign May,1792. He boarded in Waterbury,  Ct when building church 7/4/1729. Settled in Waterbury and was celebrated as church builder and carver. Was deacon of the Washburn Church.

Encyclopedia of Massachusetts, Biographical--genealogical By William Richard Cutter, American Historical Society 1916

Thomas Dutton, youngest of the children of Joseph and Mary (Smith) Dutton, was born at East Haddam, Connecticut, March 6, 1707, and died in Hartford, Vermont, where a stone in the cemetery in Christian street which marks his grave states he died in 1799, aged ninety-eight. Thomas Dutton was a man celebrated as a church builder and carver. He built churches at Waterbury, Connecticut, and in other places, being well known over a large section of Connecticut. He was living in Wallingford in 1757, and was a deacon of the church at Westbury. He was distinguished for his personal piety, and reared his large family with such care that all of his sons who lived to manhood were church members and four of them held official positions. After the death of his wife he went to the home of his grandson, also Thomas Dutton, in Waterford, expecting there to soon die. But he so far regained his strength that he journeyed to Vermont to visit children and there died in 1799. He married, May 8, 1729, Abigail Merriam, born in 1708. Children: John, born in 1730, died young; Abigail, born July 8, 1732; Thomas, January 31, 1735 ; Samuel, February 13, 1737; Lois, November 8, 1739; Matthew, November 11, 1740, died in 1842, aged ninety- nine ; Amasa, of further mention ; Nathaniel, June 5, 1747; Phoebe, October 1, 1749, died in 1825; Asahel, February 2. 1753. died young; and perhaps a daughter Asenath.