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Martha Matilda Fenner   see Family Tree
Born: 24 March 1801  Franklin Co., NC


Married: 23 Feb 1819 Raleigh, Franklin Co., NC


        Raleigh Minerva   Friday  Feb 26, 1819
Died: 02 May 1877 Seguin, Guadalupe Co., TX    
Buried: Riverside Cemetery, Seguin, Guadalupe
In Memory Of Matilda Martha Fenner Coorpender erected by Marceil Coorpender Great Great Granddaughter April 3, 1998
Rubbing from tombstone of Matilda Fenner Coorpender in Riverside Cemetery, Seguin, TX Stone reads "Born Mar, 24, 1801 died May 2, 1877 Her children shall arise and call her blessed."


Richard  Fenner


Ann McKinney Geddy


Lewis Coorpender


1. Richard John Coorpender  b. 27 June 1820

2. Eliza A Coorpender  b. 26 June 1821

3. William Fenner Coorpender  b. 30 Sept 1823

4. Lewis Coorpender b. 19 Dec 1827

5. Mary Lou Coorpender  b. Abt. 1831                                   

6. Caroline Coorpender  b. Abt. 1834

7. Robert Coorpender  b. Abt. 1836

8. McKinney Coorpender  b. Abt. 1838

9. Julia Coorpender  b. 05 Nov 1845

Matilda Fenner was attending the Lewisburg Female Academy in Lewisburg, NC just northeast of Raleigh in Franklin County, NC in 1816. (age 15) In June Matilda was examined in Astronomy, American Geography and the use of the Globes in the Seventh Class. "This class passed an excellent examination," according to the Raleigh Minerva. Matilda was also distinguished for Geographical Drawing. The school was evaluated again in December of 1816. The report in the Raleigh Register says Matilda was examined on Reading, Spelling, English Grammar and Parsing. She was also examined on the Geography of North and South America and Europe. She won a "distinction" in Painting.
The school report was printed in the Raleigh Register on 06/Dec/1816.
Her father was instrumental is starting the Franklin Academy in 1802 and adding the Female Academy in 1814.  See comments on page for her father, Richard  Fenner.

Matilda M Coor-Pender died in Seguin, Texas on 2 May 1877.  Her will was filed 01/June/1877

Filed Nov 20, 1885
The State of Texas County of Guadalupe Court Term 1877
To the Hon Henry Maney Judge of the County Court of Guadalupe County. Your Petitioner John R. Jefferson Frank Saunders and Eliza A Jefferson Executors of my last will and testament of Mrs. M. M. Coorpender dead and residents of Guadalupe County Texas, beg leave to represent unto your honor what the said Mrs. M. M. Coorpender was at the time of her death a resident and had her domicil in said County, that she died in the town of Seguin on the 2nd day of May AD 1877, that said Mrs, M, M, Coorpender during her life made her will and declared the same to be her last will and testament and that said will is hereto attached marked (Exhibit "A") and made a part hereof, Petitioners pray that said will be admitted to probate and that notice do issue according to law of this application As in duty
Frank Saunders for Executors
Exhibit "A"
State of Texas
County of Guadalupe I M. M. Coorpender of the County and State above within being of sound mind and body and knowing that uncertainty of life do hereby make this my last will and testament. at the same time revoking any other will and testament that I may have made at any previous time. After paying all of my just and legal debts I hereby give and bequeath unto my daughter Mrs. Eliza A. Jefferson all of my right title and interest to thirty three and one third acres (33 /3) of land more or less in what is commonly called the Johnson field the said tract of land twin Lots Nos. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5 & 6 in Block Fifty one (51), known as timer or river lots in the town of Seguin.
I hereby give and bequest to my daughter Bettie Howard & Mary Lou Jefferson a half interest that I possess on a certain piano, my daughter Mrs. Eliza A Jefferson, owning the other half interest. I hereby give to my grand daughters Cleona Matilda and Mary Coorpender daughters of my late son Louis Coorpender a note that I hold against Capt W M Rush for five hundred (500$) Dollars of which the fall owing is a copy viz
$500 Seguin Oct 23rd 1876 Twelve months after date I promise to pay to Mrs. M. M. Coorpender Five hundred (500) Dollars for value received this note given in payment for ninety acres of land out of the Clemants league sold by Mrs. Coorpender to Junius Coorpender and by him to me interest at 8 per cent"
Signed W. M. Rush
This note is given to my grand daughters Cleona Matilda & Mary Coorpender with the following provisions and conditions to wit. I hereby appoint my daughter Mrs. Eliza A Jefferson as Guardian and trustee to collect the said note and to put the principal out at interest and to use the interest for the benefit of my Grand daughters Cleona Matilda and Mary Coorpender in such manner as she in her judgment may deem best. Whenever either or both of my grand daughters Cleona Matilda or Mary Coorpender should marry then my daughter Eliza A Jefferson is authorized to pay them each the one half Two Hundred & fifty Dolalrs of the principal. In case either of my grand daughters Cleona Matilda & Mary Coorpender should die without marrying then the one remaining shall have all the five hundred dollars under the conditions above set. Fourth, and in case both of them should die before marrying then I desire the five hundred dollars to be distributed among my children what may be living at the time. Having full confidence in the honor and business capacity of my daughter Eliza A. Jefferson I hereby forbid any bond or security being asked of her for the performance of the trust above set forth, and in case of her death, I hereby appoint either John R. Jefferson or Frank R. Saudners as guardians or trustee to carry out the trust upon the same conditions provided for my daughter Eliza A. Jefferson.
I do hereby appoint John R. Jefferson Jr Frank Saunders and Eliza A Jefferson as executors and executrix to carry out the provisions of this my last will and testament, and having full confidence in their honor it is my request that no bond or other security be required of them for the performanse of the trust, and I further desire that no further action shall be had in the Courts in relation to the settlement of my estate except the probation and registry of this my will and the return of an inventory of my property.
In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand this 21st day of March, 1777
M M Coorpender
W W McClaugherty
Hayward Braham
Filed May 5, 1777

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