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John Foster  Immigrant Ancestor see Family Tree
Born: England 1626


Married: probably 1649 in Salem, MA


Died: Nov 16, 1687 Salem, MA








Martha Tompkins


1. Mary Foster b 1649

2. Samuel Foster b 1651

3. John Foster b 1655

4. Benjamin Foster b 1658

5. Jonathan  Foster b 1660

6. Jonathan Foster b 1662

7. Joseph Foster b 1664

8. David Foster b 1665

9. Elizabeth Foster b 1667

10. Jonathan Foster b 1670

11. Hannah Foster b 1672

12. Martha Foster b 1674

13. Ebenezer Foster b 1677

From "Foster Genealogy" by Frederick Clifton Pierce p 695

" The last will and testament of John Foster, Sr., of Salem ; dated Nov. 16, 1687;
probated at Boston, March 14, 1688:
  I, John Foster Senior, of Salem, etc.,- make this my last will and Testament, I give unto my eldest son John Foster ye land where he now dwelleth which formerly I gave him. I give him forty shillings to be paid by my Executor within seven years after my decease. Unto my son Samuel the piece of land which lies before his door containing about an acre and a half bounded with a path on one side and a swamp on ye other and ( John ) Waters and said Samuel's land on ye other two sides.
  Unto David Foster my son, all that my homestead viz: my dwelling house and about five acre of land more or less. Unto my other three sons, viz: Joseph, Jonathan and Ebenezer all ye rest of my land in ye north field and marshes and meadow in ye same with ye marsh at Royal side after my wife's decease or after her marriage provided they pay unto their three sisters Mary, Elizabeth and Martha four pounds in pay apiece in five years after they come to enjoy the above sd. land which is to be equally divided both as to quantity and quality , all wares excepting ye third third of ye two pieces of  marsh at ye great cove given my son by his Grandfather which I hereby confirm. To my said three daughters twenty shillings apiece. To my wife all my all my movables and stock and what shall remain at decease shall be equally divided among the children. I appoint my wife and son David Executors.
  In presence of us
  Steph Sewall
  James Saymonds} who made oath at Ipswich March 14, 1687
  Steven Small "