Mary Fry



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Mary Fry


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Born: 16 Feb 1713 Jericho, Long Island, NY    
Died: Jun 1800    


John Fry


Mary Urquart


Samuel Willis


1. Amy Willis

2. Sarah Willis

3. John Willis

4. Henry Willis d. 28/Sept/1780

5. Keziah Willis d. 15/March/1781


Mary's parents both died when she was about one and a half.  Samuel Willis was made her ward and she went to live with the Willis family, eventually marrying the youngest son.

"The name Mary Fry brings me the charming Quaker maiden, who was 15 years old in 1727, and had already captivated her neighborhood. She was an orphan from her infancy, but an heiress and a belle, if a devout Quaker maiden can be called a belle, and when young Samuel Willis fell in love with her he found he must win her from many competitors. But he had this in his favor, she was his father's ward and dwelling under his father's roof." (*)


(*) Adam and Anne Mott, by Stephen C. Cornell, 1890