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John Hall   Immigrant Ancestor            see Family Tree
Born: Abt. 1609 England    
Died: 23 Jul 1696 Barnstable, MA   In his will, dated 15 July 1694 and proved 25 August 1696, "John Hall senior of Yarmouth" directed that "all those several parcels and portions of land which I formerly gave to my sons shall stand and remain to them ... forever ... to my eldest son Samuel I give twenty acres"; to "my son John I give twenty acres"; to "my son Benjamin" fifteen acres; to "my son Elisha" twelve acres; "all which said parcels of land is now in the tenure and occupation of each of them"; to "my son John ... three acres more"; to "my son Elisha ... my parcel of marsh or meadow land lying above the little beach"; to "my son William and to my son Elisha ... my parcel of meadow and broken marsh lying below the little beach" equally divided between them; to "my said son Elisha my now dwelling house, outhousing, yards, orchard, together with all my lands and meadows whatsoever except such part or parcels as is herein before mentioned"; to "my sons John, Joseph, William, Nathaniel, Gershom, Benjamin and Elisha" residue of moveable estate equally divided; "my two sons John and Elisha" executors [MD 31:36, citing BarnPR 2:23].
The inventory of John Hall was sworn 6 August 1696 and totalled 66 2s. 3d., including no real estate [BarnPR 2:24].




1. Samuel Hall b. 13 Mar 1634/35

2. John Hall b. 13 May 1638

3. Shebar Hall b. 12 Sep 1639

4. Joseph Hall b. 03 Jul 1642

5. Nathaniel Hall b. 08 Fe /1644/45

6. Gershom Hall b. 05 Mar 1647/48

7. William Hall b. 05 Jun 1651

8. Elisha Hall b. 1655

9. Benjamin Hall b. 1649

John Hall migrated from England to Boston in 1630 and moved to Charlestown in 1632, Barnstable in 1640 and Yarmouth by 1653. Admitted to Boston church as member #19 in the fall of 1630, dismissed Oct 14,1632 to participate in forming the new church at Charlestown. On November 2, 1632, John and "Bethiah Haule" were admitted to Charlestown church as founding members.

On 8 June 1655 there was a "complaint made by John Hall, of Yarmouth, against Francis Baker,, of the same town, for abusing Samuel Hall, his son, and servant to the said Baker, by kicking of him and otherwise unreasonable striking him, the Court have ordered that the said Samuel Hall shall be and continue with his father until the next Court of elections. The controversy ended when on Aug 7, 1655 the court ordered John Hall to pay Francis Baker 8 pounds for the remainder of Samuel Hall's time."

John must have been fairly well educated as his inventory at the time of his death listed books at the value of 12 shillings. He left his son Samuel, 20 acres, his son John another 20 acres plus 3 additional acres, Benjamin 15 acres, Elisha 12 acres plus his parcel of marsh or meadow land lying above the little beach plus his dwelling house, outhousing, yards, orchard, etc. William received half of the parcel of meadow lying below the little beach.

Amos Otis in his genealogy of 1888 says the tradition was that he had come from Wales; but nothing is certainly known on the subject; neither is it known whether he married before or after he came over. He writes that the oldest son was Samuel who "was bound as an apprentice to Francis Baker, blacksmith; but he was not treated well by his master, and in 1655, by order of the Court, his indentures were made void, his father paying eight pounds. He afterward learned the trade of a cooper."

David Hall's genealogy of 1883 says John Hall came from Coventry, Warwickshire, England in 1630 probably in the fleet with Gov. Winthrop. He was probably about 21. He may have come over with a brother.