Gabriel Harris



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Gabriel Harris   see FAMILY TREE
Born: Abt. 1605 New London, CT

Baptized 02 Mar 1628/9 Devon, England


Married: 03 Mar 1652/3 Guilford, CT


Died: 16 Mar 1683/84 New London, CT    


Walter Harris


Mary Fry


Elizabeth Abbot


1. Walter Harris b. 06 Nov 1654

2. Elizabeth Harris b. 05 Jun 1656

3. Thomas Harris b. 29 Jul 1658

4. Peter Harris b. 08 Oct 1660

5. John Harris b. 12 Jun 1663

6. Samuel Harris b. 14 Jul 1666

7. Mary Harris b. 21 May 1667

8. James Harris b. 03 Sep 1671

9. Joseph Harris b. 18 Jan 1672/73

New England Weekly Journal, 18 July, 1738.
"Gabriel mar. March 3, 1653-4, Elizabeth Abbot, at Guildford.: They had 7 children, the youngest of whom, Lieut. Joseph, b. Jan. 18, 1673, m. 1696 Mary Stevens of Killingworth. In 1695 he built a house in the southern part of the town, which was the Harris quarter, that is now standing."

History of New London by Frances Manwaring Caulkins, 1852
"Gabriel Harris died in 1684; Elizabeth, his relict, August 17th, 1702
The inventory of Gabriel Harris, compared with that of his father, illustrated the rapid march of improvement in the plantation.  the homestead, consisting of a new house, orchard, cider-mill and smith's shop, value together at 200 pounds, was assigned to Thomas, the eldest son, for his double portion.  the inheritance of the other children, six in number, was 100 pounds each.  Among the wearing apparel are:
        A broad-cloth coat with red lining
        Two Castors, (beaver hats)
        A white serge coat: a Kersey coat
        A serge coat and doublet; a wash-leather doublet
        Two red wescotes - a stuff coat and breeches
        Four looms and tackling: a silk loom
        An Indian maid-servant, valued at 15 pounds
        Three canoes, etc.