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James Herron Immigrant Ancestor see FAMILY TREE
Born: Abt. 1720 Antrim, Ireland    
Died: Bet 1751-1752 Cumberland Co., PA Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, Will Book A pages 19 & 20 Will of James Herron of Cumberland County, PA., Yeoman Written 25 October 1751; Probated January 6, 1752
Being very sick and weak of body; desires body buried in a decent manner; leaves to:
1. Wife Margaret, 1/3 part of household goods, chattels & moveables providing she care for "all my children' with meat, drink, apparel, lodging, washing, physick and schooling during her widowhood or until they arrive at maturity (or until her marriage). Provides for wife to be assisted by executors & guardians if matters become too burdensome.
2. Leaves to 2 sons Francis and John, 2/3 of all goods, chattels & effects so remaining to be divided...
To 2 daughters Elizabeth and Hannah the other third
Child wife is now with...request if it be male then share with the other male children - all equally alike, with the females' part unmolested..
If it be female, then share equally with the other females - all alike and the males to hold their part unmolested.
Executors appointed - David Herron and Francis Herron
Appointed as Guardians over Children - Allen Killough * and Nathaniel Wilson
In presence of William Young, John Ervan
Letters issued to David Herron & Francis Herron on January 6, 1752.
Page 1 of Will

Page 2 of Will
  * Allen Killough was named guardian of James Herron's children in 1752 and was named administrator of Francis Herron's estate in 1762.   An Allen Killough married a Mary Herron

Nathaniel Wilson may have been married to an Elizabeth Herron





1. Francis Herron

2. John Herron

3. Hannah Herron

4. Elizabeth Herron

5. James Herron

The Herrons are first found in PA in the Middle Spring Scots Irish settlement of Middle Spring, PA. Among the first members of Middle Spring Church is David Herron. It is believed he migrated from Ireland about 1734 with two brothers, James and Francis.
The descendants of Francis and David seem to have stayed in the Cumberland Co., area. However there is no record of James' descendants in the area.

From the research of Joy Herron "James Herron of Cumberland Co., PA made his will in 1751 and it was filed for probate in January, 1752,  In this will he names his wife, Margaret and four children in addition to an unborn child.  The children were Francis, John, Elizabeth and Hannah. In Egle's Notes and Queries we find in one account that the unborn child was James."

The Francis Herron of Mecklenburg Co., NC was born about 1742 (from his tombstone) which would be about the age of the Francis mentioned in the will of James Herron.  The Francis Herron of Mecklenburg had a brother John who was one of the administrators of his estate.  He also had a brother named James who "made a nuncupative will which was proven 10 July 1799 in Mecklenburg Co.," directing one of his children to be bound to his brother, Francis Herron. 

 There is no actual proof, however, that James Herron is the father of Francis Herron of Mecklenburg Co., NC

On 26 April 1768 Francis Herron purchased 100 acres of land from North Carolina on the water of the Paw Creek in Mecklenburg Co., NC. The warrant for this survey dated 26 April 1768 also bears the names of Benjm Heron & Andr.
This is probably the Andrew Herron who is buried in the same plot at the Steel Creek Burying Ground with the Francis Herron of Mecklenburg.  This Andrew Herron's wife was Margaret Irwin Herron who is buried alongside her husband.  Surely there is some connection between this Andrew Herron and Francis Herron.  However, Andrew Herron is only 14 years older than Francis and therefore not likely to be his father.  And the James Herron of Cumberland Co., PA did not apparently have a son named Andrew.

Marker for Andrew Herron who died April 4, 1804 aged 77 yrs and his wife Margaret Herron alias Irwin who died June 7, 1793 aged 69 years.  

The possible brothers of James Herron are David Herron and Francis Herron,  Documents can be seen below.

Cumberland County PA Orphans Court Docket, Volume 1, pages 77-80
At an Orphan Court held at Carlistle for the county of Cumberland the sixteenth day of November 1762 before John Byers, William Spear and John Montgovermy Esqr., Justices &c for said County &c...
Came into Court Allen Kiloch and prayeth the Court that David Haron may be appointed Guardian over the persons and Estates of James Herron, William Herron, Mary Herron and Sara Herron minor sons and daughters of Francis Herron late of Cumberland County deceased who is under the age of fourteen year the Court do consider and appoint the said David Herran Guardian over the persons and Estates of the said James Herron, William Herron, Mary Herron and Sarah Herron during their minority."
Cumberland County, PA Will Book C pages 83 & 84
Will of David Herron of Newtownship
Made 17 February 1778; Probated 10 March 1778
1. Wife Elizabeth Herron - 2nd choice of horse creature, 2 cow creatures - one to be a three year old and one to be a year old; her bed & furniture; her wheel and her maintencance during her widowhood.
2. Son John - blew cloth coat and blck velvet waistcoat and 100 pounds in money.
3. To son-in-law William William Walker - brown Wirslet coat & brown cloth wastecoat.
4. T daughter Mary's children 60 pounds in money.
5. To daughrer Rachel's children, she being now wife to George Meek, - 40 pounds, which is all she is allowed.
6. To daughter Jane's children - now wife to Robert Patton - 40 pounds, which is all she is allowed.
7. To daughter Hannah's children - now wife to John Wilson - 40 pounds and no more.
8. to "my two sons" David and Samuel Herron all my lands... the place where I now live and my claim & improvements joining John Wilson and others to be equally divided between them.
9. To David - the black horse
10. To Samuel - the 3 year old and brown colt.
11. Authorize executors to transfer to the purchasers to the best aevantage (land) beforementioned joining John Wilson and others...such moveables that they adjudge my two sons David and Samuel have present need of.
12. Residue to be equally divided between my two sons David and Samuel after debts paid, etc.
13. Brother-in-law William Walker & trusty friend John Bowman appointed executors.
Will signed David (his X mark) Herron
Witnesses: Samuel McCormick, Robert Patton & Hannah Wilson