Hugh Hillier



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Hugh Hillier Immigrant Ancestor see FAMILY TREE
Born: Abt. 1612 England    
Died: 28 Jan 1647/8 Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA    




1. Deborah Hillier b. 30 Oct 1643

2. Samuel Hillier b. 30 Jul 1646

From Cape Cod Library of Local History and Genealogy Vol. I, 1992 from pamphlets published early 20th century.
"Rose Hillier was the widow of Hugh Hillier (or Tilly), who came to Salem from Dorchester, England, or its vicinity, in 1629, in the Lyon's Whelp, under the auspices of the Rev. John White of Dorchester, to serve Sir Richard Saltonstall.  He afterward settled in Yarmouth.  March 5, 1638-9, with Mr. Nicholas Simpkins and Giles Hopkins he deposed to the will of Peter Werden, the elder, of Yarmouth.  March 1, 1641-2, he was with Thomas Starr and another complained of as a scoffer and jeerer at religion and as causing disorder at town meetings, and was ordered to answer at the next court.  June 7, 1642, styled planter, he appears on a bond in the sum of 40 pounds that Thomas Starr shall appear at the next court, shall be of good behavior in the meantime and forbear attending town meetings during the pleasure of the court.  In the margin it is noted that the bond was released.  In August, 1643, he was one of those in Yarmouth between 16 and 60 able to bear arms.  June 5, 1644, he is mentioned as one of the surveyors of highways of Yarmouth.  His wife's maiden name is not known.  They had Deborah, b. in Yarmouth Oct. 30, 1643, and Samuel, b. there about July 30, 1646.  He d. in Yarmouth Jan 28, 1647-8 and was buried the next day."