John Hough



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John Hough
Born: 17 Oct 1655 New London, CT


Married: 27 Jan 1679/80 Norwich, New London, CT


Died: 26 Aug 1715 New London, CT    


William Hough


Sarah Calkins


Sarah Post


1. Sarah Hough b. 23 Apr 1684

2. Hannah Hough b. 30 Jan 1687/8

3. Abiah Hough b. 30 Oct 1690

4. Hester Hough b. 06 Apr 1695

5. John Hough b. 01 Oct 1697

6. David Hough b. 23 Oct 1699

7. Jabez Hough b. 21 May 1702

From Hyde Genealogy by Reuben H. Walworth, 1864

"Capt. John Hough was a house carpenter, and resided at Norwich for a short time after his marriage. They subsequently settled at New London, where he was a man of considerable distinction. He was killed at New London 26 Aug, 1715, by falling from a building upon which he was at work."

From History of New London, Connecticut by Frances Manwaring Caukins, 1852
"Capt. John Hough, the second son, was a noted man of his time, powerful in frame and energetic in character.  His wife was Sarah Post, of Norwich, and Capt. Hough was at one time a resident in that place.  His death was caused by a fall from the scaffolding of a house which he was building in New London, August 26th, 1715.  No external injury could be discovered, but he lived only an hour.  Such an event was sufficient at that time to move the whole town."