William Isley



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William Isley


     Immigrant Ancestor see FAMILY TREE
Born: 1610-1612 Newbury, Wiltshire, England   


Died: 22 July 1681 Newbury, Essex Co., MA    


Richard Isley

             christened 12 June 1577 Compton,  Berkshire, England




Barbara Stevens

1. Catherine Ilsley b: ABT. 1586 Eng

2. Mary Ilsley b: 1638 in Newbury, Essex, MA

3. John Ilsley b: 11 Sep 1641 in Newbury, Essex, MA

5. (Infant) Ilsley b: 24 Feb 1645/1646 in Newbury, Essex, MA

6. Elisha Ilsley b: ABT. 1647 in Newbury, Essex, MA

7. William Ilsley (Elsley) b: 23 Feb 1647/8 Newbury, Essex, MA

8.Joseph Ilsley (I;s;y) b: 30 Oct 1649 in Newbury, Essex, MA

9. Issac Ilsley b: 23 Jun 1652 in Newbury, Essex, MA

10. Sarah Ilsley (Ilsly) b: 8 Aug 1655 in Newbury, Essex, MA

11 (Infant) Ilsley b: 7 Oct 1658 in Newbury, Essex, MA

William ISLEY and his wife, Barbara, left England about 1638. Their ten children were born in Newbury, Essex County, MA William ILSLEY is listed as an early settler in Newbury. Another ISLEY is listed as being in Salisbury MA in 1670. John ELSLY is listed as being an early settler in Salisbury.