Frances Jeffrie



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Frances Jeffrie
Immigrant Ancestor see FAMILY TREE
Born: Sep 1576 Pemburie, Kent, England


Married: Abt. 1599 Kent, England to John Goldstone

Married 2nd to Thomas Diker


Died: 1607 Concord, Middlesex, MA    


John Jeffrie




John Goldstone


1. Robert Goldstone

2. Roger Goldstone

3. Jane Goldstone

4. Sarah Goldstone

5. Elizabeth Goldstone

From The Record of My Ancestry by Charles L. Newhall, 1899.
"John Jefferie resided in Kent County, England. The will of his widow follows:
Jane Jefferie of Pepingburie als Pemburie, Kent, widow, 28 April, 21 James. proved 11 March 1623. The poor of Pemburie. To my daughter Francis the now wife of John Goldstone my gold ring and best suit of apparel, that is to say, petticoat, kirtle, hat and band of cambric or holland. To Susan the now wife of my son Roger Thompson my second suit of apparel &. To Susan the now wife of my son William Jefferie my third suit of apparel. The rest of my apparel I give to Jane and Martha Baldocke daughter of my daughter Margaret. To Jane Goldstone my god daughter, the daughter of Francis, five shillings and one pair of sheets. My god daughter Elizabeth Wood the daughter of sister Wood. All the children of my daughter Francis. All my other god children. John Jefferie the son of my son John Jefferie. John Jefferie the son of my son William Jefferie. Ten shillings each to my son John Jefferie and to my son Roger Thompson. All of the children of my two sons Walter Thompson and Roger Thompson. John Baldocke and the said Jane and Martha Baldocke, the three children of my daughter margaret deceased, thirty pounds divided equally between them in full payment and satisfaction of all such duties and demands which they or any of them shall or may claim or demand by and after the death of Roger Thompson their deceased grandfather or by and after me the said Jane as administratrix after the death of the said Roger Thompson or by gift, promise or otherwise of me or of John Jefferie my late husband deceased, the same to be paid unto them by my executors hereafter named at the age of twenty and two years of them the said John, Jane and Martha Baldocke or at the day of their marriage if them or any of them shall marry before their age & with the advice of my sister Elizabeth Wood and my daughter Francis Goldstone. My son Thomas Jefferie. Edward and Nicholas Jefferie my sons. Every of my servants. To my son Thomas Jefferie my silver cup and to William Jefferie my silver salt. Other gifts. I make Thomas Jefferie and Edward Jefferie my sons executors &
Then follow the disposition of landed property. Land in Capell. House or cottage and lands in Pepinburie als Pemburie. To son Thomas Jeffrey the house wherein I now inhabit called Crowherst.
I appoint my well beloved friends Stephen Jefferie of Greys Inn, gent., and Edward Jefferie of Tunbridge, yeoman, my brothers in law, Thomas Wood of Capell my brother in law and John Goldstone of Tudely my son in law to be my faithful overseers. - N. E. Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol., 50. pp. 508-9"