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Elizabeth Immigrant Ancestor see FAMILY TREE
Born: Mar 1787 Manchester England The obituary for her daughter, Eliza Johnson Shepard, reads, "Eliza, the wife of Ben Shepard, was born at Cincinnati, Ohio, August 11, 1816.  She was the daughter of John and Elizabeth Johnson, who came from Manchester, England in 1812.  
Died: 04 Aug 1876


Her tombstone may read, "died Aug 4, 1876   89 years 5 mo
The stone is hard to read so age may be off.
Buried: Memorial Chapel Cemetery, Newport, Vermillion Co., IN

(near markers for Ben and Eliza Shepard)

Elizabeth Johnson
died Aug 4, 1876
89 years 5 mo

Shepard Plot at Memorial Chapel Cemetery.  A brick boundary can be seen surrounding the plot. Within the plot, starting at the far left, are Ben and Eliza Shepard with a tall chunky headstone. Next are four tall slim markers for their four unmarried daughters, Mary Elizabeth, Caroline (Callie), Ellen V and Susie. The next two large stones are Lewis Shepard and his wife Susan Hannahs Shepard.  The next tiny stone is for a baby Shepard. On the far right of the line is the marker for Elizabeth Johnson.






John Johnson


1. male Johnson b. Bet 1810-1815 (listed in 1830 census)

2. female Johnson b. Bet 1810-1815 (listed in 1830 census)

3. female Johnson b. Bet 1815-1820   (listed in 1830 and 1840 census)

4. Eliza Johnson  b. 1816 OH

5. Charles Johnson  b. 1822 Vermillion Co. IN

6. Wesley Johnson  b. 1823  IN

7. William Johnson b. 1825  IN

8. Verlinda Johnson  b. March/1826 IN

9.  George Johnson  b.   IN

10. Louisa Johnson  b. 1829  Vermillion Co., IN

11. Maria Johnson  b. 1832  Vermillion Co., IN

John Johnson first shows up in the records in the 1830 census for Vermillion Co., IN At that time he had ten children. Eliza, one of the oldest, had been born in OHIO. In 1830 there is one daughter between 15-20, two daughters between 15-20 (one of which would have been Eliza b. 1816), two daughters under 5 (Verlinda and Louisa), one son 15-20, two sons 5-10 (Charles and Wesley), and two sons under 5 (William and George).  Maria wasn't born till 1832 in Indiana.

Both John and Elizabeth were born in England. John is listed as being from England in the 1850 Mortality Schedule for Rushville and Elizabeth is listed as from England in the 1850 and 1860 censuses.

In the census of 1830, John "Jonson" is listed in Vermillion Co., IN just below Ben Shepherd who is still single, living with his widowed sister, Sophia, and her two children.

In the 1840 census John "Johnston" is listed in Schuyler Co. IL

After Eliza married Ben Shepard, John Johnson moved the rest of his family to Rushville, Schuyler Co., IL He probably was living there from the mid 1830's to 1850 when he died of epilepsy according to the Mortality Schedule.  He was 73.  He served as a juror in December of 1839. His widow, Elizabeth, stayed on living with her son William in the census for 1860.  (The 1870 census for William or his mother, Elizabeth, has not been found.  William may have been in the process of moving to Taylorville, Christian Co., IL where he died in 1890)
The obituary on Alma Wright states Elizabeth (Shepard) "was of English descent and came to Indiana with her father in the 1820's." Elizabeth Shepard's granddaughter supposedly "remembered her vividly and recounted countless stories of her manners, morals and general demeanor" according to Judson's grandson. Elizabeth Johnson supposedly "lived in London, and came from a family of consequence." 

Elizabeth's daughter, Verlinda  was married in Rushville, IL in 1850 but moved to Springfield, OH after her marriage. Verlinda's husband, William Houck, was an important man in Springfield, having started a brick-making company with his father in the 1830's. John Johnson was listed as a bricklayer in the 1850 Mortality Schedule for Schuyler Co., IL.  Verlinda's and her sister, Eliza, must have been close. Verlinda's photo was found in the album given to Grace Shepard. (Aunt Linda Houk).  Verlinda's oldest daughter, Emma, was a bridesmaid in the wedding of Selinda Shepard and David Handley.