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John Johnson                                                          Immigrant Ancestor                                                     see FAMILY TREE
Born: Abt. 1777  England Eliza Shepard, Verlinda Houck, William M Johnson and George Johnson in 1880 say father and mother born in England.  Mortality Schedule says he was born in England and was 73 years of age when he died on Dec 30, 1849  
Died: 30 Dec 1849  Rushville, Schuyler Co., IL  
Mortality Schedule of Rushville, Schuyler Co "for people who died in the year ending June 1,  1850." John Johnson is aged 73, born in England and listed as occupation, "bricklayer"






Elizabeth unknown


1. male Johnson
b. Bet 1810-1815 (listed in 1830 census)
This child could possibly be the Andrew "Johnston" listed in the 1840 census for Schuyler Co.  He too was listed as working in manufacturing.  He is the only other Johnson or Johnston living in the county.  He was married with two daughters under 5 in 1840.

2. female Johnson
b. Bet 1810-1815 (listed in 1830 census)

3. female Johnson
b. Bet 1815-1820   (listed in 1830 and 1840 census)

4. Eliza Johnson 
b. 11 Aug 1816 Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH
m. 28 Jul 1835 to Ben Shephard in Vermillion, IN
d. 7 Dec 1890 Newport, Vermillion, IN

5. Charles Johnson 
b. 1822 Vermillion Co. IN
m.31 Dec 1848 to Margaret Catherine Prunty in Rushville, Schuyler, IL
d. 25 Aug 1864 Schuyler, IL

6. Wesley Johnson 
b. 1823  Vermillion,IN

7. William Johnson
b. 1825  Vermillion, IN
m. 26 Mar 1857 to Lavinia Sabrina Osborne in Springfield, Clark, OH

8. Verlinda Johnson 
b. March 1826 Vermillion, IN
m. 31 Oct 1850 to William H Houck in Rushville, Schuyler, IL
d. 30 Nov 1891 Springfield, Clark, OH

9. George Johnson 
b. 1832 Vermillion, IN
m. 17 Apr 1866 to Annettie Lee in Rushville, Schuyler, IL
d. Bet 1900-1910 Rushville, Schuyler, IL

10. Louisa Johnson 
b. 1829  Vermillion Co., IN
m. 25 Dec 1850 Rushville, Schuyler, IL
d. 16 Apr 1862 Rushville, Schuyler, IL

11. Maria Johnson 
b. 1832  Vermillion Co., IN


According to the obituary of her granddaughter, Mary Elma Shepard Wright, Eliza Johnson, born 1816, was born in Cincinnati.  This places John and Eliza Johnson in Cincinnati in 1816 however, there is no record of them there that I could find.  There was one John Johnson there that could be him.  A John Johnson, no wife listed, of Hamilton Co. OH, in 1806 mortgaged land to John R. Gaston for $154 with the last installment due John Johnson in 1808.  The 1819 City Directory for Cincinnati has a John H. Johnson, dealer in lumber and mill stones, but he is still there in 1825 and we know this John Johnson and wife Eliza were in IN in 1822 when their son Charles was born.

John Johnson was farming in Vermillion Co., IN by the early 1820's. In the 1830 census for Vermillion Co., IN he is listed two names away from Benjamin Shepard who in 1835 married John's daughter, Eliza.  On Feb 1, 1831 John Johnson of Vermillion Co., IN received a certificate of full payment for 80 acres of land from The Land Act of 1820.  The United States government offered this land at $1.25 per acre.  Thus John Johnson had paid $100 for 80 acres of land in Vermillion County, IN.  
In 1831 received 80 acres of land from Land Grant of 1820

While living in Vermillion County, John Johnson appears to be farming.  However, on the 1840 census for Schuyler County, IL, John "Johnston" is listed as working in manufacturing and  when he died in Schuyler County, ILL in 1849 he was listed as a bricklayer.  It is interesting to note on Sep 6, 1831 in Rushville, Schuyler, IL  a John Johnson and Benjamin Chadsey were given authority to build two dams.  And in 1829 when the Schuyler County court house was built, "The brick work and enclosing were contracted for by Benjamin Chadsey who was allowed $2,300." (History of Schuyler County)

From the combined history of Schuyler and Brown Counties, Illinois. On the 6th of September, 1831, three mill seats were established by the county commissioners. One, on the application of Benjamin Chadsey and John Johnson, on Sugar creek, in the southwest quarter of section five, township one north, range one east. The proprietors were given authority to build a dam twelve feet in height. The second on Crooked creek in the southeast quarter of section twenty, township three north, range three west, (the site of the present town of Brooklyn). William C. Ralls was authorized to build a dam nine feet above the bed of the stream at this place. The third on Crooked creek, in the northeast quarter of section eleven, township one north, range three west. Ozborn Henley was here given authority to build a dam to a height of ten feet above the bed of the stream.  


We are not sure when John and Eliza Johnson moved to Schuyler County, IL.  Their daughter, Eliza, married Ben Shepard in Vermillion County, IN on July 28, 1835.  And in the first week of October, 1836 this John Johnson and wife Elizabeth sold the land they had received from the 1820 Land Grant.  Daniel A Jones paid $100 for 6 acres with appurtenances.  William P Blair paid $100 for another part of the land.  Benjamin Asberry paid $100 for 12 acres.  And David W. Clover paid $400 for 45 acres.        One of the land transactions is shown at right.  (To Benjamin Asbury)
Deed BK 5 pg 282

Rushville, Schuyler Co., IL seems to have been becoming a prosperous little community.  The Gazetteer of IL for 1837 states, "Rushville, the seat of justice for Schuyler county, is situated in the central part of the county, at the south end of a beautiful prairie, on section thirty, two north, one west, ten miles from the Illinois river at the nearest point, and twelve from Beardstown.
It has either or ten stores, various mechanics and professional men, Presbyterian, Methodist, Episcopalian and Campbellite churches, and 1000 inhabitants.  A charter for a railroad to the Illinois river opposite Beardstown has been granted.
The court house is of brick, two stories, and the people have erected a brick school house.  Good building stone and plenty of coal are found in the vicinity.
The settlements around Rushville are large, and the village itself exhibits a quietness and neatness in its external appearance that is pleasing to the traveller."

John Johnson served as a juror in Schuyler County in 1839.  He died of epilepsy in 1849 and his occupation was listed as bricklayer.  His widow, Elizabeth, was living with her son William in the 1850 census.  Virlinda, aged 24, is also living in the household.  William Houck is listed as a "brickmaker" living with Virlinda's brother, Charles Johnson, in the next household.

The obituary on Alma Wright states Elizabeth (Shepard) "was of English descent and came to Indiana with her father in the 1820's." Elizabeth Shepard's granddaughter supposedly "remembered her vividly and recounted countless stories of her manners, morals and general demeanor" according to Judson's grandson. Elizabeth Johnson supposedly "lived in London, and came from a family of consequence."