Robert Linnel



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Robert Linnel Immigrant Ancestor see FAMILY TREE (Brooke)

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Died: 27 Feb 1662/3 Barnstable, Barnstable, MA    

WIFE 1st: unknown

         2nd: Peninah Howse

CHILDREN with first wife

1. David Linnel

2. Sarah Linnell

CHILDREN with Peninah Howse

1. Hannah Linnel

2. Mary Linnel

3. Abigail Linnel

4. Shubael Linnel

5. Bethia Linnel


According to "Genealogical Notes of Barnstable Families" by Amos Otis, 1888
"Mr. Robert Linnel came over in 1638, settled in Scituate that year, and removed to Barnstable on the following. The prefix of honor to his name indicates that he was a man of some wealth and consideration in his native land. Be brought a letter, certifying that he and his wife had been members in good standing in the Congregational Church in London, and recommending them to the church in Scituate, of which they became members Sept 16, 1638.
He took the oath of allegiance to the King and of fidelity to the Colony Feb. 1, 1638-9, and was admitted a freeman on the 3d of December following. He was one of the grantees of the lands at Sippican January 1638-9, and a grand juror at the June term of the Court,
Mr. Linnel was nearly sixty years of age when he came to Barnstable. His daughter Sarah born, if the Custom House record is reliable, in 1607, married in England Thomas Ewer, and came over in 1635. Her husband died in 1638, and she married Dec. 11, 1639, Thomas Lothrop of Barnstable. Mr. Savage calls Sarah the daughter of William Larnet or Larned, of Charleston. The spelling of the name in Mr. Lothrop's record of his son's marriage favor that supposition; but that is not reliable, for no Barnstable name is found spelled in so many different forms. Whether Linnel or Linnet is the better spelling, it is difficult to determine.
If Sarah was his daughter, he was born as early as 1584, and was too old when he came over to enter vigorously into the business of pioneer life, and his age accounts for the quiet, secluded manner in which he afterwards lived. He died 27 Feb. 1662-3, an aged man, leaving a small estate to his widow and children.
Mr. Linnel died a poor man. In his will dated 23 January, 1662-3, he gives to his wife Jemimah Linnel the use and improvement of his house and homelot so long as she remains a widow, and his furniture, a plow, a cart, and two cows and a calf forever. To his son David he gives his lot on the south side of the road containing four acres adjoining John Caseley's land, three acres of marsh at Sandy Neck, and his house and homelot, including the swamp he bought of Thomas Lewes after the death or marriage of his wife. To his daughter Abigail three acres of upland and meadow in the common-field, on the northt-westerly side of mattakeese pond, To John David (who married his daughter Hannah) his two oxen, on condition that he provided his wife with wood, plowed her grounds, and mowed her meadow two years, if she remained a widow so long, if not, then to be free. To his daughter Bethia one cow, "to have it when my wife will."
Oct 20, 1669, "Penniah Linnet" complained to the Court that David Linnit had possessed himself of the house and land given her by her deceased husband, Mr. Robert Linnitt, and had given her no satisfaction for the same. The Court ordered that he give her satisfaction for the same before the next March Court.


The son of David Linnel, John Linnel, married the daughter of Hannah Linnel, Ruth Davis.

Chase Jackson Brooke (Chuck) and Susan White Brooke are both descended from David Linnell