Oliver Manwaring



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Oliver Manwaring                          Immigrant Ancestor                                                see FAMILY TREE
Baptized: 16 Mar 1633/4 Dawlish, Devonshire, England  
Died: 03 Nov 1723 New London, CT    


Hannah Raymond


1. Hannah Manwaring b. 1662

2. Elizabeth Manwaring b. 1663

3. Love Manwaring b. 1670

4. Prudence Manwaring b. 10 Sep 1671

5. Richard Manwaring b. 13 Jul 1673

6. Judith Manwaring b. Apr 1676

7. Oliver Manwaring b. 02 Feb 1678/9

8. Bathsheba Manwaring b. 09 May 1680

9. Ann Manwaring b. 18 Jun 1682

10. Mary (Mercy) Manwaring b. Abt. 1684

History of New London, Connecticut by Frances Manwaring Caulkins pg 367
"Oliver Manwaring, died November 3d, 1723
He was then ninety years of age, and had been an inhabitant of the town about sixty years. His house-lot of eleven acres was bought on the 3d of November, 1664. The nucleus of this homestead, consisted of the house plot and garden, have never been alienated by the family, but is still in the possession of a descendant in the direct male line from Oliver.
Oliver Manwaring married Hannah, daughter of Richard Raymond. His wife connected herself with Mr. Bradstreet's church, in 1671, at which time they had four children baptized: Hannah, Elizabeth, Prudence and Love. After this were baptized in order, Richard, July 13, 1673, Judith, in April, 1676; Oliver, February 2d, 1678-9; Bathsheba, May 9th, 1680; Anne, June 18, 1682; Mercy. All these children were living at the period of Mr. Manwaring's death: the eight daughters were married and had families. He bequeathed to his grandson, John Richards, (the son of his daughter Love,) all bills and bond due to him 'and particularly that bond which I had from my nephew, Oliver Manwaring, in England.' "

Unknown source:
"He was a mariner who first appeared in Boston in 1662. He was then about twenty-nine years of age and must have brought money with him, as it appears from the records that he purchased a plot of ground in that town. The date of his marriage to Hannah Raymond, daughter of Richard Raymond of Salem, [1634] and afterwards Saybrook [1664], is unknown, but there is a record which states that on Nov. 3, 1664, Joshua Raymond purchased a house, home-lot and other land in New London "for Oliver Manwaring, his brother-in-law." The marriage must, therefore, have taken place between 1662 and 1664."