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  Note: "Inv. of Est. of Widow Jane Polley of Reho., formerly wife of Philip Walker of Reho., dtd. 21 March 1702. Apprs: Samuel Peck, Steven Paine & Daniel Smith. Pres. by her son Lt. Samuel Walker

Probate: ABT 1702 Rehoboth, Bristol, MA
Note: "Agrmt. & div. of Est. of Jane Polley of Roxbury, mother of Samuel & Philip Walker of Rehoboth; Henry Sweet of Attl. in behalf of his wife Elizebeth; Ebenezer Walker & said Samuel Walker as guard. of chldn. of Abraham Peren of Reho. dcd. Witns: Hezekiah Luther, Thomas Bowen & Hugh Cole
Born: 24 Mar 1632/3 England  
Died: 24 Oct 1701 Roxbury, Suffolk, MA Probate: 21 MAR 1702 Rehoboth, Bristol, MA


Michael Mettcalf


1st  Philip Walker

2nd: John Polley
m. 02 Jun 1684 Roxbury, Suffolk, MA


1. Samuel Walker b. Feb 1654/5

2. Sarah Walker b. 16 Feb 1656/7

3. Philip Walker b. Mar.1660/1

4. Elizabeth Walker b. Mar 1660/1

5. Mary Walker b. Mary 1663

6. Experience Walker b. 1665

7. Elizabeth Walker b. 01 Apr 1666

8. Michael Walker b. 01 Mar 1666-67

9. Ebenezer Walker b. 1676

10. Martha Walker