George Merriam



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George Merriam Immigrant Ancestor see Family Tree
Born: Abt. 1602 Hadlow, Kent, England


Married: 16 Oct 1627 Hadlow, Kent, England


Died: 29 Dec 1675 Concord, Middlesex, MA    


William Merriam


Sarah Burgess


Susan Raven


1. Mary Merriam baptized 14 Nov 1628

2. Mary Merriman baptized 14 Nov 1630

3. Susan Merriam

4. Elizabeth Merriam baptized 18 Jan 1634

5. Joseph Merriam baptized 26 Feb 1636

6. Sarah Merriam b. 1639

7. Elizabeth Merriam b. Nov/1641

8. Samuel Merriam b. 1643

9. Abigail Merriiam b. 1645

10. Hannah Merriam  b. 1647 Concord, Middlesex, MA

From Genealogical Memoranda relating to the Family of Merriam by Charles Pierce Merriam, 1900
In 1638, Robert, George and Joseph Merriam, the sons of William Merriam of Hadlow, in Kent, emigrated, and settled at Concord in Massachusetts - Their father held land and was a clothier in Tudeley in England.  George was made a freeman in Concord June 2, 1641.

Will of George Merriam

I George Mirriam of Concord in New Engld. in the Coun. of Midd. being in perfect memory do make this my last will and testamt. in manner & forme as following.
first I comitt and comend my Soul into the hands of God my mercifull father, who hath called mee to the followship of his son Jesus Cht. in whom I have believed, knowing he is able to keep yt wch I have comitted to him, and my body to be decently buryed, beleiveing the resurrecon thereof to Eternall life, As touching the temporal estate that God hath given mee as followeth.

Item. I give to my beloved wife all my moveables to be at her dispose. Itm. I give to my five daughters, Sarah Gove of Cambridge, Elizab. West of Salem, Hannah Axdell of Marlbury, Susan Scotchford of Concord and Abigail Bateman of concord, these sevrall parcels of land hereafter mentioned, namely:  Eighteen accrs of upland beyond Crane feild, Six accrs meadow at faire haven, Two accrs of plow land in the South feild, Two accrs of meadow in the great meadow, fifteen accrs of woodland beyond Cedar Swamp, five accrs of woodland by Mr. Flynts pond, fourten accrs of wood land at ye head of ye oxpasture, Eight accrs of land by ye suburbs neere Rocky meadow, fifty seaven accrs of land, & forty five accrs of land, at ye lower end of Elme brook meadow, Thirten accrs of meadow called Birth meadow, to be equally divided between them, as they shall agree among themselves, or upon non agreement by a Comittee mutally chosen between them.  Itm. I give to my sonn Samuel my houseing & lands joyneing therunto, cont'. three lotts, being in quantity thirty accrs more or less, & six accrs meadow in the Town meadow, with two accrs more or less, & six accrs meadow in the Town meadow, with two accrs of upland therto adjoyneing, & twelve of meadow in elm brook meadow, with four accrs of swamp & upland joyneing therto, & two accrs in Cedar swamp, proved that this my son Samuel do well prvide for comfortable maintenance of his mother durintg her naturall life, & take care for her decent buryall wn deceased, My will also is that if Susan my wife for her greater conveniency shall choose to live with any of her daughters, or any other place in Concord, that then my said son Samuel shall allow five pounds p ann to his mother in such progvissions as are meet for her in the place shee shall from time to time be in; Also I appoynt my said son Samuel Executor of this my last will and testamt.  In witness whereof I set to my hand & seale, this 8th day of Octob. one thousand six hundred seaventy 7 five.