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William Merriam                                       see FAMILY TREE
Born: Abt 1624 Tudley, Kent, England    
Died: 22/May/1698 Lynn, Essex, England   Merriam Genealogy by Charles Henry Pope 1906

"The Testimony of Jeremiah Shepard Aged 42 who Testifyeth and saith that being present with William Meriam Sr. at his last sickness, his last will and mind with reference to the disposall of his outward estate was That his wife Sarah should out of his estate have maintained for her 2 cowes & a beast to ride upon, a bed and furniture. In the Leantoo wherin he then lay, and alsoe a Bras ketle with the use of sd Room during her life; and what he had allready conveyed to his children should be confirmed to ym; his eldest son Joseph to enjoy what lands he had bequeathed to him and his two sons William and John should have the remainder of the Lands equally divided between them."


Joseph Merriam


Sarah Goldstone


Elizabeth Breed


1. Joseph Merriam b. Abt 1650

2. Elizabeth Merriam b. 08/Nov/1654

3. John Merriam b. 13/Sep/1657

4. Sarah Merriam b. 03/Jun/1660

5. Rebecca Merriam b. 21/Oct/1662

6. Sarah Merriam b. 14/Sep/1664

7. William Merriam b. 08/Mar/1667-68

8.  John Merriam b. 25/Apr/1671

Merriam Genealogy by Charles Henry Pope 1906
William, born in England, probably at Tewdley, in the county of Kent, about 1624; came as a boy to Concord, Mass., and entered into the life of the new plantation. Joined the church, and was made a freeman of the colony, May 2, 1649. He was one of the witnesses to the will of Joseph How 24 (2), 1651. The "goodman Merriam," who owned a lot of land in Hampon, N. H., May 2, 1655, may be - we may say must be - this man; but there is no evidence that he resided there. He had already settled at Lynn, where he married first Elizabeth, daughter of Allen Breed. Her father gave them, June 26, 1666, a good portion, 200 acres of farm land, all in Lynn, in the southern part, now called by the ancient name Saugus. He married second, Oct 11, 1676, Anna Jones, who died July 29, 1677. He married third, Sarah------, who survived him.
He served as a trooper in King Philip's War, enrolled Feb. 29, 1675-6, in Capt. George Curwin's company, and received 4-10's for his services. He died in 1689' was buried 22 May, 1689.

William is mentioned in the will of his grandfather, William Merriam