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Lucy Prescott Moore see  FAMILY TREE \
Lucy Prescott Moore
Born: 14 July 1884 Rochester, Monroe Co., NY    
Married: 19 Oct 1912  Nevada County, CA 
Marriage License
John and Lucy Shaw   Taken in Laredo, TX on a shopping expedition in the early 1940's
Died: 5 Mar 1970 Monterrey, Mexico


Death Certificate
Buried: Rosario Cemetery, Monterrey, Mexico    


Frederick Pettes Moore


Frances Hall Whiting


John Ernest Shaw


1. John Ernest "Jack" Shaw  b. 17 Sep 1913   John Ernesr Shaw
John Ernest "Jack" Shaw
2. Lucy Moore Shaw b. 02 Apr 1915  
Lucy Moore Shaw
3. Jane Shaw b. 1917    
4. David Shaw b. 28 Jun 1918  
David Shaw

Lucy's family moved around a lot when she was a youngster.  She was born in Rochester, NY but moved to Alameda, CA in 1889 at the age of 5.  Her father had just joined the Equitable Life Insurance company.  From Alameda, her father was transferred to IL in 1893 when Lucy was 9 and they lived in Evanston, IL for a couple of years.  Then when she was 11 the family was transferred to Memphis.  And at aged 13 she finally moved to Bellevue where the family remained until she got out of school.  In the 1910 census for Bellevue Lucie P Moore, aged 25, is listed as a stenographer in a lawyer's office.

Oral history has it that she had gone to finishing school and was especially good in math. During the Mexican Revolution of 1910 Lucy had gone with her sister, Louise, to look for Louise's husband, Malcolm Poole, who was lost during the Revolution. They never did find Malcolm. Somehow they were rounded up and held in a containment camp for foreigners for a short time for their own protection. John Ernest Shaw was also being held there and they met on a tennis court in this camp.

After her release, Lucy went to San Francisco to an aunt's home, probably Elizabeth Whiting McCutcheon.  John followed her and became a mining engineer in Gaston Ridge, CA. He had been appalled to see an American woman in Mexico during the Revolution and admired her spunk and courage. They dated and married in 1912 when he was 26 and she 29. The attendants were Fred P. Moore and Ethel Garland both residents of Gaston, Nevada County, CA

They moved to Chile for a short time, 1917 - 1922, and then to Tampico, Mexico. In Tampico John Shaw became the manager of an oil company. Finally the family settled in Monterrey, Mexico about 1930-31. After John died Lucy moved in with her married daughter and grandchildren. Her grandson, Chuck, remembered her playing cards, especially poker, and smoking cigars for effect.

John and Lucy's son David enlisted in the RCAF in 1942 and flew bomber missions in Burma. His brother Jack was a FBI agent in Nicaragua for a few years and then returned to Monterrey to go into the mining business.