Adam Mott Sr



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Adam Mott Sr. see Family Tree

Born: 10 Dec 1734 Cow Neck, New York

Married: 1st   05 March 1755 to Sarah Willis

               2nd   05 Jan 1785 to Abigail Batty

Died: 18 Dec 1790


Adam Mott


Phebe Willets

WIFE 1st: Sarah Willis

            2nd: Abigail Batty b. 1733

                                        d. 10/Dec/1807

CHILDREN with Sarah Willis

1. Adam Mott b. 11 Oct 1762

2. Elizabeth Mott b. 19 July 1756

                            D. 10 Apr 1782

3. Samuel Mott b. 29 Sep 1773

4. Mott b. 18 Oct 1758

Adam's father died when he was four and his brother, Stephen, two. Elizabeth was a year older. His mother remarried four years later to Tristram Dodge.

There is a story about his brother, Stephen, being a practical joker. From Adam and Anne Mott, by Thomas C. Cornell, "The tradition remains that her younger son Stephen was a round-headed, practical joker, with dark hair and eyes, and sometimes made his step-father his victim. In going by water to Matinecock meeting, it was Stephen's place, at times when the tide was down, to wade out to the boat carrying his mother dry shod, which he cheerfully did; but when called upon to carry his step-father, the case seemed to him different, and he was not always able to avoid letting the old gentleman fall in the water!"

On March 5, 1755 there was a double wedding. Adam married Sarah Willis and his sister, Elizabeth, married Sarah's brother John Willis.  Seven years later, their brother Stephen married Sarah and John's sister, Amy Willis.

Adam stayed on in his father's house and his mother and step-father moved to the step-father's farm. Tristram died five years later.