Hugh Mould



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Hugh Mould   see FAMILY TREE
Born: 1637 England    
Married: 11 Jun 1662 New London, New London, CT   VITAL RECORDS OF NEW LONDON, NEW LONDON CO., CONN.
Hugh Mould of Barnstable was marryed to Martha - ye daighter of John Coit - ye 11 of January 1662.
Died: 1692 New London, New London, CT    


Martha Coit


1. Susanna Mould b. 02 Apr 1663

2. Mary Mould b. 26 Jul 1665

3. Hugh Mould b. Oct 1667

4. Christina Mould b. 08 May 1670

5. Martha Mould b. 25 Dec 1674

6. Jane Mould b. 07 Jan 1675-76

7. Esther Mould b. 27 Aug 1681

8. Hester Mould b. 27 Aug 1681

History of New London, Connecticut : from the first survey of the coast in 1612 to 1852 by Frances Manwaring Caulkins, 1852

"The last vessel built by Hugh Mould, that can be mentioned by name, was the Edward and Margarewt, a sloop of thirty tons burden, constructed for Edward Sallion, in 1681. Mr. Mould is supposed o have come from Barnstable, near Cape Cod. He can be traced in New London, from June 11th, 1662, the date of his marriage with Martha, daughter of John Coite, to June, 1691." pg 237

Joseph Coit, Hugh Mould and John Steven, son and sons-in-law of John Coit - all pursued the same business. Mould was undoubtedly the master builder, as the vessels constructed by the partners were usually called Mould's vessels. pg 231