Obadiah Newcomb


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Obadiah Newcomb                                        see FAMILY TREE
 Born: 1695 Edgartown, Dukes, MA


1st Abigail Curtis 23 Nov 1722 Northampton, Hampshire, MA
2nd: Mrs Mary Post   22 Jun 1758   Source: Not verified. Taken from family tree on Ancestry.com  of B. J. Smith-Heintz   No source listed.
Died: 24 May 1761 Hebron, CT   Will: 25 Oct 1758.  Probated 6 July 1761, East Haddam Dist., Vol. 3, P. 112, Records (now Colchester Probate District)
Gives wife Mary 1/3 dwelling house during widowhood and 1/3 personal estate, not given to son. She and son Daniel Executors. To son Daniel, he gives land in Hebron and Coventry, and 2/3 farming tools, wearing
apparel, gun, sword, and can, bonds, notes and book accounts "due me" (having already given him lands) he paying debts of estate and legacy to daughter.
To daughter Abigail wife of David Barber 100 acres (land) in Sharon, bought of Joseph Owen; 1/3 personal estate and 50 "proclamation money" to be paid two years after decease by son Daniel.
To daughter Jemima, wife of Seth Wales, two tracts of land in Cornwall 50 acres bought of Palmer, 200 acres bought of Wm. Turner and 1/3 personal estate. Provision made for Phinehas Ford who was indentured to Capt. Obadiah Newcomb.
Only son, Daniel Newcomb, appeared and accepted trust, 6 July 1761.


Simon Newcomb




1st: Abigail Curtis        

2nd. Mrs. Mary Post

CHILDREN with Abigail

1. Eunice Newcomb b. Abt. 1725

2. Eleazer Newcomb Baptized: Apr 1727 Bolton, Tolland, CT

3. Abigail Newcomb b. Abt.1727

4. Daniel Newcomb b. 29 Nov 1729 Hebron, Tolland, CT

5. Elizabeth Newcomb b. Abt. 1731

6. Ebenezer Newcomb b. 13 May 1732
                                    d. 14 Sep 1740

7. Jemima Newcomb b. 08 Dec 1734

8. Lydia Newcomb b. 26 Sep 1737
                               d. 30 Aug 1740

From B. M. Newcomb's 1923 book.

His early manhood was spent in Edgartown, and in 1713 he removed to Lebanon, Conn., soon thereafter settling in the adjoining town of Hebron. He was engaged in the military service, hence the title "Capt." upon his tomb, which is situated upon land which he formerly owned, for generations known as the 'Newcomb farm". Assembly confirmed him Captain of the company or train band, in the parish of Andover, Conn., and requested that he be commissioned accordingly. The farm above referred to is in that part of
Hebron, now Andover, about three-fourths of a mile from the railway station. The homestead was deeded to Obadiah Newcomb's son, Daniel, as a gift, on 27 July 1758, and consisted of 250 acres of fertile land. Capt. Newcomb invested in farm lands, and in 1718 purchased fifty acres of Joseph Bradford of New London, Conn. In 1726 he bought ten acres on "Village Hill" adjoining land of his brother, Hezekiah. In 1738 he added seventy acres between "Ten Mile Brook and Hop River" and in 1747 he invested in 100 acres in Sharon, Conn. Like his forebears, Capt. Obadiah Newcomb was an estimable man, a pious Christian, and from March 1727 a member of the Bolton Church.

On 21 Nov. 1727, a road was laid out to the southeast corner of Mr. Obadiah Newcomb's orchard. In May 1743 Obadiah Newcomb's name (with others) was signed to a petition of the residents of Hebron "praying there may be a district ecclesiastical society" there.